New Blog, New Job

Posted on: May 18, 2005

Yes, my 7-month hiatus from employment has finally come to an end. I’m now the Corporate Services Manager of a diverse organization in the logistics industry, specifically the local licensee of Fedex.

As a newbie, I’m presently trying to learn about the organization as well as the company’s jargon. And terms like air waybill, manifesting, duties, export, import and PEZA regulations come into play with my regular gibberish.

Looking forward to my 1st paycheck. Wee!


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So we now speak the same language, same jargon, the same twang. What used to be Greek to you before May 16, 2005 is now crystal clear and well understood, such words as–shipping manifest, waybill, wharfage, storage, arrastre, LC, import entry declaration, drawback, technical smuggling and the like.

Soon you will know the kind of ‘culture’ of people you will be dealing with. And let me know how and what you feel. Good luck and enjoy your new found work which I know is so exciting. At least that’s how I feel as customs broker for years now. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hi Linnor! Congrats! Makakapadala na ako to Canada at a discounted rate 😉 Charlie brown tayo on June 15 🙂


First paycheck? Excited na rin ako coz you promised that you’ll give part of it to charity…este moi! Haha…lam ko na kung bakit dyan ka rin para pag nagpadala kami ng dami from mla e libre na. Galing mo talaga!

Congratulations, Linnor! Welcome back to the corporate world! Libre! Libre! Hehe. 😉

congratulations linnor! hope you love your new job and don’t neglect us, your readers, hehehe.

korek ka dyan may! 🙂

wow, working Mom again 🙂 I salute you 🙂

Jake will miss you nga lang… 😦

Sayang, I have nothing nice to say about the FedEx franchise here in Manila, had a bad exprience that was never resolved… 2002 pa yun 😦

So Linnor, your task now is to make sure FedEx lives up to its name and promise 🙂 heehee 🙂

hi linnor, congratulations, hope you’ll enjoy your new job.

I have yet to see the culture of the people in the organization. On my third day, so far I see nothing out of the ordinary. 😉

Thanks! Yep I think another round of Charlie Brown on June 15th is in order. 😀

Donation to charity? Huh? Er…
Hahaha! Ano nga ulit yon? 😛
Sige, I’ll give a little something for Zia pero that would be after June 15 pa ha. Monthly lang kasi ang bigayan ng payroll for managers dun e. One day millionaire nga daw. 🙂

Hahaha! Thanks! Ginaya kita but it took me longer before finally re-joining the corporate world. 😛

Thanks! No, I wouldn’t. In fact, I think I have more materials now for blogging.:D

Thanks! That’s unfortunate ha. I hope the service has improved since then. 😉

Thanks! So far so good! 😀

This new blog is so pretty! Congrats on the new job!

Thanks! I like it too 😀

Congratulations on both the website. It looks great! And of course, on the new job. Akala ko businesswoman ka na for good considering you seem to be doing great there. Halos sabay with a new job. It’s great to start fresh, right? And same here, can’t wait for my first paycheck. 🙂

Thanks! I guess it’s going to be a tough juggling act but I’m trying to keep both the business and the new job. 😀

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