Foodies Galore !

Posted on: May 22, 2005

From 4PM – 7PM, we were at the Marriott Hotel for our nephew Michael’s 4th birthday celebration. My in-laws were there as well in full force.

birthday birthday2
the balloons in Marriott Hotel… my BIL and SIL looking on as Michael blew his candles…

birthday3 birthday4
Jerry and I with our Jake

Then from 730PM to 830PM, we were at Isla Foods for dinner with my parents and maternal relatives.


We actually spent time with both sides of the family today. Yah, all in one day. Quite a feat huh. Needless to say, food was a-plenty and I could already feel my pants pinching. Ow!

And the invitations to special occasions still keep coming!


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kakagigil si JAKEY!!! 🙂 sarap ng laugh niya! 🙂

HI AnP!!!


This is what weekends are for!

Several F’s:
– Family
– Festivities
– Frolicking
– Food
– and Ficture Ficture!!!!

hi linnor! got here thru tin’s but have been seing your name in AnP’s blog for the longest time na.

great pictures!!! would you mind if i link you up?

I’ve been trying to lose weight since last month (that was when I last stepped on a scale)…but when party days like these come it’s practically impossible to resist the extra serving! There goes the diet! 🙂

these are indeed great times for family! one more f to add to junnie’s list:

forget the diet (temporarily, he he)

what a great gathering. everyone’s smiling!

What a good-looking family!

and one more f word to add to junnie’s list:
aaah, time with family is the best, ang sarap kumain when you are surrounded with love ones, di ba linnor na marikit?


hi pinayhekmi:

on “what a good-looking family!”

wala pa kami niyan ng little big sister ko. hehehe. but indeed family pictures are always beautiful….from there our genes were sourced.

linnor! didn’t realise you moved ‘houses’ na pala! sige, will update my links. you do photograph really really well!

Hi Linnor! Did you ever get that comment I posted about Jake’s first steps? I came back to look around and couldn’t find it anywhere!

Anyway, what I said was at least you got to see him walk before you started your new job.

I’m just curious as to your reply to Christine about having another child. Did Jake have IUGR? E-mail me na lang your answer.

Great pics! I will update my links with your new URL.

Hi Renee, am not hijacking your comment, but let me answer in behalf of my sister who probably is busy these days with her new job and shedding off those gained weight from all the partying last 2 weeks. 🙂 (karinyo brutal namin yan)

Well, the answer is here.

Speaking of “Ficture-ficture”, thanks a lot for the pro account with Flickr, you mind-reader you! 😀

I’m glad you liked the pictures. I’ll link you up too, ayt? 🙂

Just throw the diet out the window, for the next couple of days at least. Lelen’s birthday is coming up on Sunday. Aren’t you glad you’re out of town? Hehehe. 😀

That additional F word was clever huh. I’d like to heed your advise but only until the end of this month. That’s how long or short I’m giving myself the chance to indulge in all these party food. 😛

Thanks. Heeee…. 😉


Hahaha, the best yang F word na dinagdag mo ha.

Di ako makapaniwala na 3x ka nagcomment sa iisang entry ko ha. Ganun na siguro ako katagal di naka-update. Hehehe…

I am still maintaining my fotopages but this is my main site now. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy the pictures.

God didn’t deprive me the pleasure of seeing Jake take his first few steps. It was perfect-timing talaga that I saw this milestone before I got busy with work.

I’m afraid to have another baby because of 3 reasons:

1. It’s risky for me to have another baby a year from now, especially at my age.
2. I underwent C-section for the first time.
3. I’ve been traumatized by what happened to Jake when he was born with low birth-weight.

Thanks for enjoying the pics! 🙂

wonderful pics, linnor! regards to tito paparazzi and tita mamarazzi!

Thanks! We did have a great reunion. 😀

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