Has It Been A Week?

Posted on: June 3, 2005

What have I been doing since my last post? See pictures below…

Saturday, May 28

Since I am now back to the corporate world, I thought of sprucing up my wardrobe with a few pieces for work. Hehe, yeah right! That’s just my lame excuse to shop, in other words. As I didn’t like shopping by myself, I cajoled Matt to honor me with his company as I wove my way through racks and racks of ladies’ wear. And such a sweet boy he is for obliging, I didn’t have to beg this time.

Here’s Matt in Mother’s Fried Chicken, my SIL’s very own resto in Ayala Mall, where I rewarded him with pork barbecue and 2 cups of rice, er, for snacks.

The same afternoon, I met up with my former colleague from RCPI Manila who was in town for a short vacation. I was happy to see Ms. Irene, as I fondly call her. It’s been almost a year since we last saw each other and what juicy “office” chismis we shared!

Ms. Irene and I had a lengthy chat at Oh Georg! over cups of coffee and calamansi. Matt took this shot.

Sunday, May 29

Wala lang. I just felt like posting a pic of me and Jake courtesy of Matt.


Tuesday, May 31

At work, we had the fire drill at 11am complete with mock explosion, smoke, firefighters, a green firetruck and some paramedics.

It wasn’t really the highlight of the day, but it sure was a welcome break from our usual routine. Anything to get me out of my cube is good!

This is the compound shared by U-Freight and Airfreight 2100. That white vehicle on the right is where I spend 2 hours of my day driving.

The fire drill lasted until about lunch time. Then I took off to fetch Jerry from the airport that was just a few minutes away from where I work. He arrived (on time via Cathay Pacific!) from a week-long trip to Macau. Thank God for his safe flight!

The shrimp patties at Krua Thai were actually just the appetizer which we had for our main course. Verdict? We were probably better off eating at Sunburst. Heehee!

Thursday, June 2

I was on training for the past 2.5 days. So nothing was worth blogging really. Then on the last day, I was requested to go with two of my colleagues to Fairchild Semicon Corp., one of the company’s large accounts.

Impressive… I’ll say theirs is one of the best workplaces I’ve seen in years…

A stolen shot of the company’s front logo

Part of the beautifully landscaped grounds at the Fairchild Semicon compound, Mepz1.

Till here peeps! I hope it doesn’t take me another week to post my next entry. πŸ˜€


No Responses Yet to "Has It Been A Week?"

Hi Linnor. When I read your blog I sometimes wonder how it is to work again. Not that I’m complaining of being a stay-at-home Mom. In fact, if I had to work, I’d probably MISS my three kids so much it would drive me to tears. But I’m just wondering if I have already maximized my potential?

Maybe I just miss being in the workforce (if you could call anchoring the evening news on TV M-F being “part of it” to begin with).

Wala lang, just wondering.

i can tell you’ve been really busy. i used to get almost daily updates at fotopages. ay, wala pa palang subscription feature here in your marikit site πŸ™‚

a good friend of mine works in fairchild – just in case you deal with them – jerome escobedo.

i’m like you, i hate shopping alone (i almost never do). good thing my hubby actually likes shopping (perhaps even more than i do).

If our resources were not limited, I really would have preferred to be a SAHM. However, during those days I wasn’t working, I felt a bit constrained and couldn’t pursue any of my interests (photography, painting, etc.)without having to put some dent on the budget. Parang nahiya lang ako kay Jerry. After having been able to contribute to the family coffers, I felt partly mortified to be asking instead of giving. Wala lang. πŸ™‚

I wasn’t really swamped with work. Medyo nangangapa pa kasi and I didn’t want to access my blog in the office as much as possible. And when I get home naman, I would choose to rough it up with the boys than sit and blog. I blog on very late nights that I manage to stay up though and still enjoy every minute of it. πŸ˜€

Minus the kids, I share your thoughts on going back to the workforce. Nahihiya rin ako to ask for the littlest thing from R (mostly to support my hobbies and what not) and so my resolve was to work again. I admire you for that, Linnor.

This may change though when we have kids of our own. I enjoyed the pics!

great updates! worth the wait, but dont make us wait longer next time.

jake is turning out to be the most charming of them all. he always shows his disarming smile readily for any shot. akala ko the food shot was “lutong macau”.

Thanks! It was a tough decision to make after getting used to being around my boys for most of the day. I guess for a mom like me, employment is what you may call a “necessary evil”. Though a far substitute for me, I am consoled at the thought that my Jake is with a trustworthy nurse/nanny.

I’ll do my best hehehe… That food shot is lutong Thai pala no obviously. πŸ˜›

hey, where did u get that bag???

I had that made by a shop co-located in Mail & More Ayala Cebu. I brought my chosen pics for printing on the bag and voila, my bag now has personality! πŸ™‚

You’re so pretty, Linnor! I enjoyed all the pics and the catching up kwento. Good luck with your return to corporate life!

hi linnor! been also a SAHM since my son was born but am now thinking of going back to work, exactly for the reasons you mentioned. and yes, that’s a beautiful bag!!!

New hairstyle? You look dashing. At first glance I thought you’re posting the picture of Dawn Zulueta.
Cute ni Jake talaga.

Wow! Thanks for the pretty compliment. ;D That made my day a few notches better really. At work I initially felt like a square peg in a round hole. Coming from another industry I actually had a lot to learn. But now after 3 weeks, I’m beginning to get the hang of things. πŸ™‚

Well it’s not all bad. Having a job has its own rewards too. It gives me confidence and that feeling of self-worth, not to forget the financial benefit as well. I just have to do my best to manage my time and not stay away from my boys too long.

Oh you noticed! Wala lang. New blog, new job… So I thought why not a new hairstyle! Hehehe. I prefer my old basic shoulder-length hairstyle though. This one looks like my mane has a mind of its own. Mahirap pasunurin. Hahaha! Dawn Zulueta? Bago yan ha! That’s a first. ;D

i am amazed by the sheer number of restaurants that i have never heard of in Manila. How can I fit all these into my 3-week itinerary when I come home in Sept? The last time I went home for a visit, our itinerary was filled with meals out from breakfast to dinner to late night dessert! Even then, I still felt that it wasn’t enough to explore all the yummy restaurants! I’m actually making a list now of the restaurants to visit, perhaps you could share me some of your top favourites? thanks linnor!

btw, jake is just soooo hot! he’s soooo cute! i wish i have a baby girl to pair him with! haha di bale, next time i produce! kelan kaya yun? haha

Nok, you said that I’m a better shopping partner coz you don’t have to treat me rice meriendas like Matt πŸ™‚ But I think you’re wrong..I’m a more expensive shopping partner coz you end up buying things for me…That’s why I like shopping with you! ILY πŸ™‚

Christine: Cebu is a haven for food adventures… inexpensive and satisfying. Try these out, Steaks & Paella @ Aranos, Marinara Pizza @ La Tegola, Mushroom siomai @ Lai Garden, Pochero (bulalo) @ Abuhan, Ngo Hiong @ Cheavers, Shawarma Pizza @ Da Vinci’s Pizza, Chili scallops @ Isla Food, Fried Chicken @ Mother’s Fried Ckn (my sis owns this! :)), Lamb Curry @ Persian Palate, Tostados @ Mooon Cafe, the list goes on!

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