The Week in Pic Peeks

Posted on: June 11, 2005

June 7 – Alas, I was the first one to arrive for the 2nd day of orientation…. Ho-hum…

I found this capsule-shaped structure of RCBC Plaza quite an interesting subject. Don’t you? 😛

June 8 – A shot of the ongoing BPI Appliance Madness sale in Glorietta. The throng of people in the mall is something I don’t really miss about Manila, that next to Manila’s road traffic and air/noise pollution. Ick!

A great shot of Paparazzi and Mamarazzi after a very forgettable and “blah” snack/dinner at Pancake House. Never again will I splurge in this food outlet even if my life depended on it.

I met up with sistah May for a fajita and pasta dinner at Soul Food. We were a bit gawky making our own fajitas so we ended up just piling everything on a soft tortilla. It added novelty to an otherwise “could-be-better” dining experience. I rate it a 7 on the whole.

June 9 – Mamarazzi and I posed for a shot while waiting for the meal to be served at Superbowl. Great meal but I ended up feeling drowsy after. Mmm, must be all that MSG.

My niece, Zia, seemed so engrossed “reading” a book at Powerbooks at 10PM!

June 10 – Oi!!! I finally saw the MMDA pink fences up close as Jerry and I drove to Subic. We were still on the Coastal Road when this shot was taken.

Having the NLEX (North Luzon Expressway) privatized proved to be a good decision. In cases of road mishaps, an emergency action team is promptly on the site to assist. Jerry said he wouldn’t mind paying the exorbitant toll fees for as long as they maintain the road network safe and the motorists out of harm’s way. This one was before we reached San Fernando Pampanga on our way to Subic for my official hub tour.

June 11 – In Subic, some people are lucky enough to see monkeys crossing the road. Jerry and I weren’t as lucky today.

Upon entering Subic, you wouldn’t miss this short tunnel carved through a hill…

I wish I knew what this monument in Dinalupihan is called.

If you ever find yourself in Pampanga, try Guagua’s pride – Razon’s halo-halo and palabok. They serve the best halo-halo this part of Luzon.

Can’t wait to see my kids tomorrow!


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Taking the trip to MNL for the weekend was really worth it! Aside from being able to get our stocks for Tee’licious BTC, we were able to spend lotsa quality time together! Looking forward to the next “getaway”! 🙂

HINT! Hehehe… It was a good escape from our urban jungle and our fast-paced routine. Let’s plan for the next. The boys would be more than glad to spend time with their A-ma again. 😉

Am glad you are starting to like your new found work that makes you hop from one place to another (Cebu, Manila, Subic, and Clark) or wherever Fedex or Air21 is.

How I wish I could also expand my own brokerage business to as big as Lina’s Group of Companies… On second thought, am reminded of what the Bible tells me that–“ONE’S LIFE DOES NOT CONSIST IN THE ABUNDANCE OF THE THINGS THAT HE POSSESSES… so hwag na lang. Besides, that’s too STRESSFUL, yes?

If the halo-halo and palabok are as yummy as those you described, then you really have all the RAZONs to stop awhile for that needed snack!

Btw, that preceding HOMILY is mine, not yours! : ) : )

ayayay! seeing these photos make me miss manila more. Yes, even with the traffic, pollution and the crowded malls! Makapunta kaya ako ng Subic this visit? Hmmmm! Parang ang sarap nung halo-halo!

Hi Linnor!

Nice, nice pics! Last I was in Glorietta, there was a Friday Madness Sale. Imagine the huge pack of people that time? Oh-wee!

Glad you enjoyed your Manila-Subic trip!

Jerry and I couldn’t thank you and Mamarazzi enough for the hospitality you accorded us. We are forever grateful that you always make our Manila trips memorable and very convenient, kahit na madalas e “you drive slow because you are in a hurry” (as you always tell me when I tell you to drive faster). Hahaha! 😀

Though my trip to Subic was official (to take a look at Fedex and Airfreight 2100’s Asia Pacific hub operations), Jerry and I took the opportunity to see more of the place. Feeling mga turista. 😉

Thanks! We did enjoy our short Manila trip. I could only shake my head as I looked at the crowd milling around Glorietta mall. It wasn’t like that before I left Manila in 1992. Sobrang daming tao na talaga. If we had half of that crowd in Ayala Cebu, our Teelicious store would easily be doubling or even tripling our profits! 🙂

Great pictures linnor.

Hi, Linnor!

Are you still in Manila? Any get-togethers with former classmates, like Arlene and Gerry?

You mentioned about some people seeing monkeys crossing the road in Subic. There’s a lot of those where we are now, almost like having stray cats because they also go through trash to find food. We’ve been warned to stay away from them, though, because they are still wild and can get nasty. Usually, we find a whole barangay of them by the roadside. When I’m with the kids, we stop for a few minutes to look at them, with windows closed, of course.

Take care!

Thanks for the visit! I’ve been to your site and you do take great pics as well. 😀

No I haven’t had the time to meet up with former high-school classmates. My orientation/training was a 9-5 thing and much as I would have wanted to, I was unable to call anyone from our batch for some get-together. Maybe on the next trip if the sched is not as hectic. Arlene and I saw each other in April when she and her family were in Cebu for a weekend. 🙂

hello linnor!
nice pictures…sobrang enjoy ka sa trip mo.

It’s always fun to travel lalo na kung free. Hehehe…

“The Week in Pic” Peeks

R- rated yung title mo…hehehe

nice to see mama and papa healthy and smiling…thanks for the pictures

nice pics…kakagutom ung mga foods. na-miss ko tuloy yung traffic sa coastal. hahah 🙂

BPI madness… I used to work there, taga approve at deny ng transactions. ako yung pinaka masungit at strictong officer diyan. hehehe…

I wish I could go home next year… miss ko na filipino food!!!

These pictures took me back home again. Thanks for sharing.

(p.s., I used to LOVE eating at Pancake House. I was even preparing a feature on it on my other blog, “The Long Way Home”. Sad to hear their food isn’t as good as it used to be.

R-rated? Hehehe… Ganun pa din sila Papa and Mama. Parang di tumatanda. Mahilig pa din kumain pati ng bawal. 😛

Thanks! It’s a good thing di ko na-experience masyado ang traffic sa coastal road. Either I go to work early or come home late. 😀

Uy new info yan ha. Dami siguro applicants for the BPI madness especially pag auto madness no? 🙂

Pancake House used to be my favorite haunt every time I craved for their taco. However, when we ate recently, I felt short-changed when they served paper thin strips of roast beef combo, sandwich combo, taco and halo-halo for P500. Feeling ko lang not worth paying that much for food na di halos nakakabusog.

I miss the old Pancake House where even my measly SGV salary could afford me a decent pan chicken meal. *Sigh*

great pictures again! and that’s a really good picture of my office building (RCBC PLaza). sana sinabi mo, naka-extra sana ako. hahaha.

i love Razon’s halu-halo…grrr, nag-c-crave na naman ako 😀

Hey! Soul Food! That’s where I had lunch kanina hehehe.

Your photos make me miss Manila. But you’re right, the traffic and pollution I do without gladly! You give me a glimpse of home though that I haven’t seen in 3 years. Thanks!

Uy talaga? You work in RCBC Plaza pala. Napadaan lang kasi kami and while caught in the usual Ayala traffic on our way to get my sistah, I thought of taking the pic. 😀

What a coincidence! The place is nice and the price is not too expensive especially if the food is shared. 😉

Everywhere I go I look like a tourist or a paparazzi taking pictures of anything that strikes my fancy. 🙂

i used to love ph’s pan chicken too, especially the gravy. or maybe it was more the company 🙂

loko talaga si junnie…

Sarap ng pan chicken nila but the last time I was there I just bought a taco. Yun lang kasi yung feeling ko na worth the price eh. Kuripot ko no? 😀

yeah, razon’s is awesome. the original one is in some subdivision in Guagua and the nieces and nephews branched out. the ones in metro manila are called razon’s of guagua and they have 7 or 8 locations.

I noticed the big price difference of the halo-halo between Guagua and Manila… Mahal na ang Razon’s in Manila 😦

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