A Few Random Shots of Firsts

Posted on: June 14, 2005

This was taken on one of the intersections at Clark Air Base, Pampanga as Jerry and I were trying to find our way to the duty free shops. Yes we got lost. Believe it or not, it was my first time to be there. Hahaha! Aside from the wide expanse of green and the clean and peaceful surroundings, I particularly enjoyed the goods that we were able to purchase for next to nothing.

What do these look like to you? Two of these creamy, puffy and delectable Cinnabon rolls wound up in my tummy. It was my first time to try these yummy desserts and, oh dear, I’m such a sucker for sweets. Too bad we don’t have Cinnabon in Cebu.

The “bonne famille”… This was after a scrumptious repast with my rents, sis, BIL and lovely niece Zia.


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one look at the pic and i knew that it was cinnabon!!

i love their rolls so imagine my delight when i found out that we have that here.

Wow, family pic sans us??? Sama rin kami…so what i did was the next best thing…pasted our mugs on the free space..hahahaha! sorry zero knowledge of photoshop…

The duty free experience in Clark was super..wished we had more time and cash to really shop! I like the cinnamon flavored Cinnabon rolls better…but I’d rather have Razon’s Halo2, I’m sure the cost might be almost the same lang!

Good for you! I’m craving for a piece right this very minute. And sadly, nothing in Cebu comes close to it. *Sigh*

I couldn’t access the link you provided. What do I do? Bilis, curious na ako makita. Hahaha!

Bitin nga. Bitin sa time and sa cash. Bwahahaha! πŸ˜€
I agree with you, sarap talaga ng halo-halo sa Razon’s. Hala, puro food na ang entries ko. Kakataba isipin. Hihihi!

Hmm whatta beautiful family portrait. I love cinnabons as well. We lots of them here. They have a store I can’t exactly remember the name…strictly all cinnabons. I like them specially pag-mainit and the sugary cream or whatever they put on there melts on top of it. Gutom ako ulit…reading blogs like yours is not good…for my diet. hehe.

That’s one good thing about visiting us here in Manila and Luzon. You will experience a series of FIRST with beloved Jerry, not available in Cebu of the Pacific. Of course, we also like Danggit, Ngoyong, Puso and Litson Cebu (the only one of its kind), among others.

Ergo, make your trip as often as possible so we can help add on to your other FIRST experiences with us. Bring with you the kids. And make it soon! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Thanks! I was quite hesitant to post that (1 of only 2) pic. Halatang katatapos lang namin kumain. And I had to crop the pic strategically to hide the ubiquitous bulges. Mwahahaha!

Just thinking about making another trip to Manila is enough to give my imagination a wild spin, especially if the boys are around. Dami na kasi puedeng mapuntahan. They would love to go back to Tagaytay or take that 1st trip to Corregidor or see Rizal’s ancestral house etc. etc… Then, there are the food outlets, that we don’t have in Cebu, na puede din nilang pagdiskitahan. I hope the next trip is before the year ends. πŸ˜€

I like your pink shirt! Hehehe.

hmmm, Cinnabon — YUM! Miss ko na ‘to!

Hi Linnor! Welcome back, hehe.

Sarap talaga cinnabon, i always buy a box when I’m in Manila (somewhere in Magallanes ata). Tinder Box in Banilad has.

Ang dami ng bagong na-post dito, tagal ko na kasing di naka-visit. Alam mo na bakit.

HI NOK! Looking for the series of “FIRSTS”…
1. First time to go to Canada together! 2. First franchised Tee’licious outlet! 3. First Honors (again) for Matts & Kyle! 4. First real kiss from Jake! 5. First time to completely read the Bible! 6. Take the family on our First road trip! 7. I love sharing all the “FIRSTS” with you!

ang sweet nyo naman, kilig ako!!! πŸ™‚

nice family pics as always. keep ’em coming!

Heee, thanks!

Sarap no?

Oi, ang tagal mo nang di napadalaw. Really busy for the big day I’m sure. Thanks for the tip where I could get cinnabons when the craving hits me. πŸ˜€

Uu-uuy! Let’s go make a list of things to do together na first! Hehehe… Mwa-mwa!

Thanks! Kasing sweet ba ng cinnabon? πŸ˜‰

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