Posted on: June 21, 2005

This has no relation to my entry, but I just love the blue sky here, thus I share it with you…

I have a bit of slack at work today and thought of blogging about this nifty site I just found as I was surfing the internet last night. Have you heard of Out of curiosity, I clicked on the link that I found on Yahoo and worked with it for a while.

So what does it do for me? Let’s just say it keeps me informed of which blogs have updates. It’s not another email notifier, no, no, no, alerts are not via emails (unless you prefer to have it sent to you). I’d hate that. Don’t you?

How does it work? You only need to register and create your own feeds that you would like to subscribe to, in my case, my favorite blog links. Believe me it’s painless. All I have to do is login. And during breaks, in between paperwork or when the eyelids get droopy and ready to shut, I just refresh the site. Voila! It shows me if any of my feeds/links have just been updated and off I go to read.

It saves me the trouble of aimlessly checking out my fave sites by clicking all the links and opening them in different windows until the desktop or laptop seems to choke. I only click on those that have updates and pace myself. I know there are other similar tools, aggregator or what-have-you out there, but this is the only one I’ve tried, and fortunately grown to like. Quite clever…

Enough of my yapping already! Go check it out.


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aha! na miss ko tuloy ang hometown ko. hehe. nice shot, linnor!

awww, the Philippine flag, i haven’t seen that in a long time.

cool. i’ll check out bloglines. thanks!

I have heard of this tool. May come useful. I’ve also heard of kinja which I was gonna try.I’ll try both!

it’s a dramatic shot, linnor. i like the way the clouds swirled in the blue, blue sky. sigh…..

bloglines is good, i think. i’m no techie geek! hehe

Haha! I was so surprised not to find long queues of cars at the toll exits. If not for the Philippine flags, I wouldn’t have remembered I was on the Coastal road.

Yes, this was a few days before Independence day. 🙂

Hmm, Kinja… That sounds like Japanese martial arts to me hehehe. I might check it out too. 😉

Thanks! I’m glad it turned out good even if I was on board a moving vehicle when I took it. The pretty clouds look like they were just painted on, don’t they? 😀

i’m using kinja right now pero i think i’ll test bloglines and compare. thanks for the heads up! 🙂

Now you got me really curious. I’ll try Kinja too. 🙂

To know more about your BLOODlines, just read again before taking your catnap (in the Office, puede ba yon?) the Souvenir Program of the Lino-Librada Arreza Clan Grand Reunion in December 2003. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Am sorry, did you say BLOGlines? Who cares!

Hahaha! The post was kinda techie for a 63 year old blog-commenter no? Sige, for you sake, I’ll switch to non-techie mode for my next post. 😛

i love the color contrasts of the yellow and orangey road blocks, and the blue skies with the green gates of the tolls. galing!

i used kinja and bloglines. but with or without updates i visit my links using an auto folder on top of my mac. i love the surprise of a new post. or even if there’s nothing new, i rummage through their archives….

Sige I’ll try Bloglines!

Thanks for the pic review. Hehehe…

Some sites don’t work with Bloglines. Sayang. I just found out about it now when I tried linking the rest of my favorite blogs. *Sigh*.

It works but not on some sites…

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