Would I Rather Shop than Watch a Movie?

Posted on: June 25, 2005

Or would I enjoy being sick and staying home just to catch the championship game on tv?

Matthew has been sick since yesterday. His low-grade fever and sore throat were enough reasons we didn’t let him attend his classes.

On hindsight, we suspect he was more glad than worried that he was absent. At home he got to watch the Spurs vs. Pistons championship game.

Perfect excuse.

Yesterday, on our way home, Jerry suggested and I agreed that we rent some vcd (nah, we haven’t gotten around to buying a dvd player yet), buy some junk food and vegetate in front of the tv. The plan was good since I actually preferred watching movies at home than going to the theater. Saves time and money. And yah, I’m just lazy like that.

Right before dinner, I don’t know what came over me. I ended up snoozing on the couch in the living room! I was deadbeat that Jerry had to wake me up for dinner. Feeling woozy, I got up, had dinner with the boys, walked to the couch again and fell right back to sleep!

What on earth was on that Cheezy snack pack from the supermarket that I finished off??? Oh great…right, MSG has such a deadly effect on me that I ALMOST swore never to touch junk food again.

So the night was soon over without me even seeing the first of 2 movies. Boo!

This morning, we went to the mall to buy some pillows. On our way to the home décor section, I got sidetracked by the ongoing sale at the men’s department. Hmm… I began looking at the khakis and navy slacks for Jerry. Then at some polos.

In less than an hour, I was leading him to the cashier. I knew Jerry was hesitant to spend on clothes and he felt he didn’t need any new ones. But I was more insistent. I thought it was my way of making up for the bungled movie-date last night.

We ended up with 3 pairs of slacks, 4 polos and NO pillows. I guess we will have to make do with the tattered ones tonight. Hehehe…

Guilt and impulsiveness are a potent mix for the shopaholic in me.

“Looking at store windows is great entertainment because you can see all these things and be really glad it’s not home filling up your closets and drawers.” (Andy Warhol, America, 1985)

Are you a smart shopper or just good at guessing? Without going over, how much do you think did I spend for the 3 pairs of slacks and 3 polos for Jerry?


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deadbeat Linnor, sleeping in a couch. much like Paparazzi, pre-operation days and me, nowadays when my body clock doesnt recognize if im in LA or in Toronto. hehehe

My guess is P 599.85 for the 3 pairs of pants and P 399.85 for the polos for a total of P 999.70. Knowing you as a great shopper who sees great quality (as shown) and at the same time a good price, you wont fork out more than P 1000 at one time.

Hahaha… I bought these from the mall ha, not Divisoria. Sige lang, that’s a good guess. The one who guesses the closest without going over wins a gift check from Amazon or a Flickr pro account FROM YOU ha? Heeheehee….

Hmm, I have no guesses on this one. They look causal and nice…very preppy! Yeah, I thought a lot…but no guesses.

Preppy, casual and very basic… I’m relieved that Jerry is not into very trendy stuff. And with the tropical Cebu weather (sunny and warm most of the time), he hasn’t that much choice other than short-sleeved polos or collared shirts to look decent and pulled-together. 🙂

my guess is between 2,500-3,000?

have a good week ahead!

im guilty too sometimes of dozing off before every one else. parang pag nanay ka, it’s a sin to do that, diba?

SM ba kamo? The polos are around 300 to 400 tops. the slacks are at 300 to 500, depende sa brand 😀 SM girl din ako. heehee

I keep coming back for more updates, haha. But nothing

I’m guessing P3,150.

Is the price right? 😀

my guess is 3K.


Originally, the polo sold for P550-P750 each but since it was a sale, I only spent a total of P2000 for all the 6 pieces. Heehee. Saya no? 🙂

Junnie won, though his guess was really off. He was the only one who didn’t go over. Kuripot kasi masyado ang brother ko eh. Hehehe. Peace! 😀

Being the beneficiary of all these new clothes, I think I have to say something 🙂 I have never been a brand conscious dresser except maybe for shoes…watches…neckties (when I used to need one!) But it’s really cool getting to buy all these for the sum Linnor spent. It’s just like “Look for Less” at the Lifestyle channel! Happy Shopping!

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