How Does He Know?

Posted on: June 29, 2005


I’ve been a mom three times over and yet I still have questions that remain unanswered to this day. Nothing mind-boggling really, just a few things I couldn’t help but wonder. Why is it that kids, at a very young age, get attached to their parents or nanny or a favorite toy? Is there any logical explanation to that? And why do they cry when the mom, dad or sibling is about to go out the house and leave them behind? It couldn’t be a random thing or coincidence since (in our family at least) it happens every time, could it?

At 1 year and 3 months, Jake is one such kid. Jerry and I resort to all forms of distraction just to divert him from noticing if we are about to leave the house for school/office. Most of the time, our attempts don’t work and Jake ends up bawling some more. As a momentary solution, we now let him walk us to the garage where he sees us load the elder boys’ bags in the trunk and then board the car. As he rides the elevator (going down) with us, his happiness is visibly amusing. At least until we part again for the day.

Jake with nanny looks out the balcony as we drive off.

Every week day at 7am, without fail, this is our scenario much like a rerun that you watch on television. I know it’s just a phase, yet, it pains me to see him sadly sending us off with his big round eyes. And his longing gaze rends my heart.


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Like what a good friend said, you’ll be surprised that little kids already have a mind of their own.

Among all of us who have to leave Jake behind each day I consider myself to be the luckiest one…when I go home for lunch the first thing I hear when I open the door is Jake’s sweet voice shouting “Pa-pa”. That’s why I like coming home for lunch! 🙂

That is so true. I’ve proven that 3 times with 3 different personalities. Hehehe…

Aw, I could imagine him walking unsteadily towards you, wrinkling his nose, squinting his eyes up at you, waving his arms and saying Pa-PAH! Kakainggit. 😛

How luck is Jerry. He gets to go home for lunch?! And what Tin said is true. Jake prolly knows you are all having adventures and can’t wait to join in them.

How cute, Jake is going through “separation anxiety”–a normal childhood development, peaks at one or two; he has no concept of time yet. You left, you’re gone and he doesn’t know you’ll come back; he’ll do anything to make you stay. I can’t imagine how painful it is to leave him while he bawls his eyes out probably screaming your name on top of his lungs. Yaiks. I don’t know how you deal with it.

wawa naman Jake 😦

Jo is not only right but knows child psychology. I think you got the correct answer from her–Separation Anxiety.

How I wish all my 3 children continue to behave the way Jake does–so that I would feel indispensable or being needed always. So, kelan ba ang next order of your Tees?Hehehe. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I can relate to this situation very well. Gabriel at 2.5 y/o is always following me wherever I go, even to the bathroom. I can only go out of the house during his naptime and as soon as he wakes up, he asks for me and wails and screams and cries “mama, mama” non-stop until I show up. Nat is the papa’s boy. One friend advised me to just to let the phase pass, for it will.

hay naku, para ngang binibiyak ang puso mo when you leave home and your darling bunso is bawling his eyes out…but then, sarap din naman ng salubong sa iyo after a hard day’s work, di ba? he’ll outgrow this, don’t worry konting tiis na lang, next time wala ng iyakan, he will know thyat you are just a phonecall away should he suddenly miss you…ayan at tatatawagan ka na niyan! have a lovely weekend , linnor!

We used to have lunch at home when I was just working in the city. Now that my workplace is 30 minutes away on another island (Mactan), it’s too much of a hassle to go home for lunch and come back. Inggit nga ako eh. Hehehe…

That’s the phrase I was looking for – “separation anxiety”. The funny thing is I think I’m having that too.

Uu-uuy. I need you naman eh. Pautang? Hahaha! Biro lang. Labyu!

Sometimes I feel like staying home na lang tuloy. Hehehe…

Mismo! Next time naman baka may sarili na siyang lakad na ayaw na akong kasama. Hahaha!

Funny but Jake doesn’t really bawl when we leave him…he just wants to see us off. When we leave for work each day he goes down to the parking area with us to make sure that we are all buckled up safely in the car! He may even wave bye-bye when he feels like it! That’s our “matured” Jake! 🙂

It was a good idea that we started letting him (still in pajamas and looking a bit grubby, hehehe)walk us to the car. There were times he cried when he was left alone in the house. I think he’s getting the hang of it now. Ako nga ang may separation anxiety. Hahahah!

ha ha, i love your last comment linnor. yes, kids at such a young age learn mostly by rote. he was used to having you all day for a long time, and suddenly, you were leaving. but you letting him say goodbye to you and more importantly, see you come back at the same time, he’ll soon get used to this routine.

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