Hooked on Yellow

Posted on: July 2, 2005

I’ve heard about it. First it was in Manila. Then a few weeks back, it opened in Cebu too. I’ve read about it on Jojo’s blog. I keep seeing it in Banilad Town Center every time we visit my Mom-in-law who lives nearby. But I have never gotten around to dropping by and trying it out.

Last Wednesday was the first time I relented to my curiosity. During my lunch break, Jerry suggested that we try it out and I gamely said: “Sige!” (Let’s go!)

We were lucky to be seated right away without having to wait. The place is usually packed for most of the day. A few minutes of waiting and then they called Jerry’s name. On his way back to our table, my eyes were fixed on the box that he was carrying. And I excitedly peered at what’s inside…

yellow cab2

Mmm…Manhattan Meat Lovers…

We were instantly hooked.

yellow cab
Yellow Cab Pizza


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All about pizza…I grew up in the Shakey’s era, that was when Shakey’s was known for its pizza as well as its folk music…Pizza Hut came along, but I am not a great fan of the pan pizza…In Cebu, we have JCA which serves great terderloin topped pizzas,Da Vinci’s which is known for its white sauce and shawarma pizza and La Tegola for its Marinara pizza…Yellow Cab is a great addition to the pizza experience, in terms of quality, quantity & price…bon appetit!

uy! makes me want to have pizza for dinner! yeah, i remember shakeys – yummy!

Yes, Yellow Cab pizzas are literally yummy. Sadly, however, they are not good for heart bypass patient like Paparazzi. Do you know that we have that here in LP and beside it is Starbucks which started to brew a week ago? Pag dito kayo, di na tayo pupunta ng ATC.:) 🙂 🙂

I remember the Shakey’s hat the servers used to wear. Ngi! But that was really a long time ago! I used to like the salad bar of Pizza Hut naman better than their oily pan pizzas. Yes, there are now a lot of choices for pizzas in Cebu like JCA, Roma Mia, Da Vinci’s, La Gondola and La Tegola, but Yellow Cab sure is a welcome addition!

Pizzas are no-fuss meals no? Just eat it from the box and toss away when done. 🙂

Sayang I wasn’t able to sample the branch near our house when I was there a few weeks back. Do you know that the owner of Yellow Cab Pizza is a good friend of ours (Jerry’s and mine)? We’ve known him since our SGV days! He’s also Chinese like Jerry. Galing no? That’s a bit of trivia for you.

Di bale na. Kung meron siya Yellow Cab Pizza, meron di naman kayong Teelicious. O di ba? 🙂 🙂 🙂

wow, that pizza looks delicious!

hmm, you worked in SGV din pala. my dad-in-law used to work there, too. have a beautiful sunday, linnor!

Hahaha. Shameless plugging no? We’re opening next week our second stall. Yey!

On hindsight, I know now it wasnt the pay that lured me there. Something more valuable was gained from the whole SGV experience. It’s where I first met Jerry. Hehehe.

We don’t have Yellow Cab Pizza here, but we have Round Table, which is the best pizza I’ve tasted here in the U.s..

Having said that, I still wish I were closer to home, and ordering a Mad Scramble from DiMark’s or any pizza from Don Henrico’s. (sigh!)

Wow! Mad Scramble at Di’Mark’s was one of a kind…Grabe! That small resto in Makati Ave. sure gets packed 7 days a week…Round Table had a huge outlet in Ayala Center Cebu a few years back but Cebuanos (including me) didn’t like their pizza…parang hindi exciting ang flavor ng pizza nila dito!:)

Dimarks used to be one of the popular hangouts in the 80s but would you believe I haven’t even tried it? Hahaha. Funny but there are a lot of things I havent tried or been to (ahem, like Boracay and Baguio, p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c!)

Round Table pizza would have made it in Cebu if it were run more effectively by the owners (same owner of El Pollo Loco and formerly of Islacom.) I should know I used to work in Islacom too. 🙂

woohoo!!! Yellow Cab is one pizza that’s also good even when cold. 😉

Just like you, I’m a fan as well. Yey for Yellow Cab pizzas!

Try the Four Seasons. 🙂

Great! Thanks for the tip! We’ll try that asap. 😀

heya linnor!
we dont have yellow cab pizza here, we have pizza hut and domino’s. i’m not much of a pizza eater (worked part time for pizza hut when i was in the university, nakakasawa ang amoy!), but i must admit that manhattan meat lover’s pizza looks inviting…ive been reading about teelicious from your blog, wala bang more info about your business? does it have its own website?

Sarap talaga Manhattan Meat Lovers… About Tee’licious, I’ve had a number of inquiries already that’s why I’m planning to make an website or an online store to display our stocks. I will give you feedback once it has already materialized. Wala pa kasi as of now e. 🙂

Pizza! like my one true love (in terms of food)

My personal favorite is still Di’Marks though. if im not mistakenm they were the first in the philippines, right?

Anyway, yellow cabs pretty good too but a bit of an artery clogger

I agree with you about yellow cabs bordering on the rich side. I take it in moderation. 😀

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