Raindrops and Giggles

Posted on: July 4, 2005

At 5am last Friday, while it drizzled outside, I could hear Jake fretting in his pen. Gah! When you have a toddler like Jake, who needs an alarm clock? “Oh, a few more minutes Jake. Let Mama take a few more winks. Mama wants to keep still and curl and snuggle up next to Papa while the raindrops fall. Please?” I muttered under my breath.

I thought the rainy weather was a perfect come-on for staying in bed a little while longer. Hmm the soft pillows and sheets were fluffy and cool. Just perfect.

But Jake was a bit fussy now and he’s starting to whimper. *Sigh.* So, still feeling drowsy, I lazily pulled myself up and tried to hand him his milk bottle. He held it and fed himself contentedly. Ah yes, great! This would normally lull him back to sleep, and sleep soundly he would and I could go crawl back under the sheets. Ahh, soft fluffy pillows, cool sheets, here I come. *Stretch and yawn*.


When I peered through the mosquito net into his playpen, I could see big round eyes staring straight at me. The little tot was widely awake now and flashing me his gummy-one-tooth smile. Awww… the sweet little thing. How could I resist?

It was rainy, the weather was cool and very conducive for staying in bed (bed weather!). I would have wanted to do just that but I didn’t. I scooped Jake up, went back on the bed, propped him next to me and gave him my Palm Pilot and cellphone. He wrinkled his nose, pressed the buttons and giggled at the tiny sound the gadgets made.

I blissfully looked on and listened to the sweet sound of the raindrops and Jake’s giggles. Obviously, this was a lot better than getting back to sleep. 😀



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ang early niya magising!!!

It’s good he wakes up early so we get to start the day without being frazzled and all. The downside lang is he does it also on weekends. Hehehe. 😛

oh, the joys of motherhood! with the cutest little smile Jake flashes – who can resist it?

I’m the most willing victim to his charms. 🙂

look at the one tooth smile! i used to answer my phone calls and text messages with Jake’s baby cry….and his cute snickerings….at least that’s second closest to waking up near him….5:30 am wow! must be because he is the baby that really is on-a rush….

Welcome back! I purposely post pics and updates on Jake for your sake (among others) so that you would know how fast he’s changing. You’re right. He seems to be in a rush. The only thing slow about him is the eruption of his teeth. Isa pa lang now. 🙂

cute photo, linnor!

The human alarm clock! And such a cute one he is 🙂

Sleep-stealers! I must consider having a baby carefully. Heheh, j/k! He is adorable!

Am just wondering. How many chapters are these Jake series? Lest you forget, you still have two other lovely and lovable kids in Matthew and Kyle!

Nakakahalata na ako, eh. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thanks! I was lucky to have caught a shot of his lone tooth. Hehehe.

Obvious na ba? Miss ko kasi ang bugoy palagi e. Matt & Kyle don’t mind naman. I’m with the 2 elder boys every morning to school and every afternoon going home. 😉

The best smile I’ve ever seen in my life. Very cute. This smile could get any ladies out there.

Thanks! Great captured moment, if I may say so. 😀

Jake just got a cool haircut too! During his visit to the barber he never even cried! …Jake on the rush…or getting the most out of life kaya 5:30 a.m. gising na sya! If only everyone lives their lives with zest just like a baby (like Jake)our world would be a more positive place!:)

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