Anxiously Waiting

Posted on: July 5, 2005

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… for the day that our second Teelicious stall opens to the public. We are one of several tenants in the Chains outlet located at the new Banilad Town Center, the “hot” place for Cebu’s young cosmopolitans lately. What with the presence of Apple I-store, Gymboree, Yellow Cab, Formo (bar), Gloria Jeans, to name just a few, people are flocking to this hip new addition to Cebu’s hangouts.

Our opening date has been reset several times because of problems with the contractor (ho-hum!), but hopefully we are meeting the July 8 schedule. According to the Chinese calendar, it’s an auspicious date for a grand launch. God willing, we’ll see that on Friday.

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ei, good luck! will check it out someday when i get to visit Cebu again 😉

Oh yes please do! We sell cotton spandex tees in an explosion of colors and a variety of styles – racer back, round neck, scoop neck, off-shoulder, 3/4 sleeved tees +more. 🙂

its TEE-licious indeed!

the colors are bursting with energy! someday ill see someone like Natalie Portman just like Kamiseta or maybe Paris Hilton, modelling your shirts….someday….

Congratulations!!!! here’s hoping July 8 will be an auspicious day for you and jerry!

We are really excited for the opening this week. This will be a test case if the biz could handle expansion. Then hopefully tuloy-tuloy na sana. Prayers please! 😉

Banilad is where Maria Luisa is, right? Sorry ha, I’m not from Cebu kasi. Can’t wait to check it out if and when we go home for Christmas!

i’m excited for you, linnor! it’s like awaiting the birth of another baby! hehe.

all the best!!

Yes Ma. Luisa is in Banilad and Banilad Town Center is a few hundred meters across Ma. Luisa. It’s hard to miss. I hope you get to visit this Christmas. 😀

Thanks Tin! Learning from the 1st stall in Ayala, I hope this time lesser na ang “birth pains”. Hehehe.

What is that number 8 of July? Cguro dahil when you write that number laging paakyat ang last stroke of your pen–so you firmly believe Teelicious will always go up, up and away! Don’t rely on good luck, my dear. You should work as everything depends on you and Jerry. Pray as if everything depends on God. God bless your business. Always!

And that means I will be too busy to get orders to meet the demands of your two outlets. “Sigh” 🙂 🙂 🙂

Tomorrow we will bring in the stocks & put up our display! I’m really excited about our 2nd Teelicious outlet coz we worked truly hard for this…we put in all our energy, our combined ideas as well as our money 🙂 Keep on Praying!

hi Linnor! Congrats to you! Hopefully stall will open by the 8th. Teka, what’s your biz ba? 🙂

No stones unturned this time, hardwork and auspicious dates put together, will hopefully result to good business. Brace yourself for the possibility of more trips to suppliers! 🙂

We’ve given our best efforts. As Paparazzi said, let’s now wait for God to do the rest. 😀

We sell various styles of ladies’ tees in cotton spandex. Something you could wear for business (under a coat/blazer), for a night-out (with bling-bling or pashmina or other fashionable accessories), or for dressing down (with cool denims, capris, shorts or Paris Hilton mini skirts). 😀

Thanks! Can’t wait for Friday… 😉

hi linnor!

do you plan to sell them in makati? gusto ko bumili. 🙂

uy, why not open august 8th (8/8/05)? di ba auspicious ang number 8 sa chinese? good luck!

Email me if you’re in the Philippines. I’ll ask my sis to meet with you with some stocks na puede pagpilian. You wouldn’t believe how much I sell these tees for: P199-P249, very good quality but very affordable. Ok ba sa sales talk? 🙂

Nice date nga ang 8/8 but we couldn’t wait na. Hahaha! We are opening together with the other Chinese tenants who have become our friends na din so that would be a lot of fun this Friday.

Oh wow! I’m a t-shirt girl! Pag nagpunta ako sa Cebu (baka next year pa though) baka mag-hoard ako sa store mo. Hehehe. Good luck w/ the opening of your new branch!

hi linnor! congratulations on your new store. i’m joy & a frequent reader of your blog but ngayon lang nag-comment. btw,do you have a store in mnl perhaps? i’m a big tshirt girl too,maybe i can ask my sister to check out your goods. goodluck!

one day to go….tan tan tanan….all the best and our prayers for a successful opening..

Thanks ha! Sige when you get to Cebu and buy from our stalls, I’ll give you complimentary shirt/s din. Happy weekend!

Thanks for visiting! Balik ka palagi. Right now wala pa. We are thinking of putting up a stall in Manila too. For the mean time, I’ll send some stocks to my sister who could show the stuff to your sister din. I’ll leave a message on your blog if ready na. 🙂

Today is the big day… *Chest pounding* 😀

btc the best

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