Posted on: July 9, 2005

I-M-P-R-E-S-S-I-V-E! That is summing up everything about the opening last night of the Chains where our second Tee’licious outlet is located. It started with a solemn mass (for great business for all tenants) at 5PM then continued on with the blessing of the micro-boutiques inside Chains. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was led by no other than Cebu City’s Vice Mayor Mike Rama and Councilor Joy Pesquera.

Vice Mayor Mike Rama and Councilor Joy Pesquerra do the cutting of the ribbon.

Cocktails soon followed, as catered by Laguna Garden Café. Mini shawarma, canapés and other hors d’oeuvres were overflowing and for every P150 that we paid for each of our guests, I guess the food was more than enough. Even if not all of our guests came to grace the occasion (*sigh*), big appetites of Matt, Kyle, nephews Juju and Ting made it all “sulit” (more than what was paid for) actually. Ahahaha!

There was a short video presentation about Chains and what can be found in all the individual outlets, after which, a couple of song numbers followed (sorry forgot to take pics). The singers, though not well known, were good enough to keep the ambiance upbeat. Then the much-awaited fashion show commenced. With hip and urban music providing the beat, the models sashayed wearing clothes chosen from all tenants.

The following pictures now take it from here…
(Hover your mouse/pointer on the pic for description of the model’s clothes.)
Tee'licious hot pink cotton spandex tee with 3/4 sleeves and Tee'licious two-toned beaded bagTee'licious cream cotton spandex round-neck tee and Tee'licious two-toned beaded bag

Tee'licious black combination basic/off-shoulder cotton spandex teeTee'licious aqua combination basic/off-shoulder cotton spandex tee and Tee'licious butterfly beaded bag

Tee'licious white round-neck cotton spandex teeTee'licious hot pink cotton spandex racer-back tee

So there you have it. We have finally seen the fruition of all our preparation. Now we sit back (momentarily) and wait for the “ka-ching” of the sales registers.


Our gratitude to my in-laws for all the support, to our suppliers, to our friends and to everyone who attended, patronized and continue to buy our products. Special mention goes to Paparazzi and sistah May too for being our conduit for the stocks to get to us.


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congrats again,linnor! your shirts all look so fab! i like the pink & white round neck ones. pls. let me know when you have those in manila, sana malapit lang ang sister mo sa greenhills or anywhere near wack2x.

congratulations!! your stall looks really nice

congrats te linnor! i like your stall, soo rich in colour and you have the cutest bags. i’ll definitely check it out when i go home 😉

yey! congrats! congrats!

i’ll definitely order the next time i’m in pinas! more power!

It is something I would wear– the tees. Good fashion. I hope you more success! Ka-ching kaching kaching!

I like your shirts. Can I order online? Goodluck and may the cash register keeps on hoarding the “kadatungan”.

congrats linnor! looks really good. wala ba kayong branch sa Manila? Gusto ko pasalubong yang shirts nyo for Simon’s teenage pamangkins! I’m sure they’ll love it! 🙂

If this is not the realization of that Biblical promise made by Jabez that if you believe in God’s mercy and goodness–He will not hesitate to “expand your territory” in business, I don’t know what is. Continue to keep faith in Him so that in all things God may be glorified! Yes?

I won’t mind being an effective conduit (sana walang corrosion inside the tube) of your stocks as long as you won’t mind selling them and making money for the family!

God bless Tee’licious! God bless us all! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Yehey to opening of the 2nd Tee’licious outlet!…3rd outlet within the year?…online outlet?…manila outlet?…I lift it up to God to guide us in expanding our territory…just like in the Prayer of Jabez! Happy Shopping!

I-M-P-R-E-S-S-I-V-E! May fashion show pa! Bili ko ng 3 tees for Mitzi! Magkano???

How I wish I can contribute to the kaching of your cash registers!!!

hi linnor! do you have other tee-licious branches outside cebu? perhaps iloilo? great tees! congrats!

congratulations to you and jerry! ayan at ang dami mo na ring nakahilerang online customers! question: bat hindi ka nag model ng products nyo? i bet, you’ll look gorgeous in one of those…you always do, anyway, ikaw pa the mother of poise!

congratulations!!! you’ve expanded na pala to bags as well. good quality and design = success. sabi sa ‘yo bring it online na so we can buy too 🙂

nice shirts! btw, who made those graphic designs sa outlet nyo?

Thanks for all the inspiring messages! I did take some of your advice. I am now also selling Tee’licious shirts O-N-L-I-N-E! Go check out

Thanks! I made the Tee’licious logo but the artworks or the images were made by a good friend from University of San Carlos.

congratulations to Linnor & Jerry! we discovered about Tee’licious by accident while surfing the net. May the Lord expand your territory locally and abroad! Hope to visit one of your shops soon! miss u guys!

Wow, this is a surprise! I’m glad you found our site! We miss the good old days too. Hay… I’m glad you’re all doing good. Keep visiting!

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