Fueling the Business (Some More)

Posted on: July 15, 2005


Why the sudden silence you might ask. Since the opening of our second Tee’licious outlet last Friday (refer to previous post), I received some inquiries on how to avail or at least to see some of the tees that we sell. It got me thinking. I’ve been putting off the thought but it just got stronger and louder in my mind.

As of now we don’t have an outlet in Manila. Our two stalls are in Cebu. Jerry and I are still working out some plans to expand our humble venture. And yes, though there were sleepless nights that we just let our ideas flow, we haven’t really gotten to do it. There were a few issues like the investment involved, the product mix, the possible locations, etc. Big issues actually that somehow rendered us a bit hesitant. However, blog friends from all over, and I mean even those outside of the Philippines, have inspired me to do something. It may be different from what we originally thought of doing but I believe it’s a good start.

In response to those who may want to get their hands on our very affordable tees, we have put up a site to cater to clients in Manila or friends abroad who have relatives in Manila. It’s a very basic site, more like an online catalogue, where one could email any color preference and arrange for delivery and payment. I have partnered with my sister, May, who will handle Manila inquiries.

Please check it out at

Thank you all for the inspiring messages! People like you encourage us to take opportunities and business ventures (no matter how humble) seriously. Here’s praying for continued success not just for Tee’licious but to you as well and to all your endeavors.


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HI TONI!hahaha! thanks a lot!!! i had fun doing the website and tried a lot of skins/templates. ang hirap pala. 🙂

Ok that’s business wise. It is ‘market at your doorstep’.
Basta delivery is within Metro Manila, I will delivery Teelicious with dispatch, much faster and more reliable than FedEx bvecause we care about your business as much as you do!

Sige na, friends and co-bloggers, order na kayo!

Nadamay na naman kayo no? Heheheh. Just keeping you busy. Gratis nga lang!



I’m happy and excited for you, Linnor! Basta I’ll buy a few this August. Then ako mag model sa Singapore. Hahaha.

You are an inspiration! God bless!

The power of the internet is truly amazing! We hope to take our cute Tee’licious business to a new level via the web. So keep your ideas coming…your inspiring thoughts turn our stumbling blocks to stepping stones!

Sounds like it’s going to be hot!

Yey! That’s good to hear. 🙂 Thanks!

Oh I really hope so! 😉

Ha! I do agree! 😀

ok. any takers? any orders done for the first 24 hours of the site being up?

im sure dadami yan…ill link your site in several places….

Sige that would be great! I haven’t done any marketing outside of my blog yet. Heheheh. Hardselling through comments ni Paparazzi pa lang na I just echoed a while ago. Happy weekend!

ayan i can avail of your bags and tees na!

I may have missed it, but how do I know what styles are available? I like the fact that you have a rainbow of colors to choose from. Also, how do the sizes work? Perhaps an estimate of bust size for the corresponding size will help. Unfortunately, that’s a concern of mine.

I can’t wait to order some!

ay, bad timing naman ako. i’m expanding on a daily basis (hmm, do you have a maternity line?). anyway, i’ll send an email to my friends in manila, and hopefully, when i’ve given birth, my top will be teelicious worthy again!

uy Linnor, parang wala atang price list dun sa site mo unless naduling lang ako 😛

hope to visit your shop when I come “home” dyan sa cebu.
Banilad ba? hmmm posh upscale area…
I didnt expect may gymborree din dyan
kasi sa London nasa mahaling st ang gymborree
ang ganda din kasi.


you are junie’s sis right?

oo nga, linnor, second the motion ako kay christine. indicate na rin sana shipping charges, hehe… saka close-up photos nung tees themselves.

congratulations and good luck!!! 🙂

Yes mam! I’ll go check Fedex rates for UK.

I’m working on posting close-up pics of the shirts on the site. 🙂 The sizes come in S, M, L & XL. I will have to find a way to measure the bust size corresponding to each size. I’ll post it on the online catalogue hopefully within the week. And I’ll go check Fedex rates too for Malaysia.

That’s okay. I’ll keep tab for when you are back to your pre-preggy size again. Aw, thanks! That’s sweet of you to email your friends in Manila about Tee’licious. I’m getting all giddy and rearing to work some more to make this project work.

The price range is from P199 (racerback) to P279 (3/4 sleeves) plus freight cost (this I will have to check pa. hehehe). I’ll go post the prices on the site. Thanks!

Uy please come visit when you’re in Cebu! If you’re interested to buy online, we could make arrangements din. Let me check lang the rates for shipping. And yes, I’m Junnie’s elder sis. Hehehe.

Thanks! Oh yes, I will. Hehehe… I’m off to do that now. Weeee!

if you do that shipping rates make sure you warn them about tax…importation charges… pag overseas.
I order a lot via net from the States.

Maganda idea ito for people like us out here overseas we can order presents for friends….

ayo ayo diha can you speak cebuano… sige! maayong gabii

Thanks for the heads up! I will check out all rates and possible hidden charges. 🙂

I can fully understand Cebuano but very rarely speak it.
Common dialect spoken at work is Tagalog as this is easier to use when coordinating with counterparts in the different Visayas provinces. Hehehe.

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