Feeding My Techno-lust

Posted on: July 22, 2005

I’ve been pining to get one for myself. Everytime I read the newspaper or went to the mall, I scoured for the best deals. I always had that thought at the back of my head that if I could buy something on installment with 0% interest, then that would be a good deal. My preference was not brand specific for as long as it’s a laptop with a 12-inch screen, and it had all the works internally particularly a cd/dvd combo drive then it’s good to go.

I checked out Fujitsu and like a fish in the water, I naturally gravitated to their 10.6-inch screen laptop. It appealed to me a lot that for a time I wanted nothing but that. However, the 6-figure price was just too steep for comfort that I veered away from it and focused on a Sony Vaio instead. The user reviews were impressive for the Sony Vaio but nobody in Cebu sold it. So that was a sign that told me it was a no go.

Just recently, IBM had a promo for its regular 14-inch screen laptop and offered a Centrino for P60k. And for days on end I was really rabid about getting one. I was in fits when the people at Ng Khai wouldn’t let me avail of their promo for the lease-to-own scheme since according to them it was intended exclusively for their clients. So why did they advertise it on their website then? Geez…

Then a couple of weeks ago, iStore opened in Cebu. Jerry and I looked at the different Macs and I was instantly drooling at the iBook and Powerbook. I indulged my curiosity a bit and started trying the display units that were hooked to the internet. The graphics just blew me away. I was ready to raise the money for it whatever happens. I inquired with them for promos but there was none. I emailed Accent Micro and the manager was offering me freebies with the unit if I buy the iBook for P77k. Dear me, I was ready to bite the bait!

Then my brother, Junnie tried talking to Dindin about my plan to buy an Apple (yes by this time I had nothing else in mind) and the deal was just too sweet to pass up. Within a few days, payment was transferred and my new baby was on its way. It arrived yesterday specially hand delivered by Mamarazzi and Junnie (yes, the part about Mamarazzi visiting Cebu was a surprise. My family is getting the habit of doing unannounced visits!).

So hopefully my techno-lust ends here for now. (Thanks a lot Din!!! It was great doing business with you!) I have a new baby to keep me distracted.

Everyone, meet Redford (my iBook’s temporary name as christened by Junnie).




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nice! you’ve switched to macs too. yay!

i am so bawled over!!! whew! congratulations on the new baby!!!


linnor, congrats on redford – your new baby!

I’m the newest convert. Hehehe!

Thanks! I feel like Carrie Bradshaw (SATC). Hahahaha!

Thanks! I’m looking forward to this weekend when I take Redford for a spin. Hehe, can’t wait!

Hi, Linnor!

I, too, have been pining for a new computer. I still can’t make up my mind whether to get a desk top (like what I already have) or to switch over to a laptop. To complicate things further, we’ve also been looking at the Apple computers. My only concern is when my husband sends me some files from his PC. Will there be no problem, considering Apple and PCs use different formats?

Do let me know how you are finding the Apple iBook. I’m sure you’ll be spending a lot of time using it and enjoying its features.

Take care!!!


That used to be my concern too before I decided to get an Apple. Although I haven’t tried working with Excel and Word yet, there’s a separate application for Apple called Microsoft for Apple which is supposed to address the seamless transfer/update/etc of Microsoft files between PC and Mac users. I had that installed in the iBook that I bought.

Don’t worry, I will give you a heads up if and when I encounter problems with it or if it works. 😀

congrats on the new purchase, linnor! it’s really super-user friendly and i’m sure you’ll enjoy your time with redford.

may i introduce him to my girly ibook, maki? ehehehe.

Surely! Hahaha! When they get married they’ll become Redford and Maki White. Heeheehee.

Niiiice! (I’m salivating even as I type this!)

I LOVE Jake’s one-toothed picture. Reanna’s two top front teeth also came out just recently. Unfortunately, she’s taken to using them while breastfeeding. OWIE!

BTW, you’re in my latest post in Prada Mama. Please check it out when you have the time.

a very nice toy, redford is! hahaha. i like the way it looks–sleek & streamline. btw, so excited w/ the shirts, hopefully i’ll get them next week!:)

I’m posting my answers to your tag on my next post. Thanks for tagging!

I still have a lot to learn about Macs but I’m getting there (I hope! Hahaha!)

How’s REDFORD the Bisoy mac doing? Does he have a house now? Meron na di ba? Hope you’re enjoying working with him. Sali ka na sa Pinoy Mac for tips and other goodies.

nabinyagan na ba si redford? hehehe. ganda!

nice baby! have fun! ;D

Yes, I bought a laptop knapsack at Manel’s for P1495. Kinda masculine, it fits Redford’s image. Hehehe…

Thanks! Binibinyagan na… Di pa rin ako gaanong marunong. 😛

Thanks! 😀

Do you believe that Apple computers are less prone to viruses?

I read somewhere that most virus writers target PC users, but it is also believed that as more people use Apple, they will also start making viruses for it.

How are you finding your computer so far? I have to decide soon so any input is appreciated. Thanks.

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