Matt Turns 12

Posted on: July 26, 2005

It was an all-boys affair last Saturday as we celebrated Matt’s 12th birthday with 9 of his friends from school. They shared a box of a huge 18-inch New York’s Finest pizza at Yellow Cab, 2 orders of Calzone, 3 boxes of spicy chicken wings and cans of Sarsi rootbeer. Looking at these pre-teen boys, I remember how little they once were on past birthday parties. They seem to really grow fast, this generation… *Sigh* I hate to admit I’m growing old as fast too. Hahaha!

After an hour or so at Yellow Cab, the group, together with Jerry, proceeded to Netopia for a 2-hour session of internet gaming. It was a good thing that Netopia at Banilad Town Center had a big space. Otherwise, they would have easily filled the place up. Kyle, the youngest in the group, kept gushing at how they enjoyed playing Counterstrike and Need for Speed. He had so much fun with Matt’s friends that he plans to have a similar kind of birthday celebration with Matt’s friends together with his own set. Hihihi! Boys will always be boys.

Meanwhile, as this was all happening, I was with Mamarazzi at nearby Postrio for some pastry. Jake and his nanny, nurse Cathy kept shuttling between Yellow Cab and Postrio. He had the best of both food outlets, partaking of the ube cake and calzone. Cute!

Hmm, the weather was dreary but it did little to dampen the fun-filled mood of everyone.

Matt (in peach polo) and Kyle (in dark blue) at Yellow Cab with Matt’s friends

The group from another angle. Behind is Postrio where Mamarazzi and I were having some pastries.

While Matt’s group was at Yellow Cab, Mamarazzi posed at Tee’licious.


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hi linnor! happy birthday to matt! soon teenager na!

happy birthday to matt!

T’was the HAPPIEST OF ALL BIRTHDAYS that you had Matt with your buddies, I could see. But don’t feel so awkward with your height and age. You are still young at 5’6″ and at 12 years old!

Did Mamarazzi give you the pittance? It’s all yours!

Thanks! He may still be a pre-teen at 12 y/o but he sure behaves and looks like a refined young man. I heard some girls have a crush on him in school.

Shhh… 😀

He is a few inches shy of 5’6″. He is actually 5’3″ and the center of the Grade School’s Milo Basketball Varsity Team. One inch more and he would have qualified for the High School height requirement. Hahaha! I kid you not!

Mamarazzi did give him the pittance. It’s now with me for safekeeping. (???) Thank you!

happy birthday to matt,linnor! thanks again for the shirts at the same time, sorry lang if i wasn’t able to get everything i ordered. maybe its a good idea nga to stock up w/ ‘larger’ sizes. hahaha. i hate to admit it but the days of being able to wear ‘small pinoy sized shirts’ are loong gone!
again, big TY to Paparazzi & Junnie! 🙂

Thanks! 😀 I realized I should stock on the bigger sizes more as I myself wear an XL or an L at the very least. Hehehe. Di na ako magi-illusion na puede pa ako sa M. Hahaha. Thanks for the business too! 🙂

happy birthday to matt, sis! wow, my pre-teener ka na pala ano. one more year and may binata ka na! di bale, di naman halata sa face and body mo na may binatilyo ka na eh. looking young pa rin ang fez! 🙂

The boys are eating “American style”…the pizza, chicken, and soda…the works, just watch for the weight gain, hehe. Love your new laptop. Geez, wish I could have one of those. Happy Birthday Matt!

happy birthday to your matt!! may binata ka na 🙂

Matt & his friends are “magicians” in training!??? You should have seen how they made the food disappear right before my very eyes! 🙂

grabe Linnor, may binata ka na!!!

Happy Bday, Matt!

Hahaha! I like your comment ha. May kasamang compliment. 😀

I got Redford for a steal actually, about P15000 less than what iStore is selling. Lucky me!

Oo nga eh. I’m glad I still have a toddler to balance things out and give me the illusion na di pa ako masyadong tumatanda. 😉

Teka, parang I saw you help the boys finish the food off e. Ahahaha!

Somebody had to “train” them…:)

belated happy birthday to your matt! (parang ang sarap nga ng yellow cab pizza.. kakagutom)

Ok and that had to be the doting Pa, of course. Hehehe!

Thanks! Try Manhattan Meat-lovers, a personal favorite. 🙂

That looked like so much fun! Happy birthday to Matt!

Thanks! Kyle want his October birthday celebrated like this one. Hehehe. That’s proof that they enjoyed the food and the game sessions.

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