This Day Was A Total Waste…

Posted on: July 29, 2005

Well, not quite…

My lack of sleep last night was actually my own doing. I toyed with Redford, copied some music cds and surfed to all my favorite blogs like I’ve never done before. I knew then that when I turned in for sleep, the after-effects of staying way too late would start kicking in the moment I wake up.

This morning, I got up from bed quite reluctantly when I heard Jerry say it was already 610am. Ok. I then willed myself to walk to the bathroom, to answer nature’s call and to undress. Then right before stepping into the enclosed shower with towel in my hand, I took a quick look at my reflection in the mirror. “Hmm, I don’t look that bad, no dark cirlces under the eyes, the eyebags are not too puffy….. I just feel a bit dazed.” I thought. Pretty normal.

In the shower, I routinely turned the heater on, adjusted the shower nozzle, and started soaping myself. Though the relaxing splash of warm water and the fresh smell of soap somehow jolted me to my senses, I still felt like I was floating. It seemed like my mind was alternately drifting from semi-sleep to semi-wakefulness.

Then just as I was about done, Jerry walked in for his turn in the shower. I towel-dried myself quickly and told him the shower was all his. Then I found myself thinking… Wait a minute. My hair is wet but did I or did I not shampoo my hair? Of course I did! Haha! Silly me. No, wait. Did I? Oh crap! I totally couldn’t remember!

I remember reaching for the shampoo… but no, that was yesterday! Huh? This is getting scary! I can’t recall if I did shampoo my hair! “Jer, could you sniff my head and tell me if I shampooed?”, I said feeling really like a fool The confused and unsure expression on his face sent me back to the shower.

I quickly massaged the cream to my hair and scalp and kept scolding myself for being a loony. Is this the result of lack of sleep, old age, or too much surfing that my brain just chose to temporarily (I hope!) shut down? Oh please no! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…

And midway through lathering, I caught a glimpse of my answer on the floor. No, I wasn’t done yet but there were tell-tale signs that I’ve already done this earlier…

I looked intently on the sudsy floor, right where I stood. Between my feet, on the drain was a clump of loose hair.

(Just great. I shampooed twice in 10 minutes. Hahaha… What a waste of shampoo!)

I wish I were as focused to what I was doing earlier as Jake was while he played.

I got tagged by Renee.

1. What are the things you enjoy doing even when there’s no on around you?
(in no particular order)
a. shop
b. blog/surf
c. eat Cheezy or Mr. Chips or any junk food
d. watch Lifestyle channel
e. watch Oprah
f. read entertainment or design magazines

2. What lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?
a. seeing Jake
b. back rubs from my hubs Jerry
c. a witty joke from Matt
d. a hearty laugh from Kyle
e. staying in bed and keeping silent for a few minutes
f. reading the Bible/praying
g. surfing
h. malling

Happy weekend!

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don’t worry…forgetfulness is something that commonly happens to me too. i’m not even bothered–i just make other people remember for me. hehehe. saka may excuse ka–you’ve had 3 kids already. heeheehee.

pero, nakakatawa nga nangyari sayo…

Grabe! Ganun pala feeling ng mga may Alzheimer’s?!!! Talagang mental block. Ahahaha! 🙂

Ang unang pumasok sa isip ko ay SINO SI REDFORD at BAKIT MO SIYA TINO-TOY?

Oo nga pala, he’s your new technological friend. Hahaha!

And that forgetfulness thing? It happens to me too. A LOT. Feeling ko nga may ADD ako eh. I forget so easily.

Oo nga ano? I read that part again. It sure sounded malicious. HAHAHA!

I should write Redford d’ White iBook pala to avoid confusion.

Dapat di ko makalimutan… Heeheehee!

Happy weekend!

uy, Linnor, I have those moments too. I’m in the shower and I wonder if I’ve already washed my hair or not. Sometimes I ask myself, did I dream about shampooing my hair or have I shampooed my hair! katakot! May ibang incidents pa that are similar to that na I can’t remember if I’ve done something or not even if this supposed event only happened 5 mins ago! grabe!

Jake is so mestizo! So cute!

Ha ha ha…I am so guilty of this as well! I guess its easy for our minds to wander when we’re under a hot, relaxing shower!

Thanks for sharing your answers!

hi linnor! ha, ha. that was funny!

hard to admit it but i have senior moments like that too!

have a great weekend!

okay lang yung twice shampooing. i do that intentionally sometimes. hihi.

pero i had my moments, too. and ang cause? too much internet surfing and blogging rin.

i take it that you’re enjoying redford so much. does your keyboard have a plastic protector?

Forgetting to shampoo? It’s not sign of old age. It is ALZHEIMER!

Forgetting to shampoo? It’s not sign of old age. It is ALZHEIMER!

You ask your Mamarazzi about forgetting, she will tell you how many times she would go to the bank to deposit or withdraw without the Passbook or kakamot siya sa left ng mukha niya pero ang kati ay nasa right side. Grabeee!

Ako? I only forget all the hurts and the pains that others have inflicted on me. 🙂 🙂 🙂

It seems like forgetting whether one has shampooed or not is a common thing…maybe it’s what these big companies put in their shampoo so that everyone uses double the shampoo per day! 🙂

i thought i left some comments here a while ago…wala pa pala….

i never had those senior moments…i still have great memory. especially with dates and events….but when im jaded with jet lag…i think its ok to forget to thank you for the great time spent in Cebu and your 2-day stay to surprise mama and papa in manila! Biruin mo, we saw each other in 2 cities in 1 week? galing di ba???

Kiss the kids for us. Im home….definitely home.

I’m sooo relieved that I’m not the only one who has had this kind of episode. Weird kasi talaga ng feeling. Hahaha.

Minsan I think nakaka-“melt” ng brain ang too much surfing hahahaha! Yes, I bought a plastic keyboard protector for Redford. Mahirap na. 🙂

Katawa naman! Baka magalit si Mamarazzi sa pangangantiyaw mo ha. Hehehe. I like that – “forget all the hurts and the pains that others have inflicted on me”.

Sinong senior???? I’m older than you by a year lang ha! Hahaha! Hi to Mitzi!

that’s funny. i do forget routine things sometimes (have i taken my vitamin? have i fed the dog?) but usually it’s not due to lack of sleep but from being preoccupied while doing those things.

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