Impromptu Get-Together

Posted on: August 1, 2005

Sunday night was a rare experience of being with my maternal balikbayan relatives (from New York) last seen when I was still a young girl. It was timely that Mamarazzi was also in town for a visit to my 91 y/o Lola Meding who has just recovered from viral infection. What started as pure coincidence (I think) with Aunt Belen and Aunt Nanette (from the Sering branch of the family) planning separate trips to Cebu turned out to be an instant reunion of sorts.

Papa Lalo (Matugas) tendered a dinner party at their spacious abode for the small group. Of course, what reunion would be complete without a feast of lechon, dinuguan, kinilaw, and various seafood fare, right? I didn’t intend for the get-together to go undocumented either. So for the Sering, Matugas and Arreza members of our families, here are a couple of shots to capture the happy occasion.

Jerry, Kyle, Papa Lalo Matugas on my right, Jake and me, Aunt Baby Calderon on my left, Aunt Belen Sering in orange tank, Mamarazzi in purple, Aunt Nanette, Bingo and daughter Cheska Matugas. In front are Aunt Ring-ring and Uncle Hermie Sering.

The same group as above plus Matthew, Ethel Matugas and Lola Meding


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I missed the party and the fun! Bakit kayo lang? Are they still visiting relatives here in Manila?

Please extend my warmest personal regards to the New Yorkers I have not seen for years–Belen and Nanette. Tell them we will be their guests come September (from from our trip to Toronto and before flying to LA), whether they like it or not! Mukhang walang choice sila. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I purposely posted this entry late last night because I knew that you’d see this first thing after you wake up. Nang-iinggit lang kami. Hehehe… Effective pala.

Aunt Belen is flying to the USA today from Cebu via Hongkong. She’s flying back to Cebu na naman next month to work on her plan to build a hospital in Davao or Surigao del Sur (I’m not sure where exactly). Aunt Nanette just came from a short trip to Boracay with her kids. I don’t know till when her family is staying in town.

hi linnor! reunions like this with long lost relatives are priceless! have a great week!

huh? ang galing….mama was there to be with them…iba talaga mag schedule si Lord ng reunions….hanep!

Reunions!!! I can imagine how it must have been for your balikbayan relatives to see you again and then, your 3 sons! hehe

Yes it was fun as it was also filling. Hehehe.

Thanks! Yes indeed and there’s just so much catching up to do on each other’s lives. You have a great week as well.

Mama’s visit was very timely and she was able to touch base again with cousins. Galing ng timing no? It would have been best if Mama Sol was around, she is in Malaysia kasi. Sayang for her and for Paparazzi too who would have also enjoyed it if he were in town.

Haha! They were really surprised to see me and my boys. They kept saying when they left years ago, I was this and that. Payat daw, maputi, bata pa etc. Now I’m just maputi na lang. Hahaha!

haha makes you feel young and old, at the same time!

linnor, saya naman ng reunion! your lola meding is sooo pretty, she reminds me of gloria romero…now i know where you and your mamarazzi got your beauty! naks, sipsip ba? hehehehe…i’m not kidding! 🙂

more old actually than young… 😛

salamat! sarap naman makatanggap ng compliments. heeee… *blushes*

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