Fit to a Tee – Our One Day of Fame

Posted on: August 5, 2005

Last Saturday, exactly a week ago today, started at a slow steady pace that later built up to a crazy crescendo. The make-up artists, Bernard Miaga and Charles Lao, were at the Banilad Town Center earlier than the appointed 9am. Impressive, considering that most people these days are so used to being “fashionably” late. Hehe. At 9am, Jerry and I came rushing to the parking lot to get ready to meet them and wait for the models to arrive.

Not too long after, SJ Quiteves, of Ad Models Phils, joined the group at Postrio to wait for the rest to arrive. Mamarazzi and I had coffee as I exchanged text messages with Sunstar’s fashion editor, Mae Manacap, who was rushing on her way. Royce Acebu, owner of Chains, was there. Nikki Tan of Tamn bags for Tee’licious looked like a model herself when she walked in Postrio to join us. The customary greetings and introductions ensued. Yes, except for Nikki and Royce, it was a first-time meeting for everyone else.

From Postrio, we all sauntered back to Chains to get everything started. Being a neophyte at fashion foto shoots, I found myself a bit lost in all the prepping up of the outfits. There were a few hits and misses as we tried to mix and match our tees and bags with the other stalls’ skirts, cargoes or shorts. Ay, you should have seen me and Nikki running around like headless chickens trying to come up with different looks – corporate, party, casual, hip, etc. The tees and bags were literally flying off the shelves and onto the lean bodies of our models.

Mae initially wanted 5 sets of outfits for the models SJ and Karina Gajudo, but in the course of all of the running around etcetera, it was down to just 4.

The locales where we had the shoot were in front of Pod5 and Postrio, and inside Cagnaan and Nice Things. SJ and Karina were lovely and they actually fit the image that we wanted to project. They gamely posed for the cams. They smiled, pouted, and gave dreamy, naughty, sexy looks. I was an instant fan and a paparazzi at the same time. Although not as good as well-known fotog, Alex Badayos of Sunstar, I had fun taking photos of the shoot myself. Hoo-ha!

The whole whirlwind of activities lasted up to 1pm. By then, everyone else was starting to look exhausted, and famished, and parched… The Sunstar team deemed they already had enough materials for the feature and finally called a pack-up.

Today, a week later, I bought my copy of Sunstar and turned to the fashion page. There they were, the lovely models in our yummy colored Tee’licious tees and bags, in two pages, splashed in full color!


Then the flurry of last Saturday’s fashion foto shoot came rushing back. It was definitely all worth it!

100_6345 100_6346
100_6347 100_6349
100_6350 100_6351
sj 100_6353
100_6357 100_6358


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Tee’licious is definitely a biz on the verge of taking off…(parang SONA yata!) With the help of institutions like Sun Star (tks to the team) Cebuanos got a glimpse of the variety of tees, bags, etc we have and how affordable these items are! Hope to see you in our TEE! 🙂

Wasn’t that F-U-N??? I enjoyed every minute of that experience though there were one or two moments I thought I lost it when the styling didn’t come out as intended. But for neophytes like us, we did G-R-E-A-T! Hehehe.

congratulations to you!! it must be really exciting to see all your merchandise in full spread!

all the best!

Thanks! It was kinda surreal seeing the pics yesterday in full color. And Sunstar is a widely-read newspaper here in Cebu. Imagine my pride! Hahaha!

was the Teelicious Website mentioned in the spread?

as a marketing rule, any type of promotion must have a call for action. did sales increase the last 2 days? we’re excited as much as you are to see this venture fly….

next venture will come soon….hihihi

NGEKKK! That was one boo-boo. I failed to include the website in our credits. Geez…

One customer at Tee’licious (Chains) bought 9 shirts yesterday. No, that customer wasn’t me, or a relative/friend. Heh, the after-effect of our marketing effort probably?

Patiently waiting for any/all opportunities that may come our way…

Happy weekend to you and Mitzi!

hi linnor! pa-autograph naman! pwede ba i-volunteer mag-model si Bea ng tee-licious nyo (when she’s older op kors!)? hehe

Where is the site again of your tees? I’ve recommended it to a friend here who have relatives in Cebu eh…

Uy thanks for the advanced parental consent for Bea to model. I’ll take note of that. Hehehe…

Our Tee’licious site is at
Thank you too for the referral! 🙂

Your mannequins don’t only look real and alive but beautiful as well. O baka lang mukhang ganoon because your are using your new digi camera. All their outfits really fit them to a Tee.

Hope this will not just be the first of a series of fashion shows. Aabangan namin ang kasunod? 🙂

The models are indeed lovely not because of makeup or any digicam tricks. They look lovelier because of the tees that they are wearing (in the pics) as well. Plugging!

The digicam I used was not the new one I bought but the old Kodak (3megapixel) that you borrowed for your Canada trip. So expect your pictures to be really crisp and clear. Hehehe. Wanna buy that one? 🙂

hi linnor, congrats on the great ad! the photos are so cool!

Thanks! *blushes* 🙂

hi te linnor! great shoot you got there. i like how kikay the models look.

ps. i like the necklace and bangle that your model was wearing (the one in orange 3/4 sleeves top). do you do accessories as well?

i actually stole a look at these pictures when i visisted your flickr sometime last week 😉

well well well…snaps to you! big time na talaga ang teelicious!

kelan ka mag-m-model?

I was excited to post about our foto shoot the day it actually happened, but kept myself from doing it until the feature actually came out. So imagine kung gaano ka-atat ako to spill the beans. Hehehe.

Ako, lampas na ang time ko to be a model coz nung time na payat pa ako, di naman uso ang ma-buto nun. Sana ngayon mauuso naman ang look na ma-puson or ma-balakang para may chance pa akesh. Bwahaha! 🙂

Hi Linnor! Sikat ka nga, di lang Tee’licious ang nasa credits, pati pa name mo! Pero oo nga, di mo naisama yong website ng Tee’licious. Next time na lang, I’m sure SSD will do a feature story about Tee’licious. U know, yong how it started, etc. etc.

Galing nila mag-project. One model is a college stude taking up nursing and a daughter of a doctor. The other one is still 13 y/o and being chaperoned by a doting mom.

Yes we do accessories but those worn by the one in citrus 3/4 tee were from another stall at Chains. 🙂 For this foto shoot we only provided the tees and bags.

I was the one who emailed the editor kasi the description of the outfits and the credits so sinigurado ko na kasali name ko. Nyahahaha! 🙂

Wow, congratulations! With your business taking off like this, do you have time for your new job? 🙂 May God bless your endeavour more and more.

wowoweee, ang galing naman! ayan na linnor, another baby is making waves, aba at hindi lang sila matt,kyle and jake ang nagre-reap ng honors ang praises..pati na rin si baby tee…palakpakan! 🙂

My new job is from Monday-Friday at 730-530 and the rest of the time is shared by family and the things that I love doing. Tee’licious falls under the second category. I hope I’m not spreading myself too thin. Hehehe. Thanks! God bless you too!

Puro boys ang kids ko e kaya you’re right, we have another baby – si Tee’licious who is treated like a daughter. Sana nga lumaki pa sya ng todo-todo! Hahaha.

sana nasa Manila na yan 🙂

Linnor! Did you get my email’s friend re your shirts? She’s asking if you ship to New Zealand daw 🙂

We are ironing out the logistics side before we finally make ourselves visible in Manila. Hehehe…

I sent an email to Christine just a while ago. Thanks for the referral! 😀

wow! that photo spread looks great! pretty models, nice concept.

i’m so excited for you. will be eagerly awaiting your expansion to us 🙂

hi! just discovered this and the shoot was like a couple of years ago..but it was really fun..i remember the day when it came out, twas jerry who texted me and i bought like 20 copies of sunstar for all my friends and family..hehehehe…best regards to your family..

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