Seeing Double

Posted on: August 10, 2005

Taking a break from work, I checked on my emails. Yahoo… nothing. Gmail account 1… still nothing. Gmail account 2… nothing… No wait, there is 1 new message. I must have gotten used to not seeing any new message in my inbox lately that I almost missed out on that new bold alert indicating that I did have 1 new incoming message.

I was hoping this wasn’t just some misrouted email or junk mail as I patiently waited for the page to load.

Then, there it was. I saw the short but sweet note that presented itself on my laptop screen.

just wanted to let u know we love your shirts 🙂

maureen and marnelli pearson

This was a note from the twin-singers (from the USA) who graced the opening of Chains last July 8. They sang energetically that night and they were also two of those who walked the ramp during the fashion show.

Aw, this is really flattering. What a testament for Tee’licious – this note with their pics too. How sweet is that?



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they’re not only pretty but thoughtful girls, too!

i agree. i think they’re back in the usa now. and seeing that short note/pic really made my day. 🙂

so sweet…what a testament, indeed!

may maternity blouses ba kayo? haha…hirap na talaga ako maghanap…been to havin’ a baby, gingersnaps, SM, rustan’s, metro ayala pero wala 😦 papatahi na lang ako this weekend.

hi linnor! they are both adorable!

Hey, kudos to you! The shirts look great!

i have the same problem as mimi.

that’s so sweet of them. great advertisement too!

That’s one line we don’t have – maternitees. Hehehe. Sige lang, in a few months when the baby is out, you’ll be able to get back in shape na naman. 🙂

Thanks! 🙂

Hey, judging from the photos on your site, you look like one fashionable momma! 🙂

Yes. They remind me of the rich Olsen twins, a better-looking version at that.

wow!!! it must be flattering.

these sisters could give the Jaboom twins a run for their money.

wow, how sweet naman 🙂

Btw, what Testament are you talking about–the Old or the New?

If New, then your modern tees are for modern people like the Twins. If Old, never mind. Everyone was not born YESTERDAY. 🙂

The twins are as sweet, pretty and alluring as everyone who sports your tees! Are the lovely fotos from them also?

They are even more talented. I saw them sing and dance during the launch. 🙂

Oo nga e, ‘kaka-flatter talaga.

Yes, those pics came with their email. Kaya nga ako na-flatter because they put in the effort pa to send that to me. How nice of them no? 🙂

frame it frame it. they’re good looking that it might not come as a surprise that they’d be famous someday. well, if they decide to join showbiz, Kuya Germs will surely be of help. hehe

They’re US based so I guess they have a better chance at American Idol. 🙂

hi linnor! i agree–that’s sweet of them. btw, i got the shirts too–i’ll be posting them in my blog soon!i gave one to paz. i love my pink one–but i dont think i can send a pic w/ me in it–if you know what i mean–hahahaha!

How sweet and thoughtful! And the tees look great on them too!

That’s great! I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

Flattered to the max ang feeling ko. 🙂

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