Great to Finally Have the Chance to Relax and Unwind for a Change

Posted on: August 15, 2005

the quiet pathway

The sun was high and the weather was perfect for a dip. By 9am we trooped to the pool taking Jake with us who seemed to refuse to take his morning nap to join the elder brothers.

Jerry, Kyle and Jake

the gang is here

Everyone was in swim shorts and Jake looked cute in his orange hand-me-down pair.

It was warm but the pool water was cold. They didn’t go right in and I was amused to see Jake’s chin quiver for a few minutes when Jerry slowly lowered him on his floater. I thought he was ready to cry!

But that was just the initial shock. A few minutes later, he was just like the rest, unmindful of the cold water and enjoying the splash and the ripples caused by his bigger bros.

I spent about 10 minutes max with them before heading back to our home.

peace and quiet

— — — —

As the boys were downstairs enjoying their swim, I was engaged in the weirdest workout ever in my whole life.

For some reason, the water closet in our bathroom was clogged and threatened to spill out its (barf-worthy) contents on the pristine pink and white tiles any moment. I was there, oh yes, with sweat running down from every pore in my skin, unwillingly yet bravely working the plunger.



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Matthew has grown since his birthday. Kyle is still the goodlooking bedimpled nephew and Jake… what can you say about him, he’s the cross of the two!

With a pool steps away, sarap naman for scorching Cebu summer days!

ay, how nice naman your place!!!

When we were kids, we always wanted to have a pool (back to the when we were kids series…:)) but now that we have one we take it for granted…maybe that’s how people are… however, with these pics I think we will be trooping to the pool more often! Splish…Splash!

Awww, that is so cute. Re: the toilet; you’re one brave woman!

shucks naman Linnor, your poist was off to a great start but you ended it really badly :p

EW talaga! :p

Main reason I posted the pics is for you and Mitzi to see the boys and how they’ve grown. Second is para ka mainggit that we can just swim anytime kasi malamig sobra dyan sa Toronto. Mwahahaha! 😛

It’s a common pool for the tenants of our condo, but most of the time, we have it all to ourselves lang. 🙂

Like what Junnie said, it’s only a few steps away… 😀

That was probably my first and my last! Hahaha! I never thought it was going to be… ugh… never mind. Never again. Hehehehe… Arte no?

Hahaha, I just had to say it… for novelty. I want to preserve that moment when I had to do it. Ik!

uuuy, swimming! i was here yesterday, but for some reason i forgot to leave a comment…akala ko nakapag comment na ako, when i checked back today, wala pala! i guess i was mesmerized by the pool, or the kids’cuteness, or better by jerry’s macho macho body…hek hek hek….peace jerry! 😀

Hahaha! Salbahe ka ha! 🙂 Di mo napansin, wala akong pic dyan kasi mabubuking na mas malaki ako sa kanila. Or if magpo-post ako ng pic, gagawin kong malayo ang shot para maliit. Hehehe…

bakit wala ang muse? 🙂

ewwww…you’re so brave with the plunger, Linnor. I would’ve ask Simon to do it, pronto! haha It’s so nice that you’ve got a pool right outside your doorstep. I wish we had one!

Walang muse kasi may appointment sa kubeta. Ngyaiks. Hahaha!

I didn’t want to burden Jerry because…er… oh alright, I was the last one to use it before it got clogged. Nahiya ako… Ngek. 😛

Hayyyy yan ang dream ko! Pool sa may condo! You guys are really lucky to have one at your place! And ang cute ng pics!

Thanks! Sayang coz we seldom use it lang. Even the other residents don’t use it often. And if we do, wala kaming kasabay minsan, which is actually a good thing. Hehehe.

nice pics, linnor. the pool looks so inviting,houston here in the summer is so like the phil—stuffy! sarap mag-babad sa tubig. gwapo ng mga boys mo! :)!

Thanks! You’re right, the pool was inviting but I didn’t dare go swim not until I’ve shed about 10 pounds. 😛

WOW! i’d love to have a pool in my back garden so i can take a plunge anytime but taken account where i am at the moment, that wouldn’t be such a great idea. hehe! 🙂

Or risk getting hypothermia? Hehehe…

your pool looks so inviting! i agree with jerry. when i was growing up in hot manila, it was my dream to live in a house with a pool. now i probably use it 3x a year. sayang.

Sayang no? Kami din, minsan lang. 🙂 Buti na lang meron.

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