I’m On a New Diet. I Can Eat as Much of Whatever I Want.

Posted on: August 17, 2005


In between paperwork and meetings, I found myself one coffeebreak googling about South Beach Diet recipes. I randomly clicked on the listed sites and found myself mildly really interested. (Talking to self) I think I could do this without having to sign up for a gym workout. I just need to shed off about 12 lbs. That’s not too bad. What’s a few weeks of dieting, if it’s going to make me healthier and feel good about myself later on? Anyway…

Then I came across the line that says cut out bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, baked goods, fruit, candy, cakes, cookies, ice cream (ICE CREAM???), and sugar for 2 weeks of zero carbohydrates! Nooooo!!! *Groan* This is going to be tough after all.

In the car, on the way home, I happened to mention about it to Jerry and told him I want TO JUST TRY doing some pseudo South Beach Dieting. I took my 1st step and bought leafy greens, cheese, tomatoes, and a fat free salad dressing, etc.

On my first 1st day, dear hubs prepared a special lunch meal of fish in basil and olive oil and a small cup of coleslaw. Yummm. The food was made healthier and even more special with Jerry doing it for me. Haay… It was lovingly packed in an Adidas toiletry bag which I brought to work. Hehehe…

Day 2, I had tuna salad for lunch, courtesy again of my dear hubs, who woke up extra early to get the salad ready. Aw. He’s really sweet! I can’t believe he’s going out of his way to do all this for me….

Hmmm…I hope, he doesn’t think I’m TOO FAT!!!! Hahahaha!

SBD - Day 1 SBD - Day 2

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hi linnor — SBD is effective! I have tried it and have lost heaps of weight PLUS have lots my rolls around my tummy hehe Good luck to you. Simon’s so supportive also when I was going through the Phase 1 — he’d buy the food items with me even if they come out more expensive than the ‘normal’ food. I bought the SBD Recipe book and I love it!

Go Linnor Go!
We’re going to be here to cheer you on.
What do you want for pasalubong from Canada and the US?
Mama and Papa will bring lots of chocolates for the kids…til you burst in envy! wahahahahahah…..

Linnor spelling…anyway, I think Jerry agrees that you need to diet…

i want to try SBD too but the food that you cut down during phase 1 puts me off. determination is the word i think. let us know if it is really effective. 🙂

I remember you posting about losing weight. So SBD did it for you huh. Since I tried it I never realized how much carbohydrates I consumed until I had to cut back (totally). I hope I keep this up. Thanks for the encouragement!

That’s what I’m afraid of, Jerry silently but obviously agreeing that I need to lose (a few? ehehehe) some poundage. Ouch! The upside is, he excitedly prepares food for me. Sarap! 😀

Sa phase 1 lang walang carbohydrates, sa phase 2 ibabalik na dahan-dahan. Kaya send the FAT-FREE sweets from Canada and USA over here!!!

That put me off too, initially, but when Jerry started preparing 0-carbo meals for me, I thought of giving it a shot. Sayang din effort nya e. Hahahaha! 🙂

But he allowed me to cheat konti. Hehehe, where’s the discipline no? Sige lang, I’ll try to finish the 1st phase which is the most difficult daw. Wish me luck! 😀

i started some months ago with a salad diet, but the preparation is too tedious, i grew tired of it 😦 i plan to start again today (at dinner tonight).

good luck to us!

hi linnor! i don’t think i can cut carbs from my diet. ben and i try to do nothing after six diet, sometimes extending to seven p.m.!

but if it works for you, you’ll definitely see results in no time! good luck!

I know the feeling. And sometimes I just get tempted to eat what I’m not supposed to. Masarap kasi talaga ang bawal. Yes, goodluck to us. 🙂

Hmmm, “nothing after six”. That sounds like a good way to diet too. 😀

gud luck!!! let me know and i’ll try it! 🙂

Hi Linnor, you’re so lucky to have Jerry!

We’ve only tried Atkins diet, its effective for the first 2 weeks. Kaya lang wala talaga kaming discipline… hehehe.


I’m crossing my fingers that it works for lazy ol’ me. Then I could say it’s effective. Hehehe.

Wow, flattered sya nyan. 🙂 He’s my perfect match actually. 😀

i’m sure you’ll lose that extra poundage in no time. all for good health!

Good going Linnor whohooo! Wean yourself off from carbs slowly but definitely don’t cut that out from your diet completely, your body will crash! For me naman, I am supposed to have a lot complex carbs for that energy. I didn’t think you need to diet! You look so slim on the pictures! But, good luck….I am pretty sure you can lose that 12 pounds in no time. Good job Jerry for supporting the wife!

That’s what I keep telling myself or I might just backslide. 🙂

Thanks Jo! I get the feeling that Jerry thinks I do need to lose weight. And I totally agree with him. 🙂

ive been trying to lose weight FOREVER! hmmm, been meaning to try SBD, but really lazy (aysus, paano na kaya yun?)hmmm…mukahang masarap yung food…ill check the website then ill see if i can do it. have a greta weekend! btw, nice jake pictures! ;D

Good luck with the SBD diet, Linnor! You don’t look like you really need to lose much anyway.

Phase 1 is really challenging because of the no-carb restriction. Remember me with my diets in high school? I tried doing SBD in the past but did not strictly comply with it. One of these days…

Good luck on the diet, Linnor. I have to recommend a book to you. Its Total Body Makeover by Oprah’s trainer Bob Greene. It really explains that healthy eating should be a way of life. You don’t watnt to go on a diet you can’t keep up for a long time and gain all the weight you lost back and more. This book is really hard and to be honest, this is my second time following the fitness plan on it.

Good luck on the weight loss!

It was just out of curiosity when I clicked on an SBD site. I found out that the recipes are your typical everyday fare except that there is the “no-carb” restriction on the 1st phase. That was when I decided to give it a try. 🙂

Thanks! After my 3rd pregnancy, I never went down to my ideal weight of 125lbs. My 137lb weight is actually within the acceptable range but I have problem areas like my waist down to my upper thighs that I need to reduce. Katamad mag-exercise e so idadaan ko sa diet. Hehehe. Yes I remember you munching on veggie sticks back in highschool. Carrots right?

Thanks! Uy, I saw that episode on Oprah where she featured the bootcamp she did with her staff. I’m actually impressed at how she lost all that weight. So there’s a book pala. I’ll go check if we have it at National Bookstore/Powerbooks. 😀

Hi Linnor! The book’s available at National Bookstore.

Di daw ako pwede mag-diet ngayon so I’ll try that after I give birth 🙂

Half day ako today. I’m worried kasi why Jake is constipated. Napuyat ako last night (Sunday) trying to help him move/”u-u”. We did it at 3am after using a suppository na laxative. Haay…

I will check that book out. 🙂

i really get a kick from cooking…the SBD is making me more resourceful since there are so many things to avoid in phase1. i’m not really dieting but cutting back has also made me loose some weight…soon enough i will hit my target of 145lbs.

ang sweet naman ni jerry. pero natawa ako sa last line mo ha! i can never be on a low-carb diet, i think i tried it once and didn’t last a day. good luck, although like many here, i don’t think you need it (to lose weight, that is).

I think we’ll lose the unwanted pounds really really soon. I’m not too sure though if our weighing scale is giving us our actual weight coz if it is, then i already shed off 3 pounds!?!?!?!

I couldnt help but think that coz he is actively encouraging me and cooking for me. Hehehe. I need to lose a few lang down from my waist to my upper thighs. Naitatago ko lang kaya di halata. 😀

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