Look, Ma. All You’ve Got To Do Is Eat Less And Take A Bit Of Exercise

Posted on: August 21, 2005

Jake Jake
I thought Sunday would just be another quiet break for me…

Jake, checking on Tee'licious Jake in the mall
Checking our stuff at Tee’licious and checking my weight…

Jake in the mall Jake in the mall
Testing some heavy-duty chains and mini fans…

Jake in the mall Jake in the mall
Putting back the boxes, and stacking ’em up like Legos…

It turned out to be a day of discovery at the mall with so many things to see, touch and play with…

The boys and I


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haha.. ang cute ni jake ang likot! he’s growing up to be a really smart kid!

I love the random pics I took of him yesterday at the mall. There were more of his antics I wasn’t even able to capture on cam. Sayang. Hehehe.

cute jake…ever! 🙂

uuy, naka skirt si mommy…first time ko makita :)available din yan sa tee’licious?

tapos na ata exams ni matt at kyle ah.

Buti uso ang skirt na mahaba para ma-hide ang child-bearing hips ko. Nyehehehe. Yes we have skirts in Tee’licious too but not as long as this type. We’re more on the knee-lenth A-line and micro-mini styles. 😀

The kids had the exams more than a week ago. Report card distribution this Sept 2 or 3. 🙂

malling with the kids…ang saya naman! cute ni jake, gigil!

looks like you had a fun weekend!

your boys are all looking so well. mukhang magaling magpalaki ang ina 😉

The mall has become one giant playground for Jake. Mawo-work out talaga ako sa kakahabol. 🙂

Thanks! That’s one of the best compliments mothers would love to hear. 😀

Ang cute ninyong apat! Grabe Linnor sis, you look too young to be their Mom. Promise!

*Blushing* Thanks, sis! Another compliment! What a way to start the week.

that’s the look of a happy, malling family! 🙂 when everybody you love smiles like that, it makes all the hardwork worth it. see you all at the mall!

hi!! ang sarap cguro kurutin ng cheeks ni jake. hehe

Hi Linnor, I agree with Toni, you look like their big sister lang. 🙂

uy, i like your skirt! yan ba uso ngayon sa Pinas? I heard uso daw ngayon ang bohemian look/gypsy skirt. Is this true?

Jake will be a hottie before you know! He’s so adorable!!!! I want to make gigil!!!!!!!!!!!! Ooops, pwera usog!

i agree with toni and jo! you look like their sister, no bola. mas matangkad na sa ‘yo si matt?

Hehehe, doesn’t that tell you something? I feel so at home in the mall, delikadong mapagastos.

Ay oo, kung di lang nga sana sya masasaktan…hehehe. I just smother him with hugs and kisses.

Thanks! I try to hold Matt’s hand sometimes while walking as I pretend to be his girlfriend. Heheh… Either that scares his girl classmates or that gives me a bad reputation for being with a much younger man. Hahaha!

Yes, this type of skirt is “uso” here. They come in pastels and really loud/bohemian colors. Garterized waist kaya puede sa akin. Hahaha! Even the blouses here look bohemian. The more wrinkled, the better. Di ko kayang magsuot ng bohemian blouse, baka habulin ako ng plantsa. Nyehehe.

Ako na lang ang manggigil kay Jake for you. Heehee…

Uy, hiya na ako sa compliments. Hahaha! Matt is almost as tall as me. 5’4 sya, ako 5’5 daw. Konti na lang. Hehehe.

newsflash: hindi pa binata si Jake. Ako nga, my brother Santino is already 12 and I still call him my baby! Hahaha 🙂

I agree, I actually have 4 babies. Hehehe!

Bungis-ngis ang mga Bugoy. If this not a marked indication everything is fine with them–health, schooling, leisure and well-balanced life–I do not what is!

And am sure this is a good by-product or reflection of excellent parenting. Congrats to Jerry and you! Sail on, both of you are in the right track. 🙂

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