How Could You Eat That Much And Not Gain Weight?

Posted on: August 25, 2005

Skinny Girl On The Block

I never had to diet. When I was little, I was the skinny girl who always got teased in school. And it was a bit traumatic as I felt rejected by some classmates for not having the right look back then. I had buck teeth that had to be braced in high school. My hair was long and straight. And I was so tall and so thin that I looked like Morticia Addams. Boo!

Paparazzi (if he could still recall) would always offer to give me P100 for every pound that I gained during summer. So with my best friend Gerie (a lady, mind you), I would buy 2 pints of ice cream and 2 packs of Clover Chips (cheese flavor) from the nearby grocery and we would pig out in my room. We did this for as long as our measly summer allowance could last. Then we would weigh ourselves inside Banco Filipino where a big weighing scale was parked right by the main door (I never actually knew why it was there). I was bent on gaining weight and making that buck in the process. Anyway…

Long story cut short, I never earned my P100. Nope. I NEVER GAINED A POUND! Can you just believe that?

Fast forward to 1992. The Supermodels were in vogue then. Women/girls wanted to look waif-thin. The skinny, scrawny look was now the rage. Kumbaga, uso na ang body-type ko. Hah!

When I got married, I tipped the scale at 110 lbs. At 5 feet and 5 inches tall, I was the envy of those who were on the fat side. Payback time. Hehehe…

Update On My SBD (South Beach Diet) Efforts

13 years and 3 active boys later, the tides have turned. I weighed in at a whopping 137 lbs! My heaviest weight and I wasn’t even pregnant! That was when I chose to do SBD. That was a week ago. I planned to lose 12 lbs to get back to an acceptable 125 lbs – just the right weight for my height.

How did I fare after a week? Uh,… well…

I didn’t do a 100% 0-carb diet. I tried hard, but not quite successfully. I cheated here and there. I had pieces of yema, half a small pack of chips, 5 spoonfuls of rice, 3 small scoops of ice cream on several occasions over a period of a week.

BUT… the good thing about doing SBD (I bought myself the South Beach Diet book by Arthur Agatston), is you make it a lifestyle. You learn what to cut down or totally eliminate. I’ve learned that it’s not just about the weight loss anymore. Seriously… I have become aware of my health on the whole. Now I’ve become more careful of what I eat. I don’t just stuff my face with anything that suited my cravings. Now I pause and think if it’s the healthy kind of carb or not.

I think I did pretty well after all. Don’t you think? I’ll stretch Phase 1 for another week to get used to this healthy eating habit. Oh, yes… I forgot to say I’ve lost 4 lbs now since I started. (Yey! Bring on the ice cream to celebrate! Hahaha!)

Jake and Kyle with Me


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You know what they say that the camera adds ten pounds? Well, you look slim in the pictures posted here. So I’m assuming that you’re really slim in real life. You look pretty naman eh! 🙂

By the way, I tagged you here: 🙂

I agree with Toni. You do look slim. With three kids? Man! Prettyng-pretty ka pa rin, pramis!

Ako rin…I agree…after 3 kids you look pretty – prettyng pretty – promise din! Pretty soon we will most probably be headed for the beach! 🙂

hi te linnor! ako den i sort of tried SBD and like you i’d grab a bit of crisps here, or a piece of kisses there. it was a pseudo-SBD but for three days i didn’t eat rice. it was only yesterday when i couldn’t take it anymore and ate rice again. menudo lang pala ang katapat ko…hehehe. i can’t enjoy it without the rice.

hi linnor! i think you don’t have to worry a thing! after 3 kids, you look great!

Thanks so much! My face looks sharp kasi kaya I don’t appear fat sa pics. 😀 See that waistline there where the garter of my skirt seems to bite into the flesh. That’s the problem area down to the thighs. Hehehe…

Naks ha. Wow the beach… I’m counting on that after I achieve my goal. 😀

Hahaha. That’s funny, menudo lang pala katapat mo. Ang hirap pigilin kasi eh, we’ve been accustomed to eat rice in every meal. Sige lang, if you can continue, you might see results. I was surprised I lost a bit of weight nga even if I allowed myself to cheat. Heeheehee…

hi linnor,

my hubby and i tried the atkins diet, it was ok for the first 2 weeks, we lose about 4-5 lbs each, but after that, nanghihina na kami from not eating any rice. And we can’t afford for hubby to get sick, he’s our only source of income.

goodluck to you!

Oo nga pala no, no carb din ang Atkin’s. I will actually re-introduce some carbs after the 1st phase. I know what you mean when you said nanghihina kayo. I feel that too. That’s when I take a bit of carbs… Hehehe…

ano ba yang diet na yan. di ba dapat SEE FOOD DIET tayo??? we were so thin before…bakit ikaw na lang ang naiwan….well, thin pa rin naman ako, but with a beer belly….must lose this, must lose this..

Congrats! I’ve been working out for years and haven’t lost a pound yet. I’m gonna hit the workout and change my eating habits starting right..NOW.

congrats on the 4lbs lost. to be honest, you’re not (and you don’t look) overweight but like you said, if it’s lifestyle change then go for it! 🙂 I wish I had your ‘problem’ — I’ve always been curvaceous (hehe), never waif-thin. Bea is quite skinny, don’t know where she got her build! haha maybe sa bio-father nya? well, at least she won’t have any problems with ‘dieting’. ack!

I still have about 8kg (that’s 17 freakin’ pounds!) lose to reach my ideal weight so if by some miracle I achieve this through SBD, I will let you know 😛 hopefully, before my trip back home. People can be quite cruel sometimes. I know some friends (and relatives) of mine would comment on my weight gain rather than asking me how I am when they see me next month. Cruel, I know 😦

There’s a better way of dieting, much better than SBD. This is a money-back guaranty and it is as simple as this–Refrain from eating BURGER.

By B.U.R.G.E.R., I mean:

Of course, you should not fail to pray regularly asking the Good Lord this–My God, all-loving and all-wise, may I find BITTERNESS in any person or thing which holds me back from You. Take away from me whatever leads me into sin. Grant that I may never be enslaved by my FEELINGS, but rather give me the inner vision to detect sin in all its disguises. Bestow on me COURAGE to resist evil, PATIENCE to go on doing what is right, and ENDURANCE to continue doing my best…(Mahaba na yata itong HOMILY ko. To be continued na lang in your next entry!) 🙂 🙂 🙂

Remember when we were small? I dreaded being in reunions where some relatives always said “Ang payat mo naman. Kumain ka ng marami!”. I felt like we were malnourished kids back then. Ahahaha! I don’t know where they got the idea that being chubby is synonymous to being healthy. Hurt ako. Peksman! Hehehehe.

Oi, lose that beer belly. Di ka naman umiinom ng beer ah!

Thanks! I tried looking for the body makeover book by Bob Greene (for Oprah). It’s not available pa at National Bookstore. So I bought instead The South Beach Diet Good Fats Good Carbs Guide by Dr. Arthur Agatston. It helped me determine which types of food to avoid or limit. Informative. You might want to check it out too. 😀

Ay I could so relate with what you said about friends or relatives commenting on our weight gain/loss like as if it’s the only thing that mattered. Oh well… Maybe for lack of anything more pertinent to talk about. Hehehe…

Good luck on your SBD efforts too. You’ve already lost weight right? In fact I was inspired to try SBD after reading your post. I think you’ll get part or all of those 8kg off before your trip. 😀

Thank you! Ang galing ha! That’s a new meaning for burger. And that’s a good prayer too that I might just include in my daily prayer time. Very nice and full of sense as always ang homily nyo. Food for thought and food for the soul that I would definitely not mind “over-eating”. 😀 Aabangan ko ang karugtong… hehehe

congratulations on the 4 lbs lost! ako, i don’t even bother to weigh myself anymore–i don’t want to get frustrated.

pero i agree with the marikit sisters…you do look slim. and my, i envy your height and your hair!!!

Thanks! I was not too willing to weigh myself before, but I wanted to see if my “sacrifice” is worth doing. So I bought a bathroom scale. Hehehe. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I lost 4 lbs. Now I weigh myself every chance I get and feel happy at the accomplishment and encouraged to continue. Naging motivation na. 🙂

hahaha..ako rin when i was younger, i couldn’t gain weight! haaay, ngayon naman i can’t lose weight! sige pramis, ill take dieting AND exercising more seriously! good job on losing the 4 lbs…thats a start! happy weekend, skinny linnor! 😀

weird. oo nga. i have like 16 cans of beer in the ref, not a single drop of beer since a month ago. kainis…its this computer that is the problem.

i eat. i move for awhile then i hit the keys…wala na…stuck na yung kinain ko….

Yes pareho tayo! Sign of old age perhaps? Hahahah! Bata pa naman tayo (eng?) ah… The book helped me choose my food more sensibly. Baka makatulong. I’m lazy to exercise e. 🙂

Maybe it’s not just the beer and the inactivity. Try mo SBD kahit for a week lang. Baka ma-encourage ka if you lose a few pounds. Ako din nakaupo sa harap ng computer maghapon e. And it worked for me. Ako pa, I hate working out. I only walk long distances when I’m in the mall. Hahaha! 😛

yes, i remember you in high school – really tall, tisay and skinny. i’m surprised you’re only 5’5″, i thought you were more like 5’8″. you know, you don’t look any different here than from what i remember you, so you probably just have problem spots or hide it well 🙂 don’t be too obsessed with what you eat, i was like that when i first moved to the states and developed an eating disorder. i think you’re on the right path though, eating healthily and not depriving yourself (too much).

i can’t live without rice!

I looked taller than I actually was back then because I was too skinny. Hehehe. 5’8″ is probably Junnie’s height. On my 3rd week now, I have gradually reintroduced some carbo in my diet but its still basically very limited. Patikim tikim ng rice when the “ulam” is really flavorful. 😀

I haven’t tried the South Beach Diet but I didt try Atkins. My cholesterol went up and I gained all my weight back. I just went vegetarian yesterday.

Wow… that must have been frustrating…. You’ll never go wrong with going vegetarian. 😀

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