Just A Few Random Facts For A Quick Reflection Of Moi!

Posted on: August 29, 2005

I was tagged by Toni and got me reflecting….

Jake's Reflection
Jake and his reflection…

7 Things That Scare Me
Losing a loved one. Accidents. Drug-crazed person/s. High interest rates. Creepy-crawlies. Seeing blood. Speaking in public.

7 Things I Like Most
My family (immediate and extended). Blogging. Taking Pictures. Shopping. Travelling. Crafts. Christmas!

7 Random Facts About Me
I wear glasses. I wear a size 9 footwear. I’m a Scorpio. I’m the eldest of 3 siblings. I graduated Grade School, High School and College from DLS-Zobel and DLSU. I’m a CPA. I got married at age 24.

7 Important Things In Our Bedroom
A/C. 3 pillows each for Jerry and me. Watch/clock. Framed wedding picture. Bible/prayerbooks. Cellphone/charger. Closet.

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
See the world with loved ones. Eliminate debts. Secure the kids’ future. Sponsor a scholarship for at least 1 person (not necessarily a relative). Learn to cook/bake. Renew marriage vows. Confess.

7 Things I Can Do
Drive (like crazy). Crochet/Cross-stitch/Sew. Sing (a bit). Dance. Surf for hours. Understand the Cebuano dialect even if I’m not a native of the place. Eat okra and ampalaya.

7 Things I Can’t Do
Cook. Bake. Walk on tightrope. Swim (hehe!). Dance on the ledge. Do a cart wheel. Bungee jump.

7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposit Sex
Eyes. Smile. Bod. Wit. Sense of humor. Profession/Family background. Car. (My dear hubs passed all the criteria plus MORE of course. *wink* Hahaha!)

7 Things I Say The Most
Teka. Ok. Ngi. Yuck. Isa! Uy. Luv’ u.

7 Celebrity Crushes (local / foreign)
Brad Pitt. Ashton Kutcher. Richard Gere. Dennis Quaid. Keannu Reeves. Colin Farell. Troy Montero.

7 People You Want To See Take The Quiz
YOU are invited to answer all or some questions in the comments page… Come on now, don’t be shy… Just pick 1 or 2 questions and post your answers to my comments page so that I’d know a little more about you.

Have a good week!


No Responses Yet to "Just A Few Random Facts For A Quick Reflection Of Moi!"

I’m scared of drug-crazed people too. You just don’t know what they’re capable of!

La Sallista ka pala all the way. Kaya ba green ang theme ng template mo? šŸ˜›

marikit sisters really do have a lot of things in common šŸ˜‰

gwapo ni Troy! i saw him in greenbelt with Aubrey. nabakla nga si hubby!!!

The closest encounter I’ve had with a drug-crazed person was just last week while we were on the road. We saw a shirtless man running on the street dodging jeepneys and cars thinking he’s an equal match with these machines. He had a weird smile plastered on his face too. Ngii…

Junnie and I are pioneers of Zobel in 1978. Haha! Tagal na noh? Coincidence lang ang green template ng blog ko. Hehehe.

Ang galing nga! Dami mo na pala nakita na stars! Swerte ni Aubrey. Hahaha šŸ™‚

hi te linnor!

i answered this in my blog too :).

i’m the eldest of 3 siblings and we’re both scorpios pala. when’s your birthday? šŸ™‚

Parallel lives ba? Mine is Oct. 30. Gift ko ha? šŸ˜‰

OMG. we share the same birthdaY!!! šŸ™‚ oo ba!! you’re the 2nd person i know who i share the same bday with.

and guess what? my youngest bro share the same birthday as kuya Junnie šŸ™‚

Things that scares me the most: losing a loved one, terminal illness, dying a horrifying death

Things that I can do: build website, i love dancing, cook (daw), i can ride all types of roller coaster

Things I can’t do: bake a cake, swim or any sports, sew/cross-stitch/crochet (but i would love to learn these things), sit in a documentary film

ngek, surprised naman ako sa size ng paa mo…hehe, daming nakasulat, yun ang napansin no hehe..

What a striking coincidence!!! šŸ˜€ We have the same temperaments kaya? Di ba you used to live in Las Pinas din?

Yikes, I’m not that brave with rollercoasters. Thanks for the info! šŸ˜‰

Hahaha! I was a size 7.5 when I got married. Then my size grew bigger by half after every pregnancy kaya umabot ng 9. šŸ˜›

My favorite player is the BIG J – he wears no. 7.
My wedding anniversary falls on the 7th.
My real name has 7 letters.
My wife’s real name has 7 letters too.
We plan to have a kid that has 7 letters too. well, pwede rin palang 6 kung boy.
I normally wake up at 7am, whether workday or weekend.
My favorite Pinoy channel was Channel 7, but became channel 2 because of Kris. hahahah

That means your favorite number is 7. I didn’t know that! šŸ˜›

ha? wala akong sinabing favorite number ko 7. those things are mere coincidences and happenstances….

my favorite number is 1. no more no less.

7 Things I want to do before I die: 1.Read the Bible completely; 2. Go around the world with Linnor & kids; 3. Be financially free; 4. Be able to provide an opportunity for the needy; 5. See my kids go crazy with their own kids; 6. Live near the beach; 7. Own a Porsche!….and probably 70 other things!

ang una din pumasok sa isip ko was: kaya ba green ang theme mo dahil la sallian ka all the way? šŸ˜€ naaliw ako, almost all of the marikit ladies answered this meme, madami tuloy ako nalaman about you.

i can do cartwheels? turuan kita? šŸ˜€

Shoe size 9! I bet you have a hard time finding that size in the Philippines. Average is size 6. Thank for including Ashton Kutcher. He is cute!!!!

Things I want to do before I die: Travel also, have a child, run a full marathon, do volunteer work, care for my parents, etc.

Hahaha! After enumerating all those number 7s, I actually thought it’s your fave number. Gulo mo kasi eh. eheheh!

I would love to see you through all those 7 + 70 items you want to do in this lifetime. Partners tayo eh. Naks. Mwa! Luv’u!

Hey, thanks for sharing your list. Hehehe I’m not too proud of the size 9, but it has its advantage. That’s the only thing that’s keeping me from splurging on footwear, the frequent unavailability of the size. šŸ˜›

Hahaha! Now that you also noticed the green theme, yeah, I probably had the lasallian spirit in my subconscious. Hehehe…

Hey thanks but I’m not too brave to venture into cartwheeling. I just might break my athritic (God forbid!) bones. šŸ™‚

Thanks for the visit!

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