This Is The Day

Posted on: September 2, 2005

A Quiet Road

… I wore a pink tee with white denims to work…It’s wash day…

… I read the newspaper twice as I waited for the applicant for interview…

… I interviewed and hired on the same day an applicant for the position of Purchasing Assistant…

… I cussed (mentally) why my Flickr pics on my blog didn’t show on IE…Some glitch but it’s now back…

… I waited for Junnie to go online in the afternoon, but he didn’t… That’s ok…

… I told May to pack-up and enjoy her free days prior to her transfer to a new employer…

… I had difficulty finishing off a big slab of pork chop for lunch not because of its size but because it was kinda tough

… I restlessly sat on my black office chair…

… I sat facing my cube wall, my back against my desk, and looked at the metal plate attached to the wall. It bore the words: Finance Manager…

… I quietly looked over my cube and took in the view right before me of laughing people, humming printers and clicking keyboards… What a busy but happy sight…

… I vacillated for a moment…

… I made a leap of faith…

… I decidedly turned in my resignation…

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…Moving on…We thank God for your current job!…And the great opportunity that awaits!…Such is life, if you learn to really see & feel the blessings just keep coming! 🙂

*Sigh* Life can play tricks sometimes. Just when I was beginning to feel settled, was starting to accept what my present employment has to offer, wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary… I get jolted by an offer that is difficult to refuse. Who wouldn’t be tempted by a new opportunity that has a lot of potential? 😀

This day I shifted gears and am now moving forward… 🙂

hi linnor, i will be composing a resignation letter towards the end of september too – it somehow gives me a little bit of apprehension but at the same time excitement as i proceed in looking forward to doing something else!

good luck to you and have a great weekend!

Really? So I guess we’re on the same plane now. It’s kinda bittersweet, right? Goodluck to us! 😀

hmm, parang pareho na naman tayo ha! it’s just that i may not grab this better opportunity and resign from the other company for good. 😉

all the best!!

Hahaha! I noticed din. Ginagaya yata kita e. 😀 The good thing about this new opportunity is that I’ll be working with Junnie and his partners. 😀

good luck, God bless and have fun! 😀

Thanks! New chapter na naman sa employment ko. Hehehe…

Your recent move makes such wise saying: ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOSS– very obsolete once again. Thank you for not believing it. Sail on, and God bless you, my daughter!

goodluck linnor! ako naman, has to start updating my resume, i’m planning to go back to work in oct…so i guess goodluck to us—you,paz,tin & moi!

A new opportunity is always a blessing. 🙂 Good luck on your pursuit of the best opportunity. God bless!

wow! an offer you can’t refuse? galing galing!

ako, i’m just waiting for that opportunity to come…abangan ang susunod na kabanata 😀

I thrive on love and encouragement coming from you and Mamarazzi, as well as from Jerry and all my loved ones. Thank you for believing in me too! 😀

A rolling stone gathers no moss – By the way, is this a good saying or bad? Hahaha! 😛

Just like what happened to me… it comes when you least expect it. 😀

wow, kakagulat naman. good luck with your new endeavor 🙂

Wow, new roads, new adventures. Good luck, Linnor!

P.S. Where exactly is Tee’licious in the Ayala Mall? My husband’s going to Cebu this week and I asked him to get me a couple of shirts. Haha! Sayang hindi ako makakasama. Got conflicting work schedules! 😦

Thanks! Hahaha, even if I knew it was coming, nagulat pa din ako. 😀

Thanks a lot! Buti pa si hubs mo magse-Cebu. Sige lang, I hope makasama ka naman next time. Tee’licious is inside the big store called MAZE on the 3rd level of Ayala Center Cebu. It’s a wall module in the fashion/apparel side. 😀

hey, goodluck on that new challenge! if it’s an opportunity which is hard to refuse, it must be darn good! goodluck ulit!

good luck on your new endeavour!

wow! tuloy-tuloy na talaga ha. galing!

all the best to the new company! pwedeng mag-apply? hehe.

Good luck Linnor. Kudos!

P.S. That’s an old adage that made your Mom and me stay for years in our respective work–me for 10 years at SBC and 20 years at CBP before putting up my own business; while your Mom for 33 straight years at the BIR. Our parents impressed upon us to remain loyal and grow with our respective Offices, that’s why.

But this is not true anymore. One like you has to be developmentally DYNAMIC not being STATIC. Am glad you, Junnie and May are all optimists who always grab when opportunity KNOCKS, instead of being pessimists who do not like the NOISE. Congratulations! 🙂

It’s a good one in terms of allowing me to maximize my time and resources… 😉

Thanks for the good wishes!

Hahaha! Kaya ka pa ba ma-afford ng group ni Junnie where I’ll be working? Balita ko expat equivalent ang compensation mo eh. Hehehe!

During tough times kasi, we really need to look for ways to find the means to sustain our basic needs and some wants. And the way to do that is to be open to other opportunities. Just like what I did with this one, and I didn’t even have to look. I owe Junnie big time.

Hayyy complicated pero hindi na tuloy si H. Hehehe. Pero I kept the location in mind. 😉

At last! Good luck to both of us! Hmm…wala ba talagang position for me kahit PA (personal assistant) mo? 😉

I’m going to miss the long drives to Mactan…but, I am also looking forward to taking lunches again with you! An opportunity like this affirms that God has planned everything out for us…don’t stress or fret…just embrace the plan! BTW, your office is gonna be really cool…the wenge (“when-gay”) look! 🙂

Aw, sayang. :). Next time ulit.

Wala pa e. Sa ngayon we are very lean. And I don’t think we could match whatyou are presently getting from HSBC. Or, why don’t we ask Junnie’s group? Hehehe… 😀

Me too. And I’m going to miss the people as well, who I’ve grown to like, most especially my team leaders. Na-attach din ako even if I’ve been with them for just 4 months… Hay…

For now, I’m excited to see how my new office will look. Yeeha! 😀

this post was so shocking, but i love the buildup. i’m so happy for your new opportunity. working with junnie is a big perk! God bless you in your new job, enjoy every minute of it!

Hehehe, na-shock ka pala? I couldn’t think of a way to create an entry about it so I just listed the events that, though unrelated, led to the resignation. 😀

We are now doing the fit-out for the new office at the IT Park/PEZA Zone. Junnie’s group wants everything done by end of Sept. Tight deadline but I’m enjoying it. 😉

hey, where are you going, Linnor? na-shock din ako! hehe

I’ll still be in Cebu but I will be managing the IT company that Junnie and his group of investors/friends are putting up. Any which way I look at it, their offer is advantageous for me and my family. Hence the move. 😀

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