The Roadshow and the EENT Clinic Visit

Posted on: September 6, 2005

Missing The Roadshow

I knocked off at 2pm yesterday and missed the Marketing roadshow at 3pm. It was supposed to present the new rates for Air21.

Well… I missed the food that went with this meeting more than anything else. Hahaha!


Jake In The EENT Clinic

The reason I left early was to bring Jake to the EENT Specialist to have his left ear checked. It bothered him so much that when I tried to touch it, he would move away at best or cry at worst. But looking at how he was moving about in the doctor’s clinic, nobody would guess that he was suffering from an ear infection.

Jake busily moved around, played with the (dead) telephone, wrote on my newspaper, climbed up and down the lounge chairs, talked to the receptionist, talked to the other patients and the med rep. He was all over the place, I tell you. What energy!

Jake was puzzled why inspite of all the others conversing with him and entertaining his antics, there was one man who just sat there, seemingly unmindful of the laughter and the funny gait that Jake was consciously doing.

It turned out the man was blind. Aw, kawawa naman.

What was I doing while all of this was going on? I sat comfortably on the couch happily picking and munching a small bag of squash seeds the whole time. Hehehe…

Quiet Jake aboard the 747
You’re lucky to ever find Jake in this reflective mood…. (…taken on his 2nd plane ride to Manila)… Most of the time, he is a livewire who can tire anyone who attempts to look after him….

Naughty Jake
“Nyehehehe”, Jake snickered…


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Hehehehe parang ang gulu-gulo talaga niya! Pero still nakakagigil!

Ay grabe… Pang-workout talaga ang pagbabantay sa bugoy since he learned to walk. 😀

ang cute-cute ni one-toothed jake!! (one nga lang ba?)

He now has 5 pearly whites. 2 sa baba, 3 sa taas. 😀

What a cutie! Hope he’s feeling better!

Thanks! The eardrops and the antibiotic did wonders and he doesn’t seem to be bothered anymore. 😀

i’m glad he’s all better now. i can’t stand it when kids are in pain and cry. i guess i have a lot of heartache ahead of me huh?

what a naughty smile!

yan, pang work-out pala si jake, pwede bang hiramin yan, until i lose at least 40 lbs? nyehehehe…

When one of my kids is in some kind of pain, I do wish that it were me instead of him. That’s what goes thru my mind sometimes.

Just imagine how I felt when Jake was born weighing only 2 lbs and had to be attached to an oxygen and IV. Everytime they injected him with vital nutrients to aid his growth, he cried with a faint voice. It broke my heart.

I don’t mean to scare you but this is why kids are so precious. 😀

Who needs a treadmill when Jake is around? Hahaha… Ok lang ipahiram, just send me our tickets to Korea. Nyahahaha! I’m sure you get the same exercise chasing after Matilda din. 😀

do you think its because of all the noise in the house ? hahaha. dito we love the noise being created…at least for a change, yung apartment namin is like Las Pinas again…sarap ng feeling to be home, not physically, but with the parents who make us feel home…wish you and may were here.

Ay salamat, nag-comment ka din. I didn’t want to change my post without seeing your and Paparazzi’s comments. Parang kulang kasi. Hehehe. I-pressure ba…

Jake had an ear infection probably because of 3 things:
1. he went swimming in the pool
2. the flow of water from our new shower head was not regulated
3. his milk-bottle leaked while he drank (and while asleep).

No, it can’t be because of the noise at home. Ours is far from the noise we used to have in Las Pinas. Hahahah! Just kidding. 😀

he so adorable at makulit pa, he he he. 😀

uy, wawa naman jake. sakit pa naman ng ear infection. am glad the meds helped a lot 🙂

jake is sooooo cute!

hope he gets well soon..

despite the ear problems, obviously still unstoppable ang lovable jake! he, he!

He’s improved a lot. He even likes the antibiotic we give him. Hehehe.

smeagol…smeagol….my precioussssss, says Jake in the last picture…

what kind of Tito am i, making fun of my cutest nephew…hahahaha

Yeah what kind of Tito are you? Make it up to him and buy him a PS2 or an iPod Nano. Nyahahaha! 😀

hope jake will feeling good now! i know it is very hard for him, like my husband now, he can’t hear his right ear since July 10,2006, and he still in the hospital. Good luck!

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