To Kick A Bad Habit – Sleeping

Posted on: September 9, 2005

It used to be okay but now I find it annoying. I have to kick the habit fast, sleeping, that is. Since when did sleeping become a bad thing right? Well it is when you do it at work, while driving, in church or when talking to somebody (no matter how boring).

I’m not saying that I ever did sleep on occasions earlier mentioned (Muntik-muntikanan lang/Almost, hehehe). What I’m talking about is when I do it when I’m not supposed to – like when I get home, even before dinner or after dinner when I should be bonding with my boys or helping them out with their school stuff. I think Jerry finds it a tad annoying too without having to say a word. I just feel he does.

What makes it worse is that when I doze off, I wake up 3 hours later (or at midnight) when everybody else is asleep. This happens a number of times during the week. And I’m wide awake for about 2-3 hours well after midnight. The upside here is since I’m awake, it enables me to respond promptly when Jake fusses for milk (at least 2x every night) or when his diaper needs to be changed. Then I get to sleep again by 2 or 3am rendering me a bit dazed when I wake up. With this sleep pattern, I end up too sleepy early in the evening.

It’s a vicious cycle. I need to get back to a more regular sleep routine of 11pm-6am. Problem is I don’t last that late. Grr…


Missing Pa and Ma who are presently in Canada /USA with Junnie. I know you’re enjoying the trip. Next time sama kami!

Me, Ma and Pa
With Paparazzi and Mamarazzi at Bubba Gump last July


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i remember vangie asking the question: does linnor ever sleep?

now we know the answer. haha. 🙂

i can relate to you. as soon as i get home i always tell myself that i’ll have a quick nap but i always end up waking up at midnight and couldn’t get back to sleep till about 4 or 5 am. it had something to do with a certain someone who used to call me in the wee hours of the morning. now my sleeping pattern is still messed up. 🙂

Ay, I’m glad I’m not the only one…. I probably developed the (bad) habit after giving birth to Jake. His nanny leaves by 730 PM so when he fusses at night, I naturally take over the role.

Antukin pa naman ako… 😛

i enjoy a sleep routine of between 9 to 10 pm up to 6am the following morning. I used to have a problem with my sleeping hours too. i just had to force myself into a routine.

I guess I have to force myself as well. If I don’t, I’d miss out on bonding time with my two elder boys when I sleep and with hubs.

ha ha, junning-junnie. seriously, that’s your body’s way of telling you you’re not getting enough. i used to be antukin at work and now that i sleep in (i wake up at 8-ish) i can go all day, sometimes ’til 2 am. i’ve never been a morning person.

hope you get into a regular (and right for you) schedule soon.

hello linnor!
i am not a morning person. but, since i am forced by circumstances to get up early (early as in 7 am!), no choice talaga! si matilda pa diurnal (as in she wakes up at dawn or dusk) and makes a big fuss on her dawn rituals! light sleeper din ako..kaya hayun, puyat lagi! try drinking milk when you want to sleep, it really helps daw according to an article in the reader’s digest! have a great weekend, linnor! hugs to jake! (kurot yun actually, disguised as a hug!) 😀

hi linnor! are you awake? linnor? linnor?


I agree… Brace yourself 😀 for when you start taking care of your babe too. It helps a lot when you have a willing hubs to alternate with you. Hehehe…

ZZZZ….ngork *whistle*…. zzz… 😀

hi Linnor! There were times ganyan din ako pero now, I’m able to control dozing off. Simon used to get annoyed with me falling asleep in the car (as a passenger) while driving through scenic routes that he was so keen to show me. He used to get offended by it but now, he’s used to it especially after he saw that my sis and my friend who visited from Pinas did the same! haha

I’m making progress now, lasting up until past 10pm. Guess what keeps me awake… it’s blogging! 😀

aw, you have to change that pattern nga..

you actually worried me there, akala ko you actually fall asleep while driving nga or something! if you saw the film deuce bigelow 1 (walang kwenta, i know!), there was a girl there who was narcoleptic – funny sa film pero sa totoong buhay nakakabagabag 😛 good luck on your quest to kick the habit! 🙂

It’s going to be tough to keep myself awake, but I’ll get there. Hehehe…

Hmmm, na-practice ka na pala kay Matilda! 😀

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