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Posted on: September 11, 2005

As we busily got entangled with our individual work/business, Jerry and I managed to squeeze some time to be with the kids on….

… the day they received their 1st grading report cards…

The Boys In Jesuit School Learning Place

Walking the Halls of Education The Boys In Jesuit School

(Matt got the 1st honor while Kyle erroneously got 2nd. We refused to accept Kyle’s report card after the Chinese teacher acknowledged making a mistake in the computation. We expect the grade to be changed this week.)

… the opening of the Milo Small Basketeers Tournament where Matt plays the Center position for the Eagles of Jesuit school…

Matt and the Jesuit Eagles for the Milo Basketball The Boys

… the day Kyle and Jake dressed up alike before going out to play…

Kyle and Jake Kyle and Jake 3

Kyle and Jake

… Matt’s practice game against the Mabolo team…

Matt In Basketball Practice Matt in Action

Matt and Monix Matt and Coach
Pic#3 – The center and the point guard; Pic#4 – Matt and the coach

…the Milo Little Olympics where Matt won 2 GOLD MEDALS with his grade school team for the 4×100 meters and 4×400 meters relays against other schools in the Visayas.

He was at his best yesterday when he ran a total of 1 km rain or shine. Jerry and I were there to see him through the physical challenge till he achieved the gold medals…

IMG_0571 Matt in Action

Matt in Action 3 Matt in Action 2

Gold Medals for the Jesuits
Matt is partly hidden by his gold medal as he proudly showed it off. Notice the barefoot runners on the 2nd platform. Reminds me of the sorry state of Philippine sports…


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aw, adored your bunso’s smile, nakakahawa hehe..

you’ve got a busy family, it’s great that you find quality time to be together…have a great week ahead, linnor!

you have wonderful kids who not only excel academically but extra-curricularly as well; very well rounded! kudos to you and jerry for being with them every step of the way.

ang cute ni jake. hehe. bata pa charming na 🙂

contagious yong smile ni jake, natatawa din ako haha. well, I could learn a thing or two from matt about running. didn’t know he’s a runner/sprinter. did the boys without shoes ran barefoot? ba’t yong me gold medal nasa likod but jerry is in the front acting like he’s the winner haha!!! kidding.

wow! your kids are excellent achievers! well-rounded pa :)it reflects a lot on how great you have raised them. good job mommy!

You have a family of sportsmen and intellectuals. Galing galing mo Mommy!

your boys are really to be proud of! just how do you do it? i’m afraid i might either push my daughter too hard or be too lenient with her.

hi linnor! i bet you and jerry are proud parents as you can be!

congrats to matt and kyle! congrats to mom and dad, too!

great photos Linnor! Your kids are so smart, kanino nagmana? 😛 Ang cute ni Jake! Pwede hiramin? Wala akong baby boy eh!

Thanks! Jake, the bunso, is still not as busy as his elder brothers so puro pa-cute pa ang mga pics nya. Hehehe.

Thanks! Halatang proud na proud ang mommy noh? Hehehe. We try our best to be there for them in everything that they do. 😀

I am more of the “pushing them too hard”-type-of-mom after seeing that my boys can thrive in that kind of “pressured” environment. Medyo guilty ako…

There was one time I scolded Matt for getting 2nd honor. He said one friend told him, “…but second honor’s good enough!”. I told him, “I know, but I believe you could still do better and be 1st.” It stuck and he tried to up himself out of mediocrity.

Kyle, his younger brother is emulating Matt and wants to be on top too in his activities. Nasanay na yata sila sa kakulitan and sa nags ko. Hehehe….

We also reward them everytime they achieve something. It helps in encouraging them to do their best.

Thanks! Di yata sila nagmana sa amin kasi mas magagaling sila e. Hahaha. Sa mga ninuno ciguro. ;P

si Jake talaga, bungisngis forever! 😀 😀 😀

Oh yes those runners ran without shoes!!! Kawawa. Jerry is such a stage papa especially when it comes to the boys’ activities – basketball, track and field, academic contests, etc.

Kaya ayan, laki ng ngiti nya kahit basa na sila ng ulan. Hahaha!

Kahit anong angle, huli ko ang smile nya. Sanay magpa-piktyur. 😀

It feels really great when your kids do well…it’s our tribute to God since He wants us to raise our kids well in order to Glorify HIM!

just take good care of their health..dont spread them too thinly on all these activities…the better part of childhood is in becoming a child….but am sure they’re enjoying and you know better….

we’re all happy for you and jerry and the kids!!!!

what striked me is the photo with the barefoot kids. ::sad::

you’ve got really great kids! hurray to them!

I’m proud of our sons. You heard the way I cheered him on. I was like a rabid fan yelling his name (GO MATTHEW!!!) on the bleachers. 🙂

It was Matthew’s decision to participate in Track & Field even as he was already involved with the Basketball varsity. I was silently reluctant. I felt he was putting too much time in his sports than in his academics. But when I saw his high 1st quarter grades, I thought of letting him do what he loves.

That’s what support is all about right? 😀

Thanks. Yes, striking wasn’t it? Those second placers managed to win the SILVER MEDALS even without the proper shoes for the competition… They were just awesome. 🙂

Hello, Linnor/Jerry.
It’s good to find your blog. I am able to keep abreast with you.
Papa Rhante

all you kids are doing very very well in shool and in sports. Then ang cu-cute pa nila. 😀

Hey Linnor, I looked for your email address but couldn’t find one. I would really like to buy those barefoot runners some running shoes! I am a runner(or trying to be) myself and I have a soft heart for these kids who are into sports …running despite walang sapatos. I don’t know if that is their style or they just couldn’t afford shoes! If the latter, I would like to get them shoes shoes shoes. If you can do me favor, find out for me how I can send money to them. Better yet, I can wire you money and you can send the money to their school or if you’d like….you can pick them their running shoes. They would just love it! Email me.

Thanks for the compliments. God-given gifts ang mga bugoy na yan. Hehehe!

Bless your kind heart for the generous offer! I will find out what school these barefoot runners are from and will email you how we’ll go about the donation for shoes.

My email add is linnor at gmail dot com. 😀

As ever,congratulations again to the two Bugoys for the honors received. Wala na akong masabi pa kundi to thank the Good Lord for these blessings.

Keep up the excellent work, Kiddos. As I said before–your receiving gold medals is getting to be a habit. We are enjoying our tour of Canada and soon the US of A but we are missing ALL OF YOU A REAL LOT lalo na the ever smiling Jake! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Your grandkids want everyone to be proud of them thus they work hard for these honors/medals. We dedicate these honors to you and Mamarazzi as well.

We miss you na. Enjoy Canada!

Yey! I’m glad you found us!!! 😀 Would you have a blog too that we could visit? Would love to know more about you and Mama Nita’s activities and the kids’ families’ as well. 😀

[…] As for Matt, he managed to win 2 gold medals for the 100-m dash and the 400-m relay, which are his most favored events anyway. He hasn’t been practicing for a long time and has since gained weight. So imagine our surprise when he has not lost his speed and agility. Matt is really the competitive type and will excel if he will just set his heart on something. […]

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