Camphone, Phonecam, Walkman?!

Posted on: September 14, 2005

D My cellphone, a trusty Nokia 7650 has been with me since its heydey in 2003. Back when camphones were the newest rage to hit the tech market, when colored screens upped the prices of cell units by notches, the camphone was a vanity and a technomaniac’s must-have item.

The Nokia 7650 allowed the user to take images of almost anything he fancied, and allowed him to brandish the same to envious others who thought the cellphones were just miniscule electronic boxes for communicating. At best, it produced grainy thumb-sized images on the screen and yet, people still ogled at its novelty.

Though the choppy video clips with sound left one with more to be desired, it tickled the user’s fancy to the point that the cellphone’s video capability even became the bane of un/willing victims of voyeurs. But I digress…

Soon enough, the cellphone users then were not anymore content with a cellphone/FM radio bundled in one. They pined for the 7650 just like I did. Regardless of its use, it was THE phone at that time.

Since then, the succeeding slew of diminutive cellphones have morphed into a megapixel camphone, a fully functional PDA, or an mp3 player with gigabytes of external memory capacity. I was quite convinced that soon there will be a cellphone with a Swiss knife bundled as well. Of course Im just exaggerating.

It is the 2-megapixel camera and the mp3 player capability that drew me to a particular brand. For a while I was drawn to the Sony Ericsson K750i. I would walk over any cellphone display that had this unit. And everytime I did, I hopefully checked if its price has already gone down or if it was on promo.

As luck would have it, Globe ran THE promo that would eventually seal the deal for me – 18 months installment interest free on the latest models. I hurriedly looked at the brochure to see if my preferred model was there. Nope. It wasn’t part of the promo BUT, there was a better one! The Sony Ericsson W800i more popularly known as the Walkman phone was on the promo list and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s a long story but the short of it is – I bought the SE W800i.
What I like about the SE W800i:

o You can select to listen to music only, instead of use the phone with full functionality. Very useful when in an airplane or in a hospital where equipment may be sensitive to cellular transmitters.

o Listen to MP3 music with OR without the ear buds or connect it to any standard speaker system

o 2 megapixel camphone. Why go low if there’s a better one, right?

o High-resolution video capability that plays on Quicktime.

o free 512MB memory stick pro duo expandable to 1 GB storage capacity (the same as an iPod shuffle)

o Triband

o Small size, lightweight,

o AND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST >>> 18 months to pay at 0% interest


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It’s a cool, cool gadget! After years of using Globe they also gave my a new cell (Nokia 6020)…Although not too techie as the W800i it will serve its purpose well! It’s kinda difficult to imagine surviving without a cell these days! 🙂

I’m soooo loving it now. While I have yet to find out the weakness of this model, I give it a two thumbs-up. It serves me perfectly!

linnor, that’s so neat! i like the color, size and features of your cool gizmo!

Cute and top of the line! Is it now safe to say–Woman your name is VANITY?

Paki bigay naman the old one to Kyle or Jake. 🙂 🙂 🙂

thought you want to live a simple life? what’s with the mac and the sony camphone that made you think otherwise? tsk tsk. well, kung san ka masaya, suportahan ta ka! if it’s not expandable, it’s no good…once you fill it in with stuff like music, pictures, etc. it’ll slow down like the K700i. if it is, CONGRATULATIONS! that phone will last. 🙂

wow ka-inggit! i still have the fone i bought before i got married, a SE t68i, yikes! tapos when we moved here, libreng unit yung nakuha ko with my carrier, yung model e mas luma pa sa t68i ko, downsized ako lalo, hehehe. anyway, nagpaparinig na ko kay hubby, sabi ko kung nasa pinas pala ako nagmumukha akong dukha 😀 what’s weird is, US is supposed to be ahead in technology, pero i think your fone won’t be availble here til next year 😛 sobrang kulelat. what’s more, SMS nila now pa lang nauuso. i get funny looks when i text without looking down at my keypad 😀

I haven’t even explored the other features! I’m like a child with a new toy for Christmas. Sobrang babaw and excited. Hahaha!

Hahaha! My first name, middle name and last name is VANITY. Uy, ngayon lang po yan! I endured my phone for more than 2 years na. Kayo nga dami nyo subscription ni Mamarazzi e! And bago din cellphones nyo eh di ba? Gaya lang ako! 😛

I’m still living simply. The cellphone is a necessity these days especially with my new job (naks parinig!). And without the interest free installment, I wouldn’t buy of course. Devah? Keywords are installment and interest free. That’s 1000 per month. 😀

Yes it is expandable. It comes with a 512mb memory stick pro duo that you can replace with a 1 or 2GB.

You can connect it to any standard speaker or use it without the earbuds. Who needs an iPod when you have this phone right?

SMS is not big there? Talaga??? Kakagulat naman. Pabili ka na lang ng triband cellphone from the Philippines para lalong magtaka yung mga tao na makakakita sayo with a different looking (but cool) phone. Hehehe.

yahoo! congrats on the new phone.

i’m still using my trusty old 7650…lagi lang ako nag hihintay ng free sa plan ko 😀

that’s sweet! cell phones still haven’t caught on here, with regards to innovation and text messaging. it still is just for phone calls! anyway, since my employer pays for mine, i have no complaints.

congratulations! enjoy your new toy 🙂

Redford now has a playmate!

is that also in white finish?

nice phone. i saw that the other day and really liked it. i’m just waiting for my free upgrade in december. i’ll definitely get those, unless they introduce something nicer than that 🙂

nice phone!
here in korea, they have new cellphone models every month! i don’t try to keep up with it, kasi i always lose my phone. since i came here (6 years ago) i must have lost 13 units na! so i just buy the cheapest model, sometimes free pa nga eh! (they give free units if you use their line) when i am in the philippines, i borrow my pamangkin’s cell, and couldn’t even use it..kasi hindi ako marunong mag text! (hahaha..halatang slow!)
pero i would love to have your phone, para hindi maraming bitbit sa bag…phone na, mp3 player pa!

Oh you also have a Nokia 7650! I think it’s the most durable of all phones really. Ilang beses ko na nabagsak pero gumagana pa din as if walang nangyari. I’m still keeping it for my son’s future use or I might just sell it soon. 🙂

Di ako nabibigyan ng free unit ng Globe kasi low lang yata ang plan ko. Boo…

Thanks! 3 years ago, the cellphone to me was just for calling/texting until they came out with multi-functional units. When it was time for me to get an additional plan (for the sons), I opted to get the really nice ones like the 7650 back then and the w800i now. Yun nga lang, I had to pay a premium for the additional features….

Right, its white. I should probably call it Eric then no? Eric the cellphone and Redford the iBook. What about my new Ixus naman? Hehehe…

I’ve been a Nokia user for a looong time and thought the other brands just didn’t come to par with it. Then I saw this and thought this was probably the best I’ve owned so far.

13 units!!! Ack! Ang dami naman! Hehehe…

Niiiiice one! Magkapatid phone natin. I have the SE K750i and am super satisfied with it. I don’t even use my digicam anymore (ack!). I’m sure you’ll have a great relationship with that phone. Uh-oh, baka magselos si Redford!

Another reason pala why I like these SE cellphones is the USB-port compatible thingamajig. No need to send the cellphone pictures via MMS to my email account… diretsong upload from phone to CPU. Saya!

Uy talaga? Apir tayo sis! Pati fones natin marikit na rin! Hehehe.

Hey ! forgot to ask, can i have your old one? 😛

Gusto mo bilhin? Hehehe!

wow, that’s cool. cellphones are not really sought after here..SMS is even hardly used. they only use their phones for its calling option, so imagine, most of the cellphones are bulok hehe..frenchguy has a nokia 3330 yata, as in the oldest model yata, i have a newer version which he bought sa thailand. when i go home sa pînas, i just hide my cellphone and borrow my sis’ phone..she always have the latest one kasi hehe..

have a great weekend!

That means the latest models of cellphones are popular only in Asia pala. Hmmm…. The phones here get outdated so fast you’d easily tire if you try to keep up. My last one is already more than 2 years old so I felt justified to get myself a new one. Wala lang. Hehehe…

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