A Juggling Act

Posted on: September 17, 2005

Lamp at Khrua Thai
Lamp at Khrua Thai where we had dinner with the company president who also happens to be Junnie’s good friend.

I hold two jobs now. One, as Corporate Services Manager and the other, as Operations Manager of an IT company. This is more like it, I thought. I’m more used to overlapping 2 jobs prior to finally moving to the next, rather than spending months on end, in between jobs. This is only up to the end of this month, when my 29-day notice will be over.

Yesterday, the President of my new employer, came over to check on the progress of the office renovation at the IT Park, to finalize talks with the suppliers and to discuss operational matters with me. I anticipated the day to be filled with meetings so I had to go on leave for a day from my soon-to-be- ex-employer.

True enough, we spent most of the time near the renovation/fit-out site to ensure that the suppliers deliver their products and fulfill their contracts as agreed. I realized I was the only lady in a male-dominated setting, but I didn’t mind. I was excited to see everything fall into place more than anything.

The interior design has been ironed out (after several revisions, heh!), the server room is almost done, the pabx will soon start wiring together with the leased line provider and the A/C supplier. In a week or two, the rest of the infrastructure will be put in place.

Ah, busy days are up ahead.

The day has been productive with dinner doubling as meeting of sorts where we discussed about our minimal stake in the total investment and other matters. Inasmuch as we’re all excited to see this venture take-off, we made sure that all areas of concern have been covered. The big ones and the nitty-gritty.

I can hardly wait.

Umbrella Lamps at Khrua Thai
We were still in the Thai resto even after the last of the diners have gone… Talk about really maximizing the time…


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hi linnor! juggler ka pala?!

godd luck on your demanding but rewarding jobs!

Hahaha! That’s one of my expertise na yata. Puede na pang-karnabal?

being there watching it all start and happen is really exciting. good luck on the new job!

Thanks! It’s a different experience from what I’m used to, but I enjoy all the preparations and the setting-up. 😀

hehe, the last time i was in paris with my colleagues, i just realized that i was the only girl in the group, and preggy at that..actually, 2 lang kaming girl sa section namin…tho intimidating sometimes, it’s really fun, esp me mga bodyguards kami palagi hehe..

love those umbrella lamps, we had one before kaya lang we removed it kasi it’s taking a lot of luminosity in our living room..i guess i have to find another place for it now in our new abode..

wow! im so proud of…sobra sobra blessing mo…(at ako rin!)Keep up the good work Ate!

Come to think of it, most of the industries I’ve worked in are male-dominated except for one. I should get used to it by now. Hehehe…

Salamat prend! It’s true that when God closes a door, He opens windows. Dami nya bintana na na-open for us devah?

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