Matthew’s Biggest Fan

Posted on: September 26, 2005

I watched Matt’s basketball game last Saturday. His school team (SHS-Jesuit) played versus University of San Carlos. It was a crucial game for the Jesuits as losing on this one meant getting eliminated from the Milo tournament for this year.

And like the other parents in the gym, I was rooting for Matt’s team, most particularly, for him. The Jesuits played well against their opponent and on the last quarter match, the rival team’s lead was down to 4 points.

Being the tallest, Matt plays the center position. Since he is one of the best players of the Jesuit Eagles (and I’m stating that as a fact! Heheh…), he was naturally being double-teamed or tightly screened to prevent him from scoring.

During the crucial last few minutes, Matthew got fouled while on the act of shooting. He naturally had to take free shots. The noise in the gym was deafening. It was a mixture of cheers AND jeers.

I heard the “boos” and felt bad that Matt had to hear all these. I was hoping he doesn’t get distracted. Muttering to myself, I felt like saying “What’s up with you people??! That is MY SON you’re booing! And as the “boos” from supporters of the other team became louder, I screamed my head off shouting: “Let’s GO, Matts!!!”

Freeze frame. Matt on top of the key hole, getting ready to shoot the ball. He dribbled once and twice…

And he sinks 2 points!

YYY-YESSS!!!! MWAHAHAHA! I jumped up and down in glee. And then I remembered the “boos” and silently said…


(Post script: The Jesuits lost by 4 points, but they proved to be a tough team to beat. On to the next tournament…)

How’s this for BOO? I was about to post a pic of Matt in action but when I got to Flickr, the site flashed a message: Flickr is having a massage. Flickr is closed for emergency maintenance – sorry about that.

Matt, getting ready to shoot the ball…
Matt's free throw
Not in photo are the jeering fans of the rival team , stationed on the opposite side of the Blue Eagles’


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Hey, way to go Matt for standing up to the pressure!

Flickr is all about creating passionate users

Originally uploaded by Mats Bergman.

Flickr is all about creating passionate users, in the sense that Kathy Sierra describes on her blog, aptly named Creating Passionate Users. This was not a new revelation to me today, but it became apparent a…

He heard the boos alright but I found out Matt was made of sterner stuff. I think they’re trained to focus on their game really well. 😀

Congratulations to Matthew!

He needs the massage more than flickr. He’s making his mom proud and his tito ninong prouder….ako manager niyan ha?

you can have one too, i just did!

Thanks! Sige ikaw manager ni Matts. Hehehe… Hey, I do need a massage… 😉

i missed watching live basketball games. well done to matt for handling the pressure. i know how the fans get tough during those games. 🙂

I’m not too fond of basketball really but I am a rabid fan during DLSU vs Ateneo matches and when Matt is playing for his team. Hehehe. 😀

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