Forget Not Yet

Posted on: September 29, 2005

My (ex)cube

My cube is as sparse as the day I first sat here as Corporate Services Manager 4.5 months ago. Tomorrow, I’ll relinquish the title as I move on to another post with a new IT company.

Now I look around me silently just feeling sentimental that in such a short span of time that I’ve made friends with a wonderful bunch of hardworking team players, I’m about to leave them…

I should have given myself enough time to get to know them more. I should have gone out of my imagined shell sooner to spend more lunches with them. Heck, I should have even joined them in one of their numerous badminton matches.

Alas, I only have a day left to enjoy their company…

I know that no matter how fleeting one’s presence is actually felt I take comfort in the thought that I’m not taking away but rather adding more people to my roster of good friends.

Gazing out of my window, I see the blue skies and the green trees giving a colored palette to an otherwise bare cubicle.

Somehow it reminds me that there are always better opportunities that await me, and more friends to make.

Hasta luego!

My (ex)cube


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one’s last day at the place of work always brings out sentimental thoughts and emotions.

it’s good that you have fond memories to cherish as you undertake a new journey.

meanwhile, enjoy the last day at work. despedida parties galore!!!

I’ve been taking deep breaths as I struggled to fight the sadness and put on a casually jolly demeanor. Haay… Separation, parting, saying goodbye, will always be a sad event for me… Wala lang… 😀

hmmm.. reminds me of my last day at BPI (before we migrate). I was staring out my office window for most of the day. And then people keep coming in one at a time, some in groups, to bid me farewell. Also, most of them ask for things on my desk, na-arbor lahat ng gamit ko! And by the end of the day, only the computer was left on my desk.

goodluck to your next job.

good luck linnor! i also dread my last day in the office and leave behind co-workers that have become good friends!

Good luck on the new job!

Thanks! Wala silang maa-arbor sa akin. My cubicle is practically empty even after 4 months. Hehehe.

Thanks! Goodluck to you too as I’ve read you are leaving your job as well. 😉

Thanks! The new job matches my ideal one. I’m hoping for the best… 😀

Your previous job’s loss
is your future company’s gain!

congrats and next time, it should Redford on the table…that laptop is sooo huge! 🙂

Naks! Thanks! Sarap naman pakinggan ng “Your previous job’s loss is your future company’s gain!”

Harharhar! I know! That is one jurassic laptop that is too slow and too bulky I never brought it home in those 4 months. Next laptop pic will be Redford D White iBook on a glass-top executive desk. Nyahahaha!

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