Living Miracles

Posted on: October 5, 2005

Babies all develop at their own pace. There’s no hard and steadfast rule that says a heavy newborn is bound to grow bigger than his contemporaries in the same manner that a delicate newborn will grow slower than the others.

Having a baby born ahead of schedule and with low birth weight due to oligohydramnios (low amniotic fluid in my case) or pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure in cousin Mimi’s case), does not render the baby slow to growth and development.

My Jake and Mimi’s Marti were born weighing just over 2 lbs. It’s naturally frightening to realize that 2 lbs is way too far from the normal 6-7 lb birth weight. All thoughts about complications and such were never far from our minds. But with a lot of TLC and prayers, we are hopeful that these adorable gifts from GOD continue to grow well.

When I think about it, Jake and Marti just came as early blessings.

At a few days old At 1 year 7 months
Left: Jake at less than a week old (2 lbs). Right: Jake at 1 year & 7 mos old (28 lbs).


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2 lbs? malaki lang siya ng konti kay matilda! matilda weigfhs about 820 gms at her heaviest…looking at jake now, who would believe that he was so tiny? miracle indeed!

wow! can’t believe he was born at 2 lbs… and look at him now, all smiles. GOD do work in mysterious ways.

i had pre-eclampsia with my son, he was born 2 weeks before his due date.

look at that smile! who’d think he didnt have much liquid when he was born.

the second pic is also the same, he needs water, “baka mabulunan sa kakasmile sa camera”….

I guess its true after all, “its not the size that counts”. Jake is a true survivor, just like cousin Marti, what a nice name.

Imagine that! Jake weighed almost like Matilda… Hehehe… Yes we consider his weight gain and growth spurt a miracle from the heavens.

Pre-eclampsia and other pregnancy complications have become common these days… Personally after what happened, pregnancy has become a bit traumatic for me.

Who would have thought these pics are from the same babe? Layo na no? I could only look back with fondness at those times we were caring for him with extra attention 24/7.

Marti is short for Martina Sofia. 😀

oh how cute! 😀 from 2lbs worth worth of gums, now you have 28lbs of them, hehe! children are always a blessing – and so are loving moms like you 🙂

Aw, thanks! Yes I believe babies are always a blessing. 😀

They are miracle babies because every child is a miracle! I remember seeing photos of Jake on Junnie’s site when he was little. My, how he’s grown!

Yes indeed. And the Lord allows these things to happen for a reason. One is for us to have faith in His infinite goodness.

miracles come in little bundles! jake was surely a little bundle of joy!

Jake’s development from a “tarsier” looking baby to a cute bugoy is really a wonder one can’t explain. It shows you how God’s is in control of everything!

Jake is not only a survivor but a prized bundle of joy.Take good care of him by guiding him to become what God wants him to be– a man for others!

Yes… that’s true…

When he was let out of my tummy thru CS, he gave out a feeble cry. That moment on, I just felt God’s healing hand and knew that though the worse wasnt over, he would be alright.

We do take care of him and spend time with him as much as we could. Everybody treats him in a special way knowing what he has been through. 😀 And just like his Papa Jerry and brothers Matt and Kyle, he will grow up to be a man for others.

2 lbs! he’s a real survivor, thanks to your TLC. the pictures are real cool, still the same smile!

when a blessing of a baby is meant to happen, the Lord will do everything in his power to keep him alive and well.

ang cute ng smile ni jake. i’m sure he’ll carry that cute smile till he grows up.

cute smiles from cute baby jake! isn’t it great to see God through the eyes of children?

jake is very consistent in being a bungisngis boy! 🙂

I LIKE! 🙂 🙂 🙂

well every single child born into this world is a blessing. period. 🙂

Thanks! The doctors have done their best and for my part, I couldn’t think of anything else but that – TLC and prayers.

I like that line, “when a blessing of a baby is meant to happen, the Lord will do everything in his power to keep him alive and well”…

That’s his best quality – smiling. 😀

Yes, looking at Jake is looking at a miracle everyday…

a man for others? even though he will be atenean, i still like jake 🙂 if you don’t mind my asking, how far along were you in your pregnancy when you gave birth to jake?

Heheh, walang La Salle dito kaya the NEXT best thing na lang – Jesuits. Nyahahah! I was on my 36th week when I was advised to have CS to deliver Jake. However, the condition was found out on my 34th week. We tried oral hydration for 2 weeks (drinking 4 liters of water a day!) to see if this will improve the amount of the amniotic fluid. It didn’t, hence the emergency delivery. 🙂

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