Revisiting Jollibee

Posted on: October 9, 2005

When Matt and Kyle were tots, we were frequent diners of Jollibee. Being there did wonders to their fickle appetites. Buying them those meals with free toys almost guaranteed stress-free feeding time. However, we have long put to rest the kids’ (ours included) cravings for the cholesterol-laden fried goodies – burgers, chicken, french fries, etc. We found other alternatives that were more reasonably-priced, in Cebu’s (still cholesterol-laden) local fare – ngohiong, puso, lechon, etc.

Yesterday, after watching Matt’s basketball game (their team, the Jesuit Eagles, won over USP), we all trooped to Jollibee Ayala for snacks. All the yelling and the cheering got everyone famished, I suppose. It was Jake’s first treat at the establishment since he was born. Like before, we indulged in the same crunchy chicken, and burger plus we got me a petite salad. Jake loved the choco sundae and finished off most of one cup (part of it I ate… small part of it lang… hehehe).

As usual, we had a swell time, finishing off quite easily the small portions of food. Though it didn’t fill the boys up as much as they wanted to satisfy their teenage (aka huge) appetites, it was still considered a welcome treat. Plus, we were all amused to look at Jake getting all messed up.

It guaranteed another stress-free meal, as I expected.

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The “petite” meals cost only P112 for all of us…of course matts received his jollibee chicken joy from the sacred heart jesuit basketball team. He he he…great way to enjoy a saturday afternoon!

I could see that Jake has consumed those value meals with obvious relish. Literally matakaw siya. But okay klang yon with him, Kyle and Matt because they are still cholesterol and triglycerides free.

But for older ones like you, I think you should avoid them or you will experience, God forbid, what I underwent more than three summers ago.

Also, refrain from the B.U.R.G.E.R. that I told you about. It is not good for your SPIRITUAL health! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

jollibee does wonders for children of all ages!!! thank you jollibee!!

hmm, missing those cholesterol-laden goodies..iba pa rin sa jollibee…great that everybody had a wonderful family time!

hi linnor! i miss jollibee!~

over here in the bay area, jollibee’s a treat for me! about once a month, i give in to my chickenjoy craving. my hubby and stepson also love the spaghetti. kaya lang their service is often terrible.

matt is you with jerry’s eyes!

i love you, jollibee! hmmm, iwas na rin ako sa kain ng mga cholesterol laden food, but when i do give in, i make it a point to eat at jollibee (not that we have one here!)…it is so satisfying, ano? glad to know you and your boys had fun! cute cute ni jake…bebe pakurot naman! (konti lang…konti!) πŸ˜€

Hehehe… I could still see the image of Jake feeding himself with the choco sundae…

Jake only had the sundae but he ended up the fullest among us considering the proportion of his size to the food he consumed!

KOREK! The “Jollibee” appeal to kids is really what we pay for, more than anything.

Yes we had fun. Its been a long time since we last ate there and doing that last Saturday brought happy kiddie memories of Matt and Kyle. Now its Jake’s turn.

Aw…. sana meron dyan…

Sayang naman if the service is terrible. Filipinos kaya yung service crew? That doesn’t paint a good image for the outlet… I hope they improve. Sarap pa naman ng food.

Nag-morph ang faces namin ni Jerry sa kids… Hehehe…

I used to love their chicken joy but since I’m TRYING to cut down, I just have their salad. Yung petite size nga lang. πŸ˜€

aw, i miss jollibee too… especially the spaghetti! 😦

oh how i miss jollibee’s chicken joy and spaghetti!!!

Their spaghetti and chicken are waaay better than McDonald’s, sa totoo lang. πŸ˜€

i think ill have jollibee this week, hahaha!

good thing im near Carson πŸ™‚ (im in my Time Travelling mode again)

Ayan, nag-crave ka na rin tuloy… Chicken joy favorite Jollibee indulgence mo deva? Sige go!!! Hehehe…

i love jollibee…una…this is the one of the first few words that my kid was able to say…as simple as “JABI”…i already know that my kid is refering to jollibee and she loves crispy fries a lot!!! i guess we should build a monument to jollibee for bring the filipino a kind of food that you can have on the go and comes in quality…better than any other chicken store of its kind!!!

pano ba mag post ng naman po sa akin

please have your pictures hosted at for free. then
from there, choose the picture you want to post to your site. you may
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thanks for visiting!

salamat po sa info…would that site gives an access for me to post the pics here just like above? salamat linnor

You could post the pics to your own website just like above. πŸ™‚

for me jollibee is the best food chain……….sobrang linis ng store nyo..ang bait ng mga crew nyo..managers are good looking! formal!!!

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