Posted on: October 11, 2005

kyle2Last week, Kyle’s teacher/adviser finally gave him the corrected report card for the first grading period. Call us OC, OA, stage parents or whatever, but Jerry and I simply refused to accept the original one, when we saw an unacceptable grade of 89 in his Mandarin class. The grade was low enough to disqualify him from getting the first honors.

Kyle and JakeOn my prodding, Jerry promptly checked with the Chinese teacher and gladly found out that there was some mistake in the scoresheet. Because of the teacher’s admission of error, we immediately requested for rectification… After about 2 months of waiting, the corrected report card was finally given just last week. The new grade is now a 93 and pulled him up to first. Weee! All’s well now. 😀

This afternoon, as Kyle got into the car, he happily announced he won first in Spelling. Then being the “sadista/makarinyo-brutal” Mom that I am, I teased him and said, “Maybe they all let you win since they know it’s your birthday today. Hah!” And we all burst out laughing especially when Kyle naturally retorted and said in the Cebuano vernacular, “No uy!” He even added by saying he beat the no. 1 guy in his class who mistakenly spelled “chandelier” with an “sh”….Ok, we take the cue this time and finally give him a congratulatory nudge. “Naks! Galing-galing naman…”

3958The boys thrive in this kind of “slightly pressured” environment… very much similar to what I had back when I was a kid (ok, ok, minus the 1st honors. And back then it was more self-imposed than anything). Hehehe…

For tonight’s special dinner, we planned a fusion of Japanese cold soba, Cebuano ngo-hiong and roast chicken, and Tagalog bulalo. Kyle, our second boy, our middle-child, the artist in the family (probably explains his mood-swings), the bedimpled one, turns 9 today. It’s the perfect cap to a recent strng of happy moments in this kid’s life.

Happy birthday Kyle!!! *Hugs and kisses* I hope you treasure all these happy memories.


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Sorry for the late greeting! Happy Birthday, Kyle!

happy birthday kyle!

and congrats to the proud parents of the smartest boy in class!

self-imposed or not, its a good start for kids to have that determination to succeed and do their best. Kyle and Matthew are the best examples of this.

Although I cant remember having the same environment when we were younger as mama and papa always expected the best without much pressure from them.

Of course, we never failed them!

Happy Birthday, Ky Ky!

and i thought you weren’t competitive (just kidding!).

way to go! you did the right thing (fight for what’s due you).

happy birthday kyle! keep making your parents proud!

Thanks! Huli man daw at magaling, ay huli pa din! Hahahah! 😀

Thanks! 😀

Thanks. When we were young, my pressure was due to self-imposed cramming!!! Don’t you remember that? Hahahaha!

Hahaha, I’m not competitive for myself… for the kids lang. Hehehe. Sayang if we didnt go after the 4 percentage points deva? The other parents who complained were not as lucky. Walang error yung scoresheet ng son/s nila. 😀

Today would be the HAPPIEST OF ALL YOUR BIRTHDAYS, Kyle! Imagine getting First Honor after a valid complaint. Hehehe. And as if this was not enough–You came out champion in Spelling! All these call for a blow-out! Yes?

Ok I will send P2K for your Yellow Cab pizzas this afternon after class. Ask your Mommy to send me her BPI-ATM Acct. No. so I can send the refund/money asap.

Congratulations for making First Honor a good habit, Kyle! 🙂 🙂 🙂

happy happy birthday to Kyle!

Happy birthday to Kyle!

I dont know if I should be happy or not that my son doesn’t have rankings in their school (yet)… they dont even have long test nor spelling bee to prepare for… ibang iba talaga ang education system dito. Mas maganda pa din talaga sa Manila.

You have one talented kid! Congrats!

Oh, I like the phrase slightly pressured environment. As long as you mix in praise, pressure and competition remains healthy.

Aaah, I missed the last part. happy birthday to Kyle!!

happy birthday, kyle! congratulations for being first in your class, and for winning the spelling quiz! haay, naku i share your parents joy and pride kasi as your kapwa middle child, you are holding your ground and proving a lot at a very young age! as what koreans would say, haiting! ( in fight!)linnor, you are such a great mom…kudos to jerry, too! 😀

Happy Birthday Kyle. I remember the time when your mama worked late the day before you were born and the following day, we (her staff) rushed to Perpetual Succour (tama ba sp?) to see you.

Keep up the good work.

Ms Linnor, grabe memory ko ano?

happy birthday to kyle!

and congrats on winning the spelling bee. 🙂

your kids are really matatalino. sarap ng feeling noh 😀

I know this is a very late greeting…
happy birthday Kyle

happy bday to kyle 😉

Thanks for all the greetings and kind words. 😀

wow, ang galing naman! congrats to kyle.. and to his parents, too, for creating that “slightly pressured environment” it’s difficult to strike that balance!

Thanks! We’re trying our best and keeping that balance is really tough. 😀

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