In The Flurry of Activities…

Posted on: October 19, 2005

I found myself with not enough time to post. No post however doesn’t mean my life has been on a standstill. On the contrary….

…we were busy:

…looking at office furniture…
black or white? The sample conference table with weight on top

whimsical chairs for serious executives

…with the final stages of the fit-out of our new office…
From the reception area office and conference room booths and workstations more workstations server room and lockers
pantry and toilet The toilet fixtures The lockers and the door to the server room Total furniture cost is P20,800.  A steal! The conference room with all-glass table and leatherette executive chairs

…treating A-ma for dimsum at Lai Garden, Crossroads…
with a-ma

…celebrating 3 birthday parties in one week: Kyle’s, Angie’s and Mymy’s…
belated birthday dinner for kyle The same group with Matthew added
Go-ee-po and A-ma Nido1 is better than SMB

…meeting balikbayan friends, Glenn and Janet, for dinner and coffee…
good food and good company

the spouses a good mix

That was a quick wrap (in pictures) of things we’ve done for the past week.

And after all the work and food binging… I now go back to having this…

On to the next post… hopefully soon. 😀


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The office is almost done..i particularly like the “character executive chairs”…happy, happy bday to kyle et al…good luck to glenn & janet who may be leaving for georgia again in the next few weeks…life is moving on!

did u actually get those cute character chairs? heehee.

your office looks so IT! and yes, even with the character chairs. you know how strange IT people are.

and your salad looks good. yum!

go na go na talaga ang new office! all the best!

nag crave tuloy ako sa salad. 😦 i love it with italian dressing!

I’m catching up on your posts now… hey I like the look of the new office! And I like that bunny chair! How cute! 🙂

So what pieces of furniture did you choose for your new office?

Nice office tables and chairs, yummy food and beautiful compendium of activities, all in one week! 🙂

I’m really glad you’re always there to share these special occasions with me and the shopping trips too. Hehehe.

I thought I’d play a prank on my brother Junnie and his partners by saying I bought those cute chairs for the conference room. Hehehe. But I didn’t, baka ma-fire ako e. Hahaha!

It’s operational na even if I’m the only employee in Cebu. There’s a team handling the QA at the Ortigas office. Go na go na talaga… 😀

Yey you’re back! Ako naman ang medyo bumagal sa pag-update. Busy! 🙂 The look of the office is courtesy of the combined efforts of a lady architect in Cebu and the brilliant minds of the biz owners. Hahaha.

We got the masculine high-back executive chairs for the conference room and that white one for my office. Mine is not as soft as the black chair but it has a good lumbar support. Kailangan for long hours sitting down in front of a laptop.

Hay, I realize now that the start-up of a company would entail so much legwork sa umpisa. I’m glad the construction phase is over, and we’re about to start with the pooling of talents/applicants na. I like the adrenaline rush this work is giving me – it keeps Jerry and me moving. 😀

great work!

i wouldnt mind having that Bear-y comfy chair…this is just the first few headaches of startups…you’re doing well, but wait til you see how it is when you have 2-4 people with you….expectations not met (syempre start up eh), office politics (may mga turf-issues), and a whole lot more….pero enjoy di ba? glad you’re pumped!

wow, your office furniture looks so hip and contemporary. as well as bear-y cute na rin 😀 very kid-bisita friendly 😀

O di ba? Those animal chairs are better than the aeron executive chair you sent me a picture of… Yeeheehee….

I’ve got a lot of things to clarify with you pala. Looking forward to the next YM session. 🙂

Thanks! You wouldn’t imagine how many revisions we had to make. Hehehe

It looks like you’re enjoying your life. Hey, blogs are there to chronicle the lovely things going on in the real world, so keep on living it up!

i love the clean lines of your new office. there’s nothing like a beautiful workplace to inspire you! congratulations on this venture, good luck with the next (hiring employees).

Yes… I do my best to chronicle and capture special moments with loved ones kaya lang most of it dont get posted. Hehehe…

I agree! When the work environment is clean and clutter-free, i tend to be more productive. 🙂 Thanks!

wow, busy bee ka pala ngayon…i love the bunny chair, so cute! 😀

hi!! no wonder you have no time to blog, what with all the things going on.

i love the cute animal chairs and your new office!!! goodluck on hiring your employees. 🙂

Ay graveh! It’s legwork na kind of “busy”-ness and not the usual paperwork I’ve mastered to do. But we are on the final stretch now, so I would be blogging a bit more often. I… hope…. 😀

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