Posted on: October 24, 2005

My Zen Worstation
my very zen workspace

Most of the furniture have been delivered now. I’ll say about 95%. Just the 3 chairs for the booths are for purchase as what we previously intended to buy were too big for the space. My office is now complete. I now have my vanilla mid-back swivel chair, 2 guest chairs in cream color, my 3-drawer mobile pedestal, and the clear glass desk. That’s just about it. The look is very minimalist and I kinda like it.

This afternoon, I moved in to my new room and almost instantly got settled in. I love that I don’t have paper clutter and that I don’t have voluminous paperwork to do. Hmmmm…..

Best of all, I love the fact that when I turn my gaze from my desk, I get…

this kind…

of visual…

Infinity View
If there’s such a thing as infinity pool, this is my infinity view.


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Good thing we got to look at the glass furniture….it makes the office really hip and spacious…the view…keeps the work place peaceful and relaxing…that’s is what Cebu has to offer! 🙂

Having those glass tables is one of the best ideas we came up with. For THE SAME PRICE as those laminated pre-fabricated office desks from the shops, we achieved a better look with this one. Galing! Thanks to your suppliers/friends who also gave us very good deals. It pays to know these people. 😀

i wouldn’t mind going to work with a view like that.

pwede ba mag-apply? hehe. 🙂

i really love your workspace, i hope i could have the same, kaya lang pagtingin ko sa window, it’s the factory that i see, hmmm…cool view you got there! relaxing to the eyes..

with a view like that, watch it, or you’ll end up dreaming instead of working! haha!

hi linnor! i LOVE your office – minimal and contemporary!

i wish i have the view and desk like that here in hubs office! lucky you!

ay, parang hindi yata pwede sa akin ang ganyang table…where would i keep all my clutter?? 😛 pero the view is really nice, very conducive sa pagmumuni-muni, hehehe 🙂

ingat. you cant throw rocks inside a glass office.

love the zen feel! pwede rin bang mag apply, hahahaha

hi linnor,

ang ganda naman ng office mo! its either you’ll be inspired to work or you’ll be daydreaming a lot…

hey linnor — that is such a gorgeous view! Kinda reminds me of my view from my craft studio! How are you able to work without paper work? haha, I’ve got tons of them? gusto mo bigyan kita! haha

oh my!!! ang ganda ng view–to die for!

apply na ko, sige na 😛

ang ganda naman!!! i like the view, siguro you will not feel the heavy burden of a 5pm end of day job

… and give up the English currency you are presently enjoying???? Hahahah! 😀

Hey, you may have the factory for your view at work but I’m sure the way to and from home is charming with vast panoramic French (Dijon) vineyards in full view.;)

I struggle to keep my focus….Heeheehee!

How’s the view in Texas?

I have a small filing cabinet to keep my paper clutter out of sight. 😉 In the IT setting, most things are actually done online. And that’s a really welcome change for me after moving from other industries (telecom, retail and logistics) where the paper trail is really long.

Bakit naman may rocks? Hehehe… Thanks, I love the Zen feel too. Anong apply? I should be thanking you nga e. Thanks for recommending me. I owe you BIIIGGGG time!

Thanks! Oo nga e. I get bursts of inspiration just by looking out. I daydream din. Shhh….

Please, wag mo na akong bigyan ng paperwork. I’ve been doing that since I started working. Global information age na ngayon. Hahaha. The only paper work I welcome are arts and crafts. 😀

Thanks! Lipat ka na sa Cebu??? 🙂

It helps a lot talaga in de-stressing. I hope di muna magkaroon ng building/structure in front para walang obstruction. 🙂

I’ll move to Cebu na nga. Hehehe.

That’s sooo refreshing Linnor! I love the view! I love that you can just walk out and breathe fresh air!

Tara na dito! No visa necessary, hehehe… I haven’t spent a whole day in the office yet as I still do the rounds for the businesss registration, minor purchases and all…. 😀

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