Come Hell or High Water

Posted on: October 29, 2005

Enjoying a Late Snack at Da Vinci's
Kyle, Matt, Ma and Pa, enjoying a late snack at Da Vinci’s

“Come hell or high water”. You’d think that’s what happened seeing the pics of my parents here in Cebu. But no, they almost had to cancel their Cebu trip after being given a scare by PAL for subjecting the passengers of the 930am flight to a more than an hour of delay due to “further aircraft servicing”. Mama, who easily gets nervous taking plane rides, naturally thought it was unsafe to take that plane to Cebu.

The 830 call I received from Paparazzi was to tell me they were not going on the trip. I suggested that they take a later flight. They were told all flights were fully booked with people taking advantage of this long break and time of the year (All Saints’ Day) . Jerry promptly made a call from Cebu to PAL and reserved and confirmed 2 seats for them on the 330pm flight. Thank GOD for Jerry’s quick thinking…

After stressful conversations through cellphone calls where I even involved my brother, based in Canada, they finally relented and proceeded to take the afternoon flight. Mama even asked why I had to drag Junnie to “act as lawyer” for me. Hahaha. Well, I just felt they would find it hard to refuse him… I was absolutely correct!

After all is said and done, I’m glad they still made the trip!

Inside My New Office. Parents and Kyle.
Mamarazzi and Paparazzi seeing my new office for the first time. Kyle, busily toying with Redford


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what a pleasant reunion! am glad they made it safe!

i’m glad they’re ok dear and made it to Cebu. PAL talaga! ay naku! hehe

Yes! Time to get busy(ier) now and make a list of things to do while the boys are on sem break and the (grand)parents are on vacation (again after their Canada/USA trip last Sept).

PAL’s advertising tagline….”It’s about experience!”…is both real and funny…real coz it’s the only local airline that’s 65 years old and funny coz since they’re known to be the Plane Always Late it’s always an “experience” when you try to fly PAL…

Korek! And it’s a surprise actually if you find yourself flying PAL and taking off on time. That RARELY happens.

Happy Birthday te Linnor!!!

who else can be the best birthday gift than your parents being there with you on your birthday????

lawyering? that’s the least I can do..:)

Have a great birthday and enjoy your day! Happy Birthday!

Hey! Thanks! I hope you had a good one too fellow Scorpion! 🙂


Paparazzi said you had a potent blackmail on them daw that’s why they went on with the trip. Baka daw di sila ma-petition sa Canada,,,


happy belated birthday linnor! i caught up on reading and what you say about americans is true (about the love/hate thing). i think you’re going to fit right in here and love it here.

hope you had a great one. i’m sure it was even better with p & m around. is there anything you’d like from here?

belated happy birthday linnor!

Thanks for the greeting! 🙂 Aha! I just might take you up on your offer… Hehehe…. Just kidding. I’ll collect from you na lang when Jerry and I get to the USA (kelan kaya?)- free tour and accommodation. Hahaha! 😀

Thank you! I’m a year older and hopefully years wiser. 😀

‘Twas not Junnie’s “lawyering” that helped us change our minds.It was the thought that the next day, October 30 is the birthday of our one and only beloved daugther (kung wala si May). Again, Happy Birthday. Your Mama and I would not promise you neverending love. We guarantee it! Peks man!

Your Mama’s “temper-tantrum” is the only one of its kind. And this was not the first time it happened. Kakakainniiss talaga. Kung hindi ko lang siya mahal na mahal…:) 🙂 🙂

Was it a happy one?’re still reeling from it and the presence of mamarazzi and paparazzi was a big bonus. Thank God for Family reunions….

I had a blast! Kaya lang ang bilis, tapos na!

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