Getting SPAmpered for the First Time

Posted on: October 29, 2005

Last Thursday night, Jerry surprised me with an invitation to a night at Sawadee. Oooh… He remembered one of the things listed on my 43 things list where I wanted to experience going to a spa. Though I have given several spa certificates as gifts, I have never been to one. How one looks inside, I could only imagine from the pictures I see on brochures and ads. I’m totally a neophyte in this area and I don’t know what and how to prepare for this first experience. Hehehe….

The appointment was for 830 pm, so by 820 pm, we were at the reception area, trying to figure out the “menu”… massage with arometherapy – P550, Thai tranquility massage – P450, traditional Thai massage – P500, Shiatsu – P500, and a host of other pampering treatments that have already escaped me. We went for the massage with aromatherapy.

As we were led inside the quiet and dimly lit spa, I could smell lavender permeating the Thai-inspired area. Hmmm… And the soft sound of oriental/classical music, gently rushing water and birds somehow felt like we were in some faraway place. How relaxing… First part of the whole treatment was a floral foot bath where Jerry and I sat next to each other on plush leather recliners as two attendants gently massaged and “pumiced” our tired footsies. We immediately enjoyed the foot bath as we sipped our complimentary cups of tea. Ah, glorious!

Before proceeding to the couple’s massage room, we took a quick warm shower… separately. Hehehe…. Then donning the Thai kimono and nothing else (Jerry had his brief on), we lay on separate beds. The kimonos were replaced with warm towels. For an hour and 15 minutes, we were oiled, kneaded, rubbed, tapped, pushed, pulled and stretched. All parts of our bodies got the pampering they badly needed. From the tips of our toes to our heads, the tightened knots were loosened. I was amused to find out I was actually ticklish on some parts of my body! Ahahaha! Most parts I totally loved the sensation and some parts where the skin got pressed a little too hard, I felt a bit sore, but still okay. While the attendants were doing their stuff, I felt like dozing off…

After the session, the attendants, brought in cups of tea and warm wet towelettes. They wiped us free from all the oils that covered our skin. My skin was tingling all over and I felt moisturized, recharged and rejuvenated. As we were putting on our clothes, I thought how quickly the hour went by… I would love for another round of pampering!

Back in the car, I slid the Christmas MP3 I just burned. While listening to the happy tune, Jerry and I looked at one another, smiling and said this was something we’d like to do a bit more often… together…

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wow! I needed to go to spa too!

btw, (advance) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (read it in Junnie’s blog)

Thanks a lot! 🙂

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