Pa & Ma’s Cebu Visit – Part 2

Posted on: November 6, 2005


As a tradition, we all troop to the cemetery every year on Nov 1 to visit our dearly departed. Last Nov. 1, we celebrated mass in the Matugas family crypt together with close and distant relatives.

Nov 1 mass at Cempark

The late morning mass ended at noon and everybody in attendance was invited to lunch at the Matugas family residence.

Part of the large lunch crowd at Mama Sol's

My new (shorter) Christmas tree is upBy evening, after a quiet dinner at home with our guests, Pa & Ma, we proceeded to put up the new Christmas tree. I used to have a 6ft tall tree but after buying a kiddie cabinet for Jake early this year, I now don’t have an extra space to move the round table to make way for the tree. I decided to buy a shorter one and set it up on the round coffee table that I covered in red and green.

Then to cap a full day, Pa, Ma, Jerry and I went around the city looking for a place to have coffee or just to unwind. Being a holiday, several establishments were closed. One of the few that stayed open was the Wineshop where we decided to spend a couple of hours munching on Spanish chorizo and sipping red wine…

Wining Folks
Enjoying red wine at the Wineshop

The pleasant exchange of stories, jokes and serious stuff among the four of us was something I will hold dearly in my memory. Isn’t it just great to spend time with loved ones? Here’s hoping we all get to spend more of these special moments in the future.



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jake is so photogenic. while matthew is so tall now. kyle is still the boy-next-door you’d like to take to your mom…

i miss lola.

happy indeed…dont count the years, just make the years count!!!!

what a pleasant visit!

we surely miss those loved ones that went ahead of us. this friday we will be reflecting on the 1 year death anniversary of my mother-in-law. she is definitely missed!

I stopped counting na. When people ask my age I take time remembering I’m 38 pala. 38 nga ba? Hehehe…

Yes the boys are fast growing up. It’s fun watching their individual personalities kahit iisang puno ang pinanggalingan…. Reminds me of you me and May. Hahaha.

Yes, bitin nga lang…. I guess that’s how visits will always be, nakakabitin when the vacation is over…

Hey Linnor. Wow… one thing I can say is you have a biiiig family! hehehe. Ang saya nyo tingnan!

And all the pictures are wonderful but you know what really got my attention? It’s the picture of your parents. Will you look at how your Dad was looking at your Mom? I always thought the most wonderful thing for a wife is to be adored by her husband. And if that had a look, your Dad sure has it.

Wow… how I wish Jay would still look at me that way when the time comes. πŸ˜€

nice pic of tito p and tita m! πŸ™‚

Malaking pamilya ba? And that’s not even complete yet, maternal side ko pa lang yan. Hahaha!

That look is probably one of the secrets of our parents’ staying power. They’ve been together for almost 40 years now and they don’t really appear like they’ve been through a lot. Magaling din magdala. Hehehe…

Thanks. πŸ™‚ Parang maganda din ang effect ng wine sa mga ngiti nila sa isa’t-isa. Ahahaha!

I remember the days when my friends and i would party the halloween night away then all meet up at the cemetery the next day all red-eyed and nursing bad hangovers πŸ™‚ Those days are past…now…we just share a good bottle of wine with love ones!

besides Jer, bawal na rin to drink and be merry in the cemetery di ba?

I was able to go to one of those, and yes, in Cempark too. They are really serious in visiting their loved ones. They bring food for them too – and also leave a bottle of wine or liquor…:)

Naks, that’s some contrast! Dahil ba tumatanda na or may nagbabantay na wifey sayo? Hehehe…. just teasing. I did enjoy the wine and the company that night. Ulitin natin? πŸ™‚

That is a tradition being practiced mostly by the Chinese families in Cebu – leaving food for their departed loved ones.

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