Pa & Ma’s Cebu Visit – Part 3

Posted on: November 8, 2005

Yey, there’s a slight lull at work today and the speedy E1 internet connection will allow me to post these pictures in a jiffy… Here are more pics of the short trip of Pa & Ma in Cebu…

Pa and Ma with Jake
Pa, Ma with little Jake at the parking lot beside our office. That’s Matt in red shirt at the background.

At Table 7
Pa, Ma and Jake at Table 7, my new favorite coffeeshop and chill-out place now, after a bad experience with Bo’s Coffee Club at IT Park. Related story at the end of this post.

Ma and Pa at the Taoist Temple
Ma and Pa at the Taoist Temple up in rolling Beverly Hills.

After the previous shot, Ma stayed behind while all of us climbed up some more. This shot shows the view (overlooking) from the other angle.

Ma and Pa with Kyle at our Teelicious stall
At the Tee’licious stall at Banilad Town Center. It was Pa’s first time to see it.

Fruit Picking Filipino Style
Fruit-picking, from the fruit stands.

Jake warming up to Lola and Lolo during dinner
Jake cozying up to Lola and Lolo after a native dinner at AA Barbecue at Guadalupe.


When ordering my coffee, I normally want it short. And usually, I would appreciate an extra mile from the attendant if he/she goes out of his or her way to educate me as to the different kinds of drinks/ food/ treats/ promo they offer OR if he/she takes the time to inform me of the different cup sizes OR if he/she asks me if I’m willing to pay extra for decaf or for other request/s.

To me, it’s actually bad customer service for an attendant to just presume that all customers go through the menu. More so if the attendant wittingly tricks the innocent customer into buying something for more. What do I mean by this? Let me recount what happened last week.

We were at my office for a quick look-see when Ma decided that she and Pa drop by the nearby Bo’s Coffee Club at IT Park. I said I’d follow them. A few minutes later, I entered the shop and saw Ma putting down on their table the newly ordered cups of coffee and 2 orders of tuna turnover. I sat down with them and started chatting when my eyes rested on the receipt lying on the tray.

I picked it up and was dumbfounded when I saw that they paid P245 for what would normally cost me less than P200. “Ma, did you order a tall cup of capuccino and a tall cup of mocha?”, I asked quite perplexed that they could consume that much coffee. “No. I just said capuccino and mocha”, Ma answered quite sheepishly. “And did the attendant ask if you wanted tall cups?” I sounded a bit annoyed. “No. I was even surprised myself when I was asked to pay P245”, Ma said sensing that I was now irritated.

I reviewed all items on the receipt and saw that they were charged for P15 each for ordering decaf. I knew the answer but I still wanted to make sure when I asked Ma, “Did the attendant say she was charging you an additional P15/cup for decaf?”. Of course the answer was again a “no”. After attempting to control my temper and when I felt I was in control of myself, I stood up to walk over to the counter.

“Excuse me, do you really give tall cups to customers who don’t specify any cup size?”, I was calm but seething inside when I asked the lady. “Ma’am our regular size is a tall cup”, the attendant replied. “Okay, (even if I saw on the menu that they also serve short cups), but do you give the customer that option to choose his cup size or you just go on punching the order without asking?” At this, the attendant was already flushed and kept silent. “And do you confirm with the customer if they are willing to pay the extra P15 for decaf?” I went on, enjoying the awkward look on the lady’s face.

“Next time, do ask and confirm with your customers first lest they decide not to pay for something they did not order.”

I gave one look at the lady and the male attendant by the counter and calmly sauntered out of the shop.

End of story.


No Responses Yet to "Pa & Ma’s Cebu Visit – Part 3"

Bo’s was one of my favorite coffee shops, if not my favorite one.

This surely changes everything. Well, ask Mama and Papa what happened in Tim Horton’s here in Canada. A well meaning barista placed a (hopefully) clean tissue inside the coffee cup. We discovered it after we took off the cover and when the cup was emptied already.

Ill give them a 2nd chance. Besides…Bo’s is better than Starbucks, the same as Tim’s Cafe Mocha is the best commercial hot drink for me 🙂

weird, paying extra for something incomplete as a coffee without caffeine. 😉

that’s sometimes the problem with attendants, they act by rote, when it wouldn’t have taken a couple of minutes more to ask a question. haaay….

hey, i love your ma’s bag! 🙂

Bo’s still holds special memories since my in-laws and I used to take coffee every Sunday after the morning mass. It was like that until we changed the venue of our Sunday masses to the club where Monsignor Dakay celebrates.

I specifically mentioned the outlet at IT Park as I heard this outlet was already a franchise and not anymore company-owned. I’m still hoping this is just an isolated case to this particular outlet and not to the whole chain.

Right now, it’s Table 7 for me. Jake even loves their cookies and cream smoothie! 🙂

Yes, I agree. Or it could be that they are after commissions on sales they made. The bigger, the better for them. Haay.

That’s a buri bag that’s found in most malls here. 😀

oh, i totally relate with this. i hate it when they try to take advantage of you, especially if they notice that you’re not regulars like p & m. i’m like you, i would question anything out of place, while my husband would just quietly accept the “mistake” and move on.

yeah, it’s weird that they charge extra for decaf. oh and junnie reminded me of tim horton’s *drool*

It happened to me before, in that same outlet. So when it happened again to unwitting customers, my P&M, I didn’t want to let it pass this time. If I got there before Ma paid for their orders, I would have refused paying the amount altogether! 🙂

way to go, zesto! we really need to put people like that in their places. the reason they’re in the service industry is because they are supposed to serve. anyway…

i’m glad your mom & dad are having a great time despite the bo incident 🙂 tc!

Korek! I also have the notion that these service crew were instructed that way by the franchise holder himself. Well…. Just a hunch. 😀

Nakakainis!!! I would have asked for a refund!!! Pero deadma na nga, I wouldn’t ptronize na rin the shop like you. Grabe nainis ako while reading your post hehe. I’m a stickler for good service too and that was outright terrible!

hehehe ang taray! well, you were right and they were wrong, ako rin naiinis sa ganoon. well, i hope they learned their lesson. baka kailangang mag training ulit…niwey, happy weekend, linnor! 😀

Hahaha, nasumpungan lang. Kainis kasi e. I haven’t set foot na in their coffeeshop since then, even if it’s just a few doors away from our office.

dear folks —

it’s true. bo’s staff in IT PARK is incompetent and professionally rude. a male attendant there had been absent-minded 3 three times. i ordered something (from the same person on 3 occasions) and he either gave something different or completely lip-serviced my order like he heard it from somebody who was not even there to begin with.

i’ve been meaning to feedback steve benitez about it but i haven’t got the time yet and i’d like to do so personally. also i don’t have any idea if that is a franchised outlet or not although it doesn’t matter.

i promised myself that next time they’ll do another topsy turvy service, my courteous nature would probably crack.

Thanks for your comment. From what I know, the coffeeshop at IT Park is franchised. But then again, it’s not an excuse for lousy service right? 😀

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