Pa & Ma’s Cebu Visit – Part 4 (Last Installment)

Posted on: November 9, 2005

Posing in front of the newly set-up Christmas tree
An early Christmas pose by the tree which we just put up the night before.

Before the trip to the airport
Getting ready for the airport.

Before the trip to the airport
One more pose, with feeling… 😀

In front of our condo
No goodbyes… See you really, really, REALLY soon!


8 Responses to "Pa & Ma’s Cebu Visit – Part 4 (Last Installment)"

so cute, terno pa kayo ni mamarazzi, and she’s so in fashion! wow, a xmas tree, i don’t think we’ll have one until december.

i like that everyone’s smiling – not really ‘goodbyes’, but ‘see you soons’.

is the new office uniform? office green is the new orange is the new black is the new mod color!

or is it just to look chrismassy?

Your Mom is so fashionable!

You have such a warm family. 🙂

ang sarap ata ng sayang tingnan ng mga pictures niyo. god! for awhile i got REALLY homesick there 🙂 buti na lang lilipat na kami back to Asia. woohoo!

Are those beautiful pictures the last of a series photos of our last visit to the enchanted Cebu of the Pacific (not RP)? Mukhang bitin, eh!

Your Mom and I would not mind visiting Cebu as often as OFTEN itself for as long as you would not mind taking all those photos of us and the kids! It is really nice to always keep record of our visits thru those pictures in your equally interesting blogs.

Minus of course your Mamarazzi’s TEMPER-TANTRUMS! 🙂 🙂 🙂

And I could not believe my eyes seeing your Mom in a Tinker Bell’s outfit. Reminds me of Disneyland. But it fits her to a T, minus, of course, her bulging tummy! 🙂

ahihihi… I was going to ask who’s gong where when I scrolled down and read your Dad’s comment, so that kinda spelled out everything for me. Gosh, your parents are so cute… the teasings, the endearment, the complements. Haaay! 🙂

When I was young, Ma and I did wear identical clothes. Hehehe…. That was when she was still fond of sewing clothes for us. 🙂

Do you know that I didn’t put tivoli lights on our tree? Just being safe after what happened last year to the daughter of Jose De Venecia. She died when their house burned down because the tree lights short-circuited. Ngi…

Eng? I didnt catch you there… Hahahah. Take two!

Just trying to be… fashionable and warm. Ahahaha! 😉

I read from your blog, soon mas malapit na kayo sa Pinas. That’s really great news.

Yes, these pics are the best of the lot but I still have priceless ones in my computer waiting to be posted in the future. Like I texted you, sana you’ll spend the Christmas in Cebu. Now that P999+ na lang ang one-way ticket (Manila-Cebu) via Cebu Pac’s promo, you have every reason to come here!

Ayan na, napaghahalata na yung karinyo-brutal na side of Paparazzi. Ma, usually takes it in stride. Ganyan talaga lahat sa family kung mag-asaran. Bawal sa amin ang pikon. Hahaha!

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