Returning the Visit (Part 1)

Posted on: November 14, 2005

I was almost ready to call it a day last week about 6pm, Tuesday when my cellphone rang. It was Cindy from our Ortigas office and she wanted to hold some sort of alignment meeting in the areas of Admin, Accounting and HR. We tried discussing over the phone. A few items were covered but there were more to be discussed. I half-jokingly (half-meant) told her why not let me come over so I could meet with them in person and that the discussion would be more effective. I was pleasantly surprised when she said yes and asked if I could be there the following day, a Wednesday. Haha! If it were that easy, I would have agreed. But considering all factors like the kids, the house, the plane tickets and flight schedules, it was more convenient to fly instead on Thursday.

The following day, we made all the arrangements and moved to my mom-in-law’s house where we left the kids for the next few days while Jerry and I went on a short trip to Manila. See pictures and short recap of the past week…

November 10, Thursday

Jerry and I took the 730am flight out of Cebu. I texted Mang Lucio, the company driver, if he would be able to pick us up but he said that the two cars were subject to color-coding for that day. That being the case, we just took a rented car to my parents house, borrowed their car and drove to Ortigas.

It was actually a big surprise for Ma and Pa to see me barging into the house without any word of my trip days before. I intended to surprise them actually and was glad that they were happy to see me.

At work, I was toured around the office and was introduced to the team. I met with the people who I am going to interface with and met the newest client who was in town. We were treated to lunch and dessert at Cafe Med and Cinnabon at the Podium. It was my first time to see the Podium and I felt like a “probinsyana” ogling at the class A boutiques that lined the mall. Hehehe…

The management team knocked off late and invited us for dinner at Metrowalk, another new place for me, where we dined at Capisce and had coffee at Starbucks. I enjoyed my shrimp risotto immensely and was slightly regretful that I didn’t have any more space for dessert. Oh well….

It was actually a long but productive day. I had fun too.

Meeting the team

Night out

November 11, Friday

I waited for the laptop that was supposed to be issued to me by the company. So we were in the Ortigas area waiting for the advise of the IT specialist when to pick it up. While there, Ma, Pa, May and Rommel were with Jerry and me checking out yet another new mall/tiangge called F Tiangge. I bought a pair of mules for myself and Ma. Hehehe. That was my first shopping expense for this trip.

After getting the laptop, May and Rommel went ahead to go to work. We were on our way back home and decided to drop by Yellow Cab and Starbucks Las Pinas.

At Starbucks Las Pinas

At Starbucks Las Pinas


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wow, jet setting lifestyle huh!

wala nga ako mabili sa Podium…i just go there para pumorma. hahahaha.

Walang biro, nanood lang ako ng display dun na parang bagong salta. Ang ganda kasi ng place parang Rockwell, kaya parang ang mahal din. I’m sure.

oh, the perks of work! that was a fun work trip, i may say!

have a great week ahead, linnor!

It’s like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone – business with pleasure. Have a great week to you as well! 😉

sayang sana na-time yung trip mo to manila when i was still there. i would’ve loved to meet you in person, linnor! 🙂

aba, feel na feel mo na ba mag work in Ortigas. Those areas were my tambayan day in day out…no pictures of Podium? kainis.

love the smile of paparazzi and mamarazzi, sana they checked if the coffee cup they were having didnt have tissues inside…(papa would know)

I remember going to the malls in Canada for the first time after arriving from Philippines. I ogled too! Heheh.

It sounds like such a nice break for you.

that’s nice! sarap naman ng work mo, linnor.

p.s. i’ve never been to podium. kawawa naman ako. hahaha.

Nice pics Linnor. You know what, your parents pics are fast becoming one of my favorite things. Ewan ko ba, it’s like I’m keeping a mental image of how I’d like Jay and I to look when we advance in years and it’s the image of your parents I see, relaxed and happy and just enjoying life and being with those they love.

Kahapon, we were in some building and on our way out, we met this really old man, walking with a cane, looking so fragile and stuff like that. So Jay held the door open for him and you know what the guy said? He said, ‘Do me a favor. Don’t get old.’

Naaah, that’s not how I would want it for us.

Hi Jet, Mamarazzi and I would still hold hands together at age 85 wherever we go. Promise.

That’s the only way we can protect each other from falling due to arthritic pains. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Oo nga ano? But my trip was a spur-of-the-moment thing. Biglaan lang. Sayang, sana natapat ano? San next time! 😀

Why didn’t I take a pic of us nga pala sa Podium? Ngek… di ko naisip. Hehehe. Wala sigurong tissue sa cups nila kasi di naman nag-complain e. I’m beginning to crave for iced mocha. Hala!

Yes it was. I hope I get to do it more often. With Cebu Pacific’s budget fares at P2000+ roundtrip Cebu-Manila-Cebu, I’m tempted to buy me more tickets. Hehehe.

Hahaha! It just like Rockwell/Power Plant. I think.

You and Jay are doing great. I’m sure your future photos will look like my Pa and Ma’s. Baka mas cute pa nga eh. 😉

Ahahaha! Mahal kasi magkaroon ng nurse or bumili ng baston ano? Just kidding. Mwah!

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