Posted on: November 23, 2005

November 17, Thursday – We Are Officially Open

After a fast-track construction and build-up phase and harrowing trips to SEC, we have finally had our office blessed last Thursday. The preparation leading to it did not really flow smoothly and without headaches, but we are glad to see what 4-months ago was just an idea, is now an operational and viable business.


Distinguished Guests
Some of the distinguished guests who graced the blessing: Wally (bldg owner), Willex (Director and CPO), moi, Jerry, and Winston (CEO)


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congrats Linnor (and to your bosses)!!! enjoy the new office!

Thanks! I’m enjoying it now… πŸ™‚

congratulations linnor and jerry! may kainan ba?:) more power to bosses and the staff!

Ay, thanks! Mawawala ba yun? Hehehe. But you didn’t miss out on anything since we let Isla Park cater the meal. Remember Isla? We actually had the same food that we ordered when you were still here.

And where is the surprise special guest from Toronto? I was expecting he will give us all the surprise of our lives again by gracing the very special occasion! “Sigh”

This biz is really exciting…and to think, this is just the beginning! πŸ™‚ We are all truly blessed!

Congratulations Linnor and Jerry!

WOOHOO! i finally get to see the bigwigs!

Junnie’s magic didn’t work for us this time. I’m sure much as he would have wanted to attend, his work commitments don’t allow him to. Sana sa anniversary nyo, makarating sila sa Cebu. πŸ˜€

The start-up is exhausting but the thought that this could be a great success in a short time is fuelling my motivation.

Thanks! πŸ˜€

The CPO and the CEO are both in their mid-30s lang. I feel like their “Ate” na. Ahahaha!

nice to see this business making baby steps and doing well at your helm. this is not just the start of a growing business but a partnership that will not be without its usual headaches and heartaches. i know you know that it is exciting to do startups. you’ve done it several times with other businesses, this is no different.

like training wheels for newbie bike riders, we will one by one be let go and you’ll be driving the business on your own.

welcome to the roller coaster ride!

Yes, start-ups are not new to me and Jerry, but this one is waaaaayyyy different. This one puts us in the big league, so to speak. We are being noticed for the potentially big business this is eventually going to be.

Globe invited us to their customers’ Appreciation Night at the Marriott, no less. That tells me we are not giving them peanuts of a revenue by being mobile subscribers. Instead, they derive more revenue from the company now at EWAN proportions! Hehehe.

We’re honored we’re part of this.

congratulations! God bless and mabuhay!

congratulations linnor, jerry and junnie! i wish you success and fortitude for all the hard work to come!

congratulations!!!!! all the best on your new biz!

Congratulations Linnor!!! Wow… πŸ™‚


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