Hardly Able to Blog

Posted on: December 7, 2005

Okay, I may be delinquent in updating my blog but as I always point out, that is not to say nothing is going on that’s worth blogging. I do still have my camera with me (most of the time) so pictures are still a-plenty.

Below are just a few of what I captured in stills…

This is how the Capitol building now looks – festive, after it has been adorned with lights. Note that this will be until after the Sinulog mardi gras (Feast of the Sto. Nino) on the 3rd Sunday of January.

Keeping me company
This was on the morning of my first time to participate in the board meeting… I was a bit clammy and nervous but Jerry was there to keep me company. Sweet…

They will propagate the name
At Krua Thai where we celebrated nephew Charles’ birthday. Matt, Jake, Timmy, Kyle and Michael – These are the faces that will propagate the family name. And 3 come from our lineage. Hehehe.

7 out of 9 boys
Juju, Matt, Jake, Timmy, Kyle, Michael and Charles, the birthday boy. These are 7 of the 9 grandsons of my mom-in-law. The 2 who are not in the foto are John, who is in the USA, and Jaymes, who is in Australia.

Jake and the toy cars
Jake is amazed at the display of miniature toy cars that cousin Michael brought along. Hehehe… ah boys…

Happy birthday Juju
It was Juju’s birthday too a few days before. We already celebrated his birthday dinner at Cafe Georg last Nov 30. The blowing out of the candle was a bit late but still fit for photo op. Matt looks like he’s used to carrying 30-lb Jake.

Jake's first lolly
Oh, don’t mind me here. This is supposed to be a shot of Jake’s first taste of lollipop. He doesn’t seem pleased. Good for him though.

Jake at Ferragamo
“See any good one, Jake?” – Checking out the ties at Salvatore Ferragamo.

Jake at Cartier
Checking out the expensive timepieces at Cartier. Jake seems to have an expensive taste eh. Signs of things to come? I hope not.

Jake reading Jerry's birthday card
Jake is pretending to read the boys’ birthday card to their Papa Jerry.

Jake writes something
Did the elder brothers forget to say something? Jake seems to be trying to say more…

Jerry's birthday card
This was written on the front cover of the card…

Jerry's birthday card
And this was what they wrote inside…

The bulalo-hungry family during Jerry’s birthday dinner.

Ahhh! This is what we really came for…. The bulalo and…

Sizzling hot pochero steak
…the sizzling pochero steak!!!

Delectable pochero steak
The pochero steak is a little bit cool now and fit to be feasted on. Yummmm!

Abuhan Dos
If you happen to be in town, don’t miss Abuhan Dos, known for its famous pochero/bulalo.

Jake and nanny
The morning after… Is Jake already working off those unwanted fats from last night? I wish I could do the same thing. Hehehe.


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pics say a thousand things in a thousand different ways…when you sometimes feel that nothing is happening to you, try to take more pics, you will realize that everything is happening to you, maybe you were just too busy to notice things! 🙂

happy birthday to jerry!

i love what the Y meant in the name JERRY. hahahaha

Exactly my point. Hehehe. I have a lot more that I didn’t put pa online.

Hahaha! That was a strong hint for Christmas no? Ay naku…. the kids… how amusing.

Oh my those food pics are sinful. Yummy, but sinful. Happy Birthday Jerry!

I can’t imagine all that sinfully yummy food got finished off in minutes! Ang sarrrap! 😛

Hi Linnor,

I’m a new fan of yours. Sent you a comment under the Nov. 12 update, comment #17. Hope you read it.

The image of the Capitol Building injected a tinge of nostalgia in me. I grew up less than a mile from there in Orchid Street.

Nice, nice pictures Linnor! And the kids are so adorable! Naku, pagwapo ng pagwapo ang mga susunod na generation… hehehe.

Belated happy birthday to Jerry! 🙂

happy birthday to jerry! great pics!

(na-miss ko tuloy ang bulalo!)

the pics said it all 😀 happy birthday (belated) to jerry! 🙂

belated happy birthday jerry! ang sweet naman ng mga boys ninyo… i love the birthday card… espcially the Y… 🙂

The past week was indeed a very busy yet enjoyable week to all of you there especially–to the birthday celebrators. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of them!

But brace yourselves for our coming on the 22nd. We will continue to celebrate, be happy and more–our way of welcoming the Child Jesus and putting Christ in Christmas.

Hala bira!

Belated happy birthday to Jerry! As always, nice family pics! Hmm, craving for bulalo soup… 🙂

Growing up in Orchid St, I presume you’re a Cebuana? Aw I’m tickled pink that I have a new fan in you. Heee. I hope you keep coming back. Do you have a website too that I could visit?

Thanks! These days I find it easier to take fotos and post them online than putting together a great story for an entry. Hehehe…

Uy, na-flatter naman ako sa compliment mo about the paguwapo na generation. I hope they grow up well and as beautiful inside as they are guwapo outside….

Ay ang sarap talaga but I had that in moderation lang. Katakot din ang bad cholesterol di ba?

This post became a photoblog literally… 😉

Hahaha, that birthday card is now prominently displayed on top of our chest of drawers in the bedroom. It shares the same side of the wall as our wedding pic. 😀

We are counting the days now til your Christmas visit. I’m sure this is going to be a special anniversary for you and Ma and a memorable Christmas get-together with the extended family. Looking forward to the 22nd! 🙂

Thanks! Bulalo soup the comfort food, perfect for nippy nights no? Hehehe….

Hi Linnor,

Yup, I’m a true blood Cebuana. Grew up in Cebu ’til I was 20, then went to Hawaii to attend college, met and married my 22-yr hubby in Washington State, moved to Jesup, Georgia (job transfer) and have been here in the south for 8 years now.

No, I don’t have a site. I’m new at this “blogging” thing and I just now discovered that there are so many blog sites out there which I find quite fascinating. It must take a lot of time to keep up with it, sort of like a diary. I’ve actually gone in to some of the sites and enjoyed reading some of them. I do particularly like yours because majority of your site content relates to Cebu, images, families and all. Who knows, I might know someone within your family/friends circle. Like I said, I have your site on my favorites and look forward to an update.

What’s your e-mail address? Regards to Jerry. Jake is so adorable! Those eyes, WOW!

wow, dami namang guys sa family…so the generation continues..

My email address is linnor at gmail dot com. 😀

Oh yes and I contributed three new branches for the next generation. Hehehe…

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for the birthday greeting! Life is great…and it gets better as each year moves by!

Hi Linnor,
I sent you an e-mail just now.

happy belated birthday to Jerry!!!!

uy, jake has expensive taste ha. haha. 🙂

I hope every year is embraced with passion and delight (see Jake’s pics, that’s delight for you with a capital D), and we both wish Jerry the best in everything.

Thanks for the email! Now I know you a bit more. 😀

Uh-oh… Heheheh!

We have you to thank for! *wink*

the picture of your little one na kala mo talagang nagjo-jotdown ng notes ang cute!

Hehehe, parang totoo ano? 😀

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