If The Shoe Fits — (I GO BUY!!!)

Posted on: January 12, 2006

Good Morning!

I don’t know what has gotten over me the afternoon of Tuesday. While Jerry and I were at Banilad Town Center taking a break after doing some errands (remittances to government agencies), we saw the sale that the Adidas outlet was having. There were rubber shoes on sale for less than 50% of its original price!

At first we just walked up to it to see if there was anything that was priced for a steal. The first few minutes, nothing caught our fancy. But moving on to the men’s section, Jerry saw a pair of white Duncan that Matthew has been pining for. From the original P5500 list price, it was now down to a very tempting P2700+. I automatically thought of the next important occasion where it was fit to be given as a gift. And almost like an instant, I thought of Matthew’s upcoming graduation. (Note: Justifying my action is a classic sign of impulsive shopping.) It is still two months away but I thought I could buy this pair now and just keep it hidden until the occasion it’s intended for finally arrives. Hehehe.

We ordered for a pair in Matthew’s size (9.5 US) but we didn’t stop there (Now, this is a really serious sign of impulsive buying!). I tried to look for something for Kyle as well but there was none. Then, I soon found a dark navy (with matte gold stripes) trainers that I thought looked cute on Jerry. It was down from P4500 to P2200. I told him if it fits him, I’d buy it as well. It did look good on him (of course, heh!). So now I just maxed my card for P4900 for 2 pairs of Adidas shoes. I need help… I am such a shopaholic!

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Hey, that’s a really good sale!

That’s exactly my thought!!!! Hahaha!

hi linnor,

grabe! ganoon na ba kamahal ang mga sapatos sa pilipinas???

hmmm… sarap mo sigurong bentahan tuwing boxing day ng Canada… hehehe….

that’s cheap..and the boys need shoes, right? besides, it is but fitting that the athlete in the family get the ones he’s been pining for, and it is a grad gift..kaya hayan, sana i helped you justify things. 😀

go, linnor! i never found a pair of shoes that i never liked (even if it’s for the hubs!) !

SALE prices of shoes at P2,700 or 2,200 each for Matt and Kyle, respectively, are exceedingly high. And to think that they are only rubber shoes, huh! My Sneakers which I use almost daily is only P230.00 and the pair is more comfortable than Adidas or Nike.

But I forgot one reality— that I am a poor man’s son, while your kiddos’ parents are already FEELING rich! Hehehe!

And why allow my beloved Jake to wear that pair of leather shoes that does not fit him to a T? But I like him; he looks like Jerry Lewis, the funny man! 🙂 🙂 🙂

you got a good deal!! and besides it’s matt’s graduation present. (o diba, tinulungan pa kita mag-justify! pareho pang shopaholic!!)

hello! pit senyor!

i’m back to work. good thing i didn’t have separation anxiety 🙂 sad thing is baby marti now prefers lola and yaya over me.

glad i read this entry, i’m “scheduled” to buy a new pair of rubber shoes (lumaki paa ko by an inch after i gave birth).been waiting for the shoe shops in ayala to go on sale…makapunta nga sa btc tom 🙂

Yes, Ang mahal na talaga ng branded. Hehehe. Boxing day sounds like a good (shopping) occasion ha. 😀

Ahahaha! That reinforced my justification! Di na ako guilty. 😀

I prefer to buy (branded) shoes for my boys more than for myself. Hehehe. Kasi yun lang daw ang luho nila (according to Jerry). But (good thing) they also wear the knock-offs naman. 😉

May shoes pa ba na P230???!!!! Hahaha! Or did you miss writing one more “0” to that amount? Wala nang ganyan yata. The knock-off (imitation) shoes we recently bought for the boys are already P500 a pair.

Saan nakakabili ng P230? 😀

Feeling rich na ba? Hindi pa naman…. Pero sana maging rich na nga! Hehehe.

Syempre same bertdey tayo, kaya parehong shopaholic. Hahaha!

Well, you have the night shift to take advantage caring for Marti. Hehehe. That’s true, your feet get bigger after every childbirth. Kaya ako from 7, my feet are now 8.5 or 9 even!

i’ve always had this thing for nice shoes 🙂 for me, a guy’s fashion statement is in this shoes, watch, belt & necktie (if you wear one)! everything else kinda looks the same for me.

that’s right pero umiiyak na nga sya pag ako 😦 pero pag madaling araw, wala na syang choice.hehe.

no more Lebron James for Matthew 😦 ….that’s darn cheap – (its almost the same here when they go on sale, talagang half price)…sale that goes below 40% is already a good price…ika nga, wala nang tubo yan 🙂

Kaya nga ang mahal nyo regaluhin e. Ahaha! 😀

Aba nangingilala na pala si Marti! Hehehe. Smart baby! 🙂

He still uses his Lebron James shoes. Dami nga nya rubbershoes if you count the knock-offs eh. What we bought him is surely a nice addition to this athlete in the family. 😉

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