5 Years

Posted on: January 31, 2006

Is that “long” 5 years or “short” 5 years?

5 years
The Marcelo Fernan Bridge, connecting Mactan Island to mainland Cebu

For a 1st attempt on visa application, I sure think being given 5 years multiple entry to the US is going to be 5 great years of travel prospects!


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congratulations! so, will i be seeing you anywhere near my city soon? 😀 i’ve been told that our futon/spare bed is comfy 🙂

congrats and have fun! see you soon?

wow, congrats! enjoy and make full use of it! 🙂

Wow..daan kayo sa Mississauga para reunion tayo..dami dito taga “dating isla”.

I sure hope Jerry and I get to travel soon! We are actually looking forward to it. Thanks for the invitation! 😀

Thanks! That’s what we have in mind, make full use of it. Sana may unlimited resources… Hehehe…

Mississauga is one sure place in our itinerary if ever. My brother also stays there e, kaya di puedeng di mapuntahan. I will let you know if and when. Kitakits! 😀

Is that Brooklyn Bridge or Fernan? With American flag flying, it looks like Brooklyn. Or you are trying to impress upon us that you can now travel to the US of A anytime you want to! And MULTIPLE ENTRIES FOR FIVE YEARS, huh?

Congratulations! Hope Mamarazzi and I can tag along with you for free! 🙂 🙂 🙂

congratulations!!! wow. the opportunity to travel back and forth is endless. 🙂

congratulations! you better visit us if you’re ever in the bay area! mi casa es su casa.

uuy, excited for you!! i’m sure you’ll have a fantabulous time there!! congrats on the visas!

hi linnor! congrats!!! another blessing na naman…

congrats! 🙂

That is great news! Visit me in Texas! I hardly ever get any bloggers to swing this way.

Hahaha! Tag along for free? Why not? Er… Calling on Junnie, our travel sponsor…

Thanks! Ay grabe, we couldn’t contain the excitement! 😉

Thanks for the invitation! Would love to see you! 😉

Oo nga eh! Ang bait ni Lord… 😀

Wow, that’s a rarity these days! Congratulations! If you swing by Boston, let me know! 🙂

I agree! The whole process took hours and worthy of another post really. Hey, Boston is a nice place I heard… would love to see that too! Thanks! 😀

anybody call my name?

ill take Madama Auring out of business with my predictions since 2 years ago…..ok…you want to hear what my next is?

are you counting the days?…

I did and Paparazzi hinted, hehehe… Now what does your crystal ball say about our travel prospects? Is it just a few days down the road? Heeeheee. We are surely counting the days and crossing our fingers too, till everything is official. *wink*

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