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Posted on: February 2, 2006

Sharing a p30 bowl of maiz con hielo

At first, I was a bit hesitant to let everyone in on my quirks, but in the spirit of fun, heck, I’m still going to share some weird bits about myself… (Thanks to Analyse for the tag).

Weird Habit # 1
I wash dishes, I iron clothes, I sew, I cross-stitch, I could clean up the whole house spotlessly clean BUT I don’t cook… at all. (yes, shame on me!)

Weird Habit # 2
A just recently developed habit of mine started in our new office. After doing my thing in the comfort room, I wash my hands, wipe them dry with a disposable paper towel and just before I toss it to the waste bin, I drop it on the floor, step on it and wipe the dirty spots on the floor. Then I get a few clean squares of toilet paper, use these to pick up the soiled one, and toss it away in the bin. (yup, OC!)

Weird Habit # 3
Coffee is not my “upper”. Though I’m not much of a coffee-drinker, I think I’ve gotten immune to its effects. What keeps me awake then? Going online does. If Jerry doesn’t go online at home, I do. Weird part is, I could go online for hours and not feel sleepy… not a wink… Now, I’m seriously contemplating on getting broadband connection at home. Hehehe…

Weird Habit # 4
If I’m not online, I can will myself to sleep… wherever, and whenever. Sleep is actually my friend. 😀

Weird Habit # 5
Check out the way Jake was sitting in the pic above. I could do that too on both legs, and with ease!

Bonus Weird Fact
One more bit of weird fact I’m sharing with you (as if you cared to know, hehehe)… I’ve been to 4 countries outside of the Philippines but I haven’t been to Boracay (aw pity!) and Baguio in my 30 +++ years!



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so we shoud schedule boracay and bagiuo soon. i haven’t been to bagiuo for more than 15 years na rin! 🙂

I guess the amount you’ll need to spend in boracay is almost the same if you go to hongkong or singapore? Anyway, cebu have the best beaches too… so you don’t really have to go to boracay for the beach.

hey, i don’t cook very well too atsaka i’m adik din sa pc. gawa kaya tayo ng support group? hehe.

hey, i can sit like that too. in fact, di ako masyado marunong mag indian-sit 😛

Yipppeeeee!!!! Let’s!!!

I agree. A lot of people are making Boracay a fave destination after Baguio and I’m just like, “HUH? Siargao island is waaay better!” Hehehe… Sour graping no?

Support group? Yung tipong – “Hi I’m Linnor, I’m an internet addict and I don’t know how to cook!” Hahahah! I’m not alone!

I find sitting like that more comfortable than squatting or Indian-sitting. I’m just surprised why some people cant do that, like my hubby, Jerry. Hahaha!

The habits you mentioned are not WEIRD or fearlessly and mysteriously strange. They are just deviating from what is ordinary, usual or to be expected. And you should do something about them instead of trying to flaunt.

If there is one unusual habit about your Mamarazzi–it is her inability to cook. Obssession ko pa naman kumain ng luto niya ever since we got married. “Sigh”

yay! another living proof that it doesn’t take one to be a good cook to be a hearty eater and appreciative of good food! 🙂

based on above, i’m just as weird as you, on all 5 counts, except i’ve been to baguio! haha, lamang ako sa iyo ng isa 😀

Haay… cooking is just not in my genes…. Hehehe. Blame Mamarazzi for that! Hahahaha! But I will do something about not being able to see Boracay and Baguio though… Sama kayo?

Hahahaha! The more I find people who have the same items as I have listed, the more I realize my list is not unusual or weird pala anymore. Heeheehee ;))

Hey, I cook too just not very well. Eat at your own peril! Heheh. It’s so great getting to know you! These facts are endearing.

hello linnor!
i can sit like you and jake, too! it is so comfortable ano? i like sitting like that when i have to fold laundry. ako i have always loved to cook, everybody in the family cooks eh, and my baby bro is a chef! kakainis nga eh kasi im the one who is the lousiest cook in the family…well, okay na rin yun, at least kahit papano i can control my weight gain! happy weekend to you and your family! 😀

you’ve been to 5 countries: HK, Switzelrand, France, Italy and the Vatican.

what’s weird is that :
– i can now cook (mama and papa has proof)
– we never want the flloor or the bowl left with h2o drippings
– coffee makes me sleep
– sleep is my enemy; i sleep practically everywhere even during driving
– i can do some other things with my legs, and i dare not write it here, lest i wont have readers anymore – they’d all find me weird…or us – the weird family!

Most of your weird habits are the same as mine….

-i haven’t been to baguio but ive been to Switzerland
-i can sit like that too…and, i can do what Kuya can do with his legs…but he doesn’t want to disclose it so i won’t too
-i love cooking but i hate cleaning because everytime i do, i’d be sneezing all day long so it’s not in our genes ha.
-i used to spend long hours on the net but since my work involves computers for 9 hours, i choose not to open ours at home to rest my eyes. what keeps me awake though is spending time with zia. i can sleep the whole day or not sleep at all, depending on what i have to do.

Aw I’m glad I didn’t turn you off with the revelations… 😀

I could still give cooking a try, at least in this lifetime. Hehehe. Happy weekend as well!

Oh yes, 5 countries! Country nga pala ang Vatican hehehe. We treat sleep differently pala. I thought you love it by the way you snore. Nyahahaha!

Kaya mo pa rin up to now yung ginagawa ni Junnie sa legs nya? Di ako ganun ka-flexible. Siguro if I try yoga, kaya na. Hehehe.

hey WHN 2 is actually a good habit. everybody should follow your lead. and hey, shhhh, i havent been to boracay too..

Hahaha! Meron pa din palang di pa nakakapag-Boracay other than myself. What a relief! 😀

one of your weird habits actually remind me of my mom…

she’s by far (in my books at least) the best cook in the world, but guess what, she can never — as in NEVER — get a pot of rice cooked well. kahit sa rice cooker, it’s never done right!! weird talaga.

and yes, you can add to me to your head count ’cause i haven’t been to boracay din.

ha ha, i can sit that way too, in fact, i preferred to do that until i was probably in high school (dyahe na eh). sana you posted your picture, not jake’s, he he.

i know what junnie can do with his legs – i’ve seen it! 🙂

Yey dumadami na ang statistic ko ng “never been to Boracay”! 😀

I do that up until now. Kaya lang wala akong pic of myself doing that. Hehehe… I don’t know if Junnie can still do his special leg trick though, now that he is NOT AS THIN anymore. 😛

Sabi ng matatanda kapag ganun daw ang pag-upo (the way Jake was sitting), babae raw ang kasunod na anak. I’m not sure if that’s true though!

I can keep going online too. The internet is my upper! Or we’re just net addicts? 😀

Hehehe…. I think we’re net addicts. 😀

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