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Posted on: February 6, 2006

Monthly Habit?

Shuttling between Cebu and Manila for the past 3 months has given me the chance to spend time with my maiden family. First it was in Dec. 19 for the corporate Christmas party, next was on Jan. 19 for the interview for our US visa application. Then this week, it’s another trip back to Metro-polluted (heehee) Manila for a workshop and a big meeting.

Never mind the traffic jams that clog the metro just like the smog that clogs every pore in my skin, a free trip and a chance to spend time with loved ones are enough reasons for me to take it….


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hi linnor, love your eyeglasses, btw! it really frames your face beautifully!

nag rereklamo ka ata eh. 🙂 sabihin mo lang and the office can make webcam meetings na lang (which will actually happen soon with your new Isight)…you didnt say you were happy to see your maiden family and you didnt say you enjoy going back to Manila…:)

happy trip and enjoy the experience

great job perks huh?! i just noticed how your youngest sis looks a lot like mamarazzi. 🙂

Yey thanks! The frame is from i2i and the lenses are from Executive Optical. Total cost is LESS THAN P500. 😀

a free trip and a chance to spend time with loved ones are enough reasons for me to take it… actually translates to “I love going back to Manila to enjoy some time with family” hehehe.

She does, and she’s even named after mamarazzi! 😀

yes, she does look like mamarazzi, and you look like paparazzi in glasses, while i look like…i look like…coffee which all you love so much!

hey, how was the short trip? enjoyed it?

Nice to know Mamarazzi and me are target beneficiaries of your visit here in Manila—meaning side-trips na lang yung E*i*t meeting and the SHOPPING around that you love most!

Even if you don’t have to say it, you can have the Crosswind naman for your tour of Metro Manila. Just don’t forget to gas up and charge it to S*m*l*/E*i*t account. 🙂

i miss travelling! especially to manila. nice to see all of you together again, sayang wala yung (kulay) kape.

hi linnor,

you are so blessed you are able to spend time with your family in manila more frequently now. i wish we didnt have to live so far from home…huhuhu…but im really happy for you.

sarap naman ng job mo. i’ve always dreamt to have a manila project assignment. i’ll be with family more often pero paid in sgd pa rin. hahaha. oo nga si junnie na lang kulang..

isnt that a great way to spend time with your family without spending a single peso hehe..

hmmm, i hope i’ll have projects in the philippines too…sidetrip will of course to see my family..and why not bring BĂŠbĂŠ with me di ba..

Yup, we enjoyed the trip immensely! See Feb 14 post as a testament to that. 😀

The trip proved hectic for our schedules but I’m glad to have been able to spend 24 hours with you and Mama and May and family. Short but sweet kung baga… kahit dotted with “asaran” as usual. Hehehe….

Oo nga e, kulang ng kape! Hahaha… International looks ang dating namin kapag kumpleto. 😉

Thanks! I agree, it’s a blessing to be able to work and enjoy the travel because it affords me to spend time and reconnect with loved ones.

Ako paid in PHP… Hahaha! Buti na lang may travel perks and Jerry and I work in the same company. It’s actually a good thing for us, contrary to what some people think about the hubs and wife working together for one company. Enjoy nga sa totoo lang. 😀

That’s precisely my thought! 😀 If you bring bebe to the Phils for a visit, pagkakaguluhan sya sa ka-cute-an! 😉

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