Driving Lessons

Posted on: February 22, 2006

Here's the ignition... Now take me for a spin... See yah later Ma!

We're off... Let me negotiate this curve... Parking in time for the appointment

1. “Here’s the ignition, son….”
2. “Now take me for a spin…”
3. “See yah later, Ma!”
4. “Fasten your seatbelt. We’re off.”
5. “Now to negotiate this curve…”
6. “Whew, I hope I’m not late for my barber.”


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sometimes i think it’s going to take a long time before matts, kyle, or jake really get to drive for us…wrong…in a few years matts can take the driver’s seat! time flies when you’re having fun 🙂

Ah yes, a child’s first vehicle should be red and shiny. He’s sooo cute!

Yup. In a few years, they will be battling on who gets to drive the car for us or who gets to bring it for some gimmick. Yikes, what a scary thought. Hehehe…

Hehehe…. that red Celica toy car is the barber’s tool to keep the kid seated while he snips away… Clever. It worked for Jake. 😉

hmmm… reminds of pat’s first car! its a red BMW… sayang we just have to give it away when we migrated.

Before they could start driving, I think you should instill in their young minds that:

* Driving is a full time occupation.

* It is not how near you can drive to the edge of the cliff without turning the car over but how far you can stay away from dangerous passes that matters.

* You have to drive slow if you are in a hurry.

* Drive defensively knowing that—- lahat ng drivers TARANTADO. Ikaw lang ang MATINO!

Enjoy your driving Matt, Kyle and Jake soon! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hi Linnor! ang cute talaga ni Jake, ever! Sang barber shop yon?

Wow, ganda ng “words of wisdom” ni Titorazzi. Magandang reminder sakin 🙂

If only we had space sa condo, this would have been a nice gift for Jake. For now, he can only play with the ones at the salon where he has his haircut. 😀

Ang ganda. Thank you. You always have very insightful comments. I agree to all of them except dun sa “drive slow if you are in a hurry”. Hahaha! Kayo lang yata ang gumawa ng saying na yun e! 😀 Kaya pala lagi kaming late sa school dati when you were bringing us. Heeheehee…

That’s in Salon de Rose sa Banilad Town Center. Meron din nyan sa branch nila sa Ayala Center. 😀 Malapit na nga ma-outgrow ni Jake e. Hahaha!

I think Jake really has the penchance for driving. This is probably his umpteenth time that you were able to capture the intensity of his gaze on the steering wheel.

Matthew is the athlete
Kyle is the artist
Jake is the Formula 1 driver, if not kahit driver ni Papa and Mama na lang. 🙂

But aren’t you glad your Paparazzi drives that way—-MAKING HASTE SLOWLY?

At least you are not in crutches until now! Not even Junnie and May! In Manila, you just can’t criss-cross the road or you get bumped and will not reach destination on time. Gets?

Thanks Mimi. Tell Minoy to do just that and Marti and loved ones will all be okay!

Amazing how these three sons of mine differ in their passions. They all love doing the same things but somehow one activitiy stands out and gets their individual attention. You’re right with your assessment. I could only pray that they succeed in whatever they set their hearts on. 😀

Hahaha! Sige na nga! I should concede. Baka di na kami makahiram ng sasakyan pag nasa Manila kami. 😀 Speed is relative kasi. My moderate driving speed is 40-60 kph in the city and 80 kph if highway. Bagal lang yun di ba? 😉

hi linnor! make sure to remind jake not to drink and drive! ha, ha!

Hahaha! Jake is always inebriated with NIDO 1. 😀

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